Omar Barghouti’s Guardian love-in

Omar Barghouti (

Omar Barghouti (

The new mantra of the far-left is that the “South Africa moment” has arrived in relation to Israel.

Reasonable people around the world recognise what Israel is up against when confronting Palestinian terrorists groups. They recognise that Israel’s battle is a mirror-image of the battle that NATO troops are fighting in Afghanistan. While the focus of Al Qaida, the Taleban and Hamas are different all Islamist terror groups employ the same brutal tactic of deliberately targeting and murdering innocent civilians.

Yet in an article for The Guardian Omar Barghouti praises Desmond Tutu, Richard Falk and Mairead Maguire for endorsing the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and that some artists have decided not to entertain in Israel. Many superb artists do play in Israel including Elton John, Madonna and Joan Armatrading.

Far from being a “South Africa moment” Barghouti would know, seeing as he is studying for a Masters at Tel Aviv University, that Israel is booming. The currency is very strong (Israeli banks took on no toxic debt), investments continue to poor in and low cost carriers have started to fly there. Exports flourish with tasty Israeli fruit and vegetables gracing the shelves of British supermarkets. Technological and scientific innovation continues apace (Israeli scientists have recently created a breathe test to detect common forms of cancer).

In his article Barghouti argues that BDS wants three main objectives of the Palestinian people realised:

1. The “occupation” ended – This is understandable but it can only be done around a negotiating table. Israel’s security is paramount and Israel has a right to be in the West Bank. Israeli forces are authorised to be there pursuant to UNSCR 242 drafted after the 1967 war. Arguably the settlers are there in accordance with the Balfour Declaration (“His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..”) that was incorporated into the British Mandate of Palestine, a legal instrument endorsed by the League of Nations and incorporated into the United Nations.

2. An end to the racial discrimination against Israel’s Palestinian citizens – Barghouti believes Israel is an “apartheid state” because he thinks it privileges Jews over its own Arab population (some 18% of the total). He didn’t give examples but we all know by now that Israeli Palestinians are well represented politically and some are very nicely off thank you very much. If you want to make money in Israel you can. While things in Israel, like most western countries, are not perfect Israeli Palestinians can fight politically to improve their conditions if they feel they are being slighted.

3. The so-called “right of return” for Palestinian refugees – The outcome of this would be the demographic destruction of the Jewish state, which is the real objective of the BDS movement. Israel obviously won’t agree to this but Barghouti thinks this “right” has UN approval and he disingenuously quotes UNSCR 194, which is not a “right” at all.

UNSCR 194 “Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date..

Anyone read the Hamas Charter recently?:

The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.

I’m not sure that “killing the Jews” correlates too well to wishing to “live at peace with their neighbours”.

Which brings us, finally, on to the most pernicious aspect of the BDS movement. An increasing amount of the Palestinian and pro-Palestinian narrative is being aimed at Jews per se. Anti-Semitic cartoons are rife in the Arab world and Hamas is open about what it thinks of Jews.

Pro-Palestinian activists have no qualms about equating Gaza to a Nazi concentration camp. Placards at anti-Israel rallies proclaim “Stop the Holocaust in Gaza” while pictures of children behind barbed wire abound.

Then there are the boycotts themselves. Anthony Julius has recognised that historically the boycott has been the main tool used to isolate the Jews. In his Trials of the Diaspora – A History of anti-Semitism in England he cites France in the 1890s, Limerick in 1904, Nazi Germany, Egypt in 1945 and Saudi Arabia in 1952. In the UK during the 1930s and 1960s right-wing fascists carried out boycotts.

Today it is Israel, which is disproportionately Jewish, that is being similarly boycotted. The sole qualification is to be Israeli. Organisations like Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) make no bones about this.

Targeting someone because of their origin is normally considered racist but not, apparently, when it comes to Israel. Although the BDS movement is unsuccessful what makes a respected British newspaper like The Guardian unable to recognise the vicious ideology it is promoting is totally beyond me.

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  1. Very well put, Richard. Thank you.

  2. shouldn’t the question rather be:

    why does the Guardian continue to be considered a respected British newspaper? (I have found nice book reviews there)

    and asking that question about the Guardian one can extend it easily and ask :
    why Luther, why Wagner, why Heidegger?

    and the answer

    – he translated the bible and thus became kind of the founding father of the German language
    – he wrote such seductive music
    – I proudly confess to be too thick for Heidegger (Sein und Zeit sounds somehow more elusive than Being and Time)

  3. Richard Millett’s Israel love-in.

  4. howdy Gert,
    I’ve stumbled across news about Bridlington
    – not that they are accessible to you as the London Times currently is only for the well heeled – a Pound is a Pound is a Pound …

    believe me the link is real
    and after having read that I understand why the place attracted you and why the little wheels in your head rattle the way they do. I’ve told Melchettmike (whose piece on you I’ll imbibe again tonight – quite a writer, that guy is) already about the sorry state of affairs in Bridlington but what do you think? should I tell your Pakistani interviewer about it also?

    “A more severe consequence of standing out was being subjected to racist taunts such as the time Umejee and I went on a day trip to Bridlington. As we walked onto the beach dressed in brightly coloured sparkling traditional shalwar kameez, clutching our bags of kebabs and samosas and chattering away in Punjabi, we were greeted with a torrent of “F*** off, you Pakis” and “Get out of here, you wogs” by a group of white bathers.”

  5. Richard Tebboth

    Please give chapter and verse form this claim: ‘Israeli forces are authorised to be there pursuant to UNSCR 242 drafted after the 1967 war.’

    The Balfour Declaration (“His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..”) continues ‘it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine’.

