Anti-Semitic attack in Golders Green

Two male teenagers attacked an 18-year-old Jewish man outside the Nat West Bank on Golders Green Road, North-West London today.

A black male teenager hit the Jewish man over the head with a bottle before he cycled off with his friend who, according to a witness, screamed, “Algeria, Algeria, F*ck the Jews”.

The attacker with the bottle was later caught in a nearby park.

It had all started when the two teenagers cycled passed a couple of parked cars and when they saw that the teenagers inside were wearing kippahs one shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) at them.

Then when the Jewish teenagers got out of their cars to remonstrate the cyclists came back, dropped their bikes in the road and ran towards the Jewish teenagers who ran off through Golders Green.

When another Jewish teenager came to help his friends the black teenager was now holding a large bottle that he had taken from a nearby shop. He turned around and struck the Jewish teenager over the head with the bottle.

The police and an ambulance were called. The Jewish teenager who was hit with the bottle was bleeding from behind his left ear and had a possible broken left hand.

He was taken to hospital in an ambulance where he is recovering.

11 responses to “Anti-Semitic attack in Golders Green

  1. Thank you Richard.

    Who let these animals off their leash? Isn’t there a fine for owners who let their animals run wild like this?

  2. here is a report from Austria about attacks in Vienna

    confusing though to me is that it is the Kommunistische Partei who reports. I don’t know their previous stance but in Germany I have never read anything like it at Die Linke or any left website I have seen.

    Is that an indication that Austrian Communists might be the first to come to their senses?

  3. Our Sages point out that Antiochus, handing over his ring to Haman caused more Jews to repent than the efforts of all our prophets combined!

  4. I don’t know how to respond to this. It makes me angry and sad.

    I’m glad they caught him. Let’s hope he doesn’t get another Bathurst-Norman passing sentence.

    Think I’ll donate something to the CST.

  5. I wish him a full and speedy recovery. I was only in Golders last night myself, with two Israeli friends.

    This is terrible. When people like David Cameron repeat the lies about Gaza (as he did today), they should stop to think of the knock-on effect.

  6. What’s Cameron been saying today Chas?

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  8. These attacks don’t often make the mainstream press, let alone Al Beeb.
    Funny about that.
    I despair of David Cameron. He seems to have no principles. During the election campaign he gave an interview to the JC expressing pride in his Jewish great-grandfather. Hitherto, although the JC had already – some years ago – briefly reported the incidental curiosity of Cameron having a great-grandfather “of the Tribe” (thanks to the research of a Jewish academic, who was doing work on the great-grandfather, a notable merchant banker I believe) Cameron had kept great-gramps firmly under wraps until he realised that the election result was going to be tight and he’d better get in good with the Yidn.
    Still, the Muslim community is where the votes count these days – hence Cameron’s ignorant reference to Gaza as a “prison camp” and his call for Turkey to be admitted to the EU – something he’ll “fight for”, he says. Unfortunately, Ataturk and the elite were the secularists – the veneer covering the true nature of Turkish society.

  9. Until the security situation in Golders Green clears up, I think it only prudent for Jews to avoid uneccesarily strolling there at night.

    While I do think it is still early to cancel holidays to the UK. anyone Israelis who have not yet booked might want to consider other, less dangerous, areas of the world.

    We strengthen our Anglo-Jewish brothers in this difficult hour.

  10. here are my “hopes” for Cameron
    this is how my London Times NL put it today (the website teases the piece differently)

    Cameron to EU: let Turkey join
    Cameron to criticise nations blocking turkey’s membership of the EU, saying Britain knows what it’s like to be ‘shut out of the club.’

    and here is a piece worth a read on the connections between AKP and IHH (which sadly omits that a Malysian outfit has been another major sponsor of the flotilla. Also interesting that it is another piece that doesn’t claim that German and Turkish IHH are not the same, so that fairy tale seems to be off the table)

    and since the Communist Party paper told us that attacks in Vienna increased after the flotilla event, it all merges really really nicely.

    If you want more on the Malaysian connection you’ll find some in here:

    and after all that “they” want me to worry about the “Israel-Lobby”????
    How dumb to “they” think I am?

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