Palestinians destroy children’s summer camp, Israel to blame.

John Ging is 2nd from right (ph: thejeruselamfund)

Exactly three years ago Hamas’ violent ousting of Fatah from Gaza left the terrorist group a free hand to create an Islamist entity where no dissent is allowed.

As Sarah Honig has noted the anniversary came and went with scant critical appraisal anywhere.

“Nobody demands even a modicum of good behaviour from it (Hamas). Hamastan gets such pampering press that it seemingly cannot set a foot wrong,” she writes.

The latest expression of this involved the recent destruction of a United Nations children’s summer camp in Gaza, which was attacked by two dozen masked Palestinian armed men. This is the second such attack in just over a month.

Islamist Palestinians in Gaza accused the United Nations of corrupting Gaza’s youth with its summer programme of games, sports and human rights lessons for 250,000 children.

Hamas would prefer the children to attend their own “summer camps” with their sinister military training side.

John Ging, the director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, came out with an implausible statement. (UNRWA is responsible for 70% of Gaza’s 1.5 million population).

While going through the motions of condemning the attack Ging went on to cite it as further evidence of growing levels of extremism in Gaza and called for a change in the circumstances on the ground that generate such extremism.

What he meant is that Israel has caused Hamas et al to act like this because of its blockade of Gaza. Ging has repeatedly called for the blockade’s complete lifting, which would inevitably lead to a further rocket onslaught on Israel.

Time after time we have seen influential people like Ging allow Hamas to get away with brutality.

It seems that there is nothing that Hamas or the Palestinian community are forced to take responsibility for whether it be voting for a terrorist group like Hamas in the first place (it was said that the Palestinian people had no choice due to the corruption of the incumbent Fatah regime), suicide bombings (according to many, including Ken Livingstone, there wouldn’t be suicide bombings if it wasn’t for the occupation), firing thousands of rockets into Israel (the defence to this being the rockets are ineffective and haven’t killed that many Israelis) and now repeatedly destroying another children’s summer camp (but if the blockade was lifted this might not happen, apparently).

The list of excuses reeled off for the Palestinians is exceedingly long.

It does the Palestinian people no credit in implying that such acts of barbarism are all just a reaction to anything Israel does. Suicide bombings, firing rockets into civilians areas in Israel and destroying children’s summer camps are wrong and should be condemned outright instead of letting the Palestinians repeatedly off the hook.

Ging and Livingstone etc. cannot, or do not want to, grasp the true nature of Hamas. What Hamas does is not because of the occupation or the settlements or the blockade. They would commit such barbaric acts if such situations did not exist. That is the nature of an Islamist group.

Hamas answers to a higher power alone.

Even the brutal Hamas takoever of Gaza and the accompanying massacres of Fatah activists were blamed on Israel and America.

According to B’Tselem 660 Palestinians have been murdered by Palestinians in the last ten years. No doubt these atrocities are also pinned on Israel.

At least in Beirut Palestinians are taking responsibilty for their actions and doing something they are not allowed to do under Hamas’ rule; protest against their rulers.

On Sunday outside the United Nations building in the Lebanese capital some 6,000 Palestinians demanded basic civil rights 62 years after they first arrived in Lebanon.

The 400,000 Palestinians that live in Lebanon are not allowed to own property and are excluded from 72 different forms of employment.

It is ironic that while there are more flotillas destined for Gaza to try to alleviate a non-existent humanitarian crisis, Palestinians living in Lebanon in dire conditions are virtually forgotten by the international community, including the flotilla activists.

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  1. Sarah Honig, about +/-3 nanometers to the Left/Right of Melanie Phillips, Richard Millett and undoubtedly other commenters here are religious and it shows: they believe in miracles. This time that the miracle of Hamas’ magical disappearance is what will deliver Israel from the curse of the resistance.

    “Nobody demands even a modicum of good behaviour from it (Hamas). Hamastan gets such pampering press that it seemingly cannot set a foot wrong,” she writes.

    She prattles and lies, more like: Hamas remains one of the most maligned groups in the ME, if not the entire world. The body politic of just about any Western country has agreed to boycott it and has refused persistently to talk to it, despite Hamas having been democratically elected.

    Now you’re indeed beginning to see a trickle of Western politicians that are realising that the banishment of Hamas (from their election onwards) was a mistake and that the current siege cannot be sustained for much longer, having failed to obtain its objective but creating much suffering for the people of Gaza (you refuse to call it a ‘humanitarian crisis’? Fine, but I hope you won’t deny the suffering in the knowledge that if you had to livein remotely similar conditions you’d probably not even survive).

    This is what I and many others have been saying for a long time now.

    Preventing weapons from entering the strip is possible also in a normal regime of inspection of incoming goods, without imposing a crippling blockade. But Israel’s clearly stated goal for Gaza wasn’t just a weapons embargo: it was also intended as an economic siege.

    Some more tomorrow…

  2. Gert you’re right. Hamas should not be contained, maligned or boycotted. All this does ultimately is appease them and their virulent strain of anti-Semitic Islamism and strengthen their victim-status propaganda.

    They should be deposed from power and their leaders should be tried and jailed. That’s the only hope for people living in the Gaza Strip.

    As for them being “democratically elected” I wouldn’t like to live in your idea of a democracy. Winner takes all, losers get thrown from the roof (or tortured, shot, kneecapped).

  3. Ging and Livingstone etc. cannot, or do not want to, grasp the true nature of Hamas. What Hamas does is not because of the occupation or the settlements or the blockade. They would commit such barbaric acts if such situations did not exist. That is the nature of an Islamist group.

    Conservatives have often a spectacular inability to accept or recognise root causes: in Consaworld, G-d poofs things into existence (because He can!) and resistance movements like Hamas that “answer to a higher power alone” don’t act in response to injustices, they just act (presumably their G-d just told them to ‘hate Jews no matter what).

    Regarding your last point, it’s very ironic that you don’t recognise ethnic cleansing took place in 1948 (bar of course “a few expulsions”), yet are now demonstrating your typical faux-concern for the refugees (not-refugees?) outside of Palestine. Is it possible you want the focus to shift away from Gaza/Palestine and onto these, by your book non-existent refugees? Well, dream on: there will be more flotillas and all will set sail for Gaza.

    Finally, one way to judge a blog like Sarah Honig’s is to have a quick look at the comments section: Hello, hello, what have we here:

    Kaufman at 18:52

    Blair has a mannerism which has got the UK in to serious trouble, be it financial, immigration, decline of social values, etc – he attempted social engineering on an unprecidented scale and it failed – it was doomed from the start but he used his “charm” to persuade the fools around him to go along with it. Now he is playing the same trick with us only this time it is we who have to suffer, be it attempts to murder us or turn the world against us.

    Blair is no friend of Israel or the Jewish people irrespective of what the blind UK Jewish community suckers think – to gauge this just look at today’s Jewish News

    Social engineering, blah di blah, Blair as an enemy of the Jewish people, blah di blah, ’nuff said already…

  4. Daniel Marks

    “They should be deposed from power and their leaders should be tried and jailed. That’s the only hope for people living in the Gaza Strip.” – Matt.

    I couldn’t agree less. The Hamas are the democratically elected leadership of the Palestinian masses (at least in Gaza) and like every electorate they got what they chose.

    Firstly, there is far less terrorism today than there was when the Fatah were in power. I know that there are many other factors involved, but I still prefer to leave well be.

    Secondly, who the hell said that Fatah were any better? Fatah over the years have murdered far more Jews than the Hamas and they’ll corrupt liars too. The fact that the stole huge amounts of foreign aid and channeled it abroad didn’t worry me too much. However, their lies, the pretence, the documents they signed then ignored. The fact that they made us pay time and time again for supposedly recognizing our right to exist sickened me then and still does.

    Finally, and most importantly, they’re the real thing. They hate us and want to drive us into the sea, but they say what they mean and mean what they say. When one day real peace comes it won’t be between a Yossi Bailin and an Abu Mazen, it will be between real God-fearing Jews and real God-fearing Arabs.

  5. Matt Pryor

    I disagree Daniel, with respect. Nothing has convinced me that the conflict between Hamas (and other totalitarian Islamist criminal gangs) and Israel is not a zero sum game. If someone openly declares their hatred for you and their desire to kill you and your family, why on Earth wait for them to do it? It makes no sense.

    I agree with you about Fatah, they’re a spent force. Nobody trusts them, not even Israel’s enemies. Any peace agreements they sign will not be worth the paper they’re printed on. And yet, these are the people that we all pin our hopes on.

    What do you think of Salaam Fayyad?

  6. Richard, as regards the ‘non-existent humanitarian crisis’, when Charlie