    Other factors: before invoking the Afghanistan conflict you might consider the results of previous excursions there; not a good precedent!
    I also suggest you read the recent testimony from Baroness Manningham Buller to the Chilott Iraq enquiry.

  6. Richard (Millett) is perfectly right in what he says about 242 and Balfour

    I suggest that Richard Tebboth finds himself a course that teaches basic reading skills.

  7. Hi Rich,
    Saw u at Ahava today but did not get a chance to speak- the support from the EDL is growing- it looks like they will take it over- and I do not think that this is a good thing- I understand Freedom of Speech but have you thought that they might be 5th. columnists- strnger things have happened.

  8. Hi Inky-Flag
    once they show themselves to be the 5th column I am sure that Richard will know how to cope with it
    Why pre-empt before it’s necessary?

  9. Richard Tebboth

    Silke: why do you not just answer my question?

    • Richard
      how sweet of you to think that humble me might be capable of answering a question asked by such an eminent mind as you show yourself to have.

      We are not in court, you are not the prosecutor, there was no question, just a statement with a polemic intent and I answer questions or comment on stuff the way I chose

      Besides brushing up on your reading skills 101 I advise you to stop relying on the Rules for Radicals – they may have worked way back when they were written.

  10. Richard Tebboth
    All your arguments are rendered wholly redundant by the simple fact that the Palestinians had ample opportunity to declare an independent state at the end of the British mandate and upon the UN vote for partition . When that opportunity was lost through Arab belligerence ,there was a further opportunity between 1948 and 1967 . During that period there was no Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and thus no settlements.
    Maybe you would care to enlighten us all the reason for this Arab intransigence andwhy anyone with a modicum of common sense and an understanding of Arab sentiment should believe there has been a change of attitude from the period prior to 67 when Egyptian broadcasts called for a river of Jewish blood in the streets of Tel Aviv.
    Purely a rhetorical question so no need to insult our intelligence with some cursory attempt at an answer.
    The Palestinians resemble a gambler at the Blackjack table .Always asking the dealer for another card on 18 and then demanding their stake back when they draw the 5 of Spades .

  11. Richard Tebboth
    You quote the Balfour Declaration
    ” That nothing shall be done that may prejudice civil and religious rights of existing no Jewish communities in Palestine [now Israel-my addition]
    I am somewhat bemused as to why you have raised this issue . Perhaps you feel that Israel has somehow fallen short of the mark. But how? The Israel I know is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, inclusive democracy with Israeli Arab MK.
    There are mosques, temples , churches wherever religious minorities are to be found. In fact the Bahai have their temple and world headquarters in Haifa having been persecuted in that other bastion of religous freedom ,Iran . Israeli Arabs benefit from the excellent facilities at universities such as the Technion in Haifa where they are assimilated into Israels leading Hi Tech industries .
    Quite simply put Israel does indeed subscribe to the conditions of the Balfour Declaration and more then that, it subscribes to all the founding tenets of the UN Charter.
    I understand your concerns .Unfortunately you appear to have misplaced those concerns at Israels door instead of their rightful place with any of Israels 22 Arab state neighbours and for that matter many of the remaining 33 other Muslim states , Iran being the leading protagonist .

  12. Gert, on Richard’s last blog, your love-in is with people which disgustingly call themselves Franne Frank, another who jokes about killing Gilad Shalit, and others who chant their wish to annihilate the Jewish state (and presumably her people).

    What nice company you keep.

  13. Adam
    this post by Richard has just been cross-posted on CiFWatch which makes me wonder, if any of Gert’s cut and paste “developments” have ever been cross-posted, certainly not by Fake Ibrahim his favourite hang-out till 2 months ago.

    Do you happen to know what this gesture of the Gert Meyers on Facebook is supposed to mean?
    Come to think of it it is likely that that pimply boy must be our Gert, he lists all Flemish sounding stuff as his favourites. Such a pretty blonde boy except for pimples, smelly feet, no cross-posts, no job, an evila mind … some people just have no luck

    I think Gert will not show up on this thread again, it is said that he avoids to be confronted with this piece

  14. Tsk,Tsk,Richard,

    You cannot surely be proud of your joint demo yesterday with the EDL at Monmouth Street.

    Click on “Video” to see the Vice-Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland at Demo in Covent Garden with the EDL

  15. Tony G. has an interesting take on all of this, as usual!!

  16. Inky Flag,
    afraid one comment on one thread isn’t enough, suffering from a bit of profile neurosis aren’t you?

    But much more interesting where is our own super-expert on guilt by association smelly feet Gert – normally he always pipes up when he smells guilt by association and protests vigorously

    now when it goes against the other side nothing is heard by him

    but of course Gert is perfectly impartial and upholds his principles everywhere and under any conditions

  17. Great post thanks.

  18. This is the famous foto of Mr. Jonathan Hoffman, Vice-Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland demonstrating with teh neo-Fascist English Defence League in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London on Saturday 14 August 2010.

    Israeli and foreign papers please copy.

  19. richardmillett

    “Inky_Flag” as you well know there are only two pens and israel supporters are in one and the other is for anti-israel supporters. Your attempt to smear by association is vile. Hoffman’s record in fighting racism is well known. You are trying to change the subject from the fact that the BDS movement is a racist movement.

  20. Gert
    dirty vile and smelly Inky is back, time and occasion for you to do your guilt by association protest stunt

    and Inky if you hope that picture of yours is making it into the int’l press then journalism must have sunk even lower than I guess.

  21. Inky flag, what does this photo prove?


    • Adam
      the foto proves that Jonathan Hoffman is a very good looking man something a smearing sneering anti-semite has no hope of ever becoming

      sneering digs very very ugly lines in a face and they become uglier with every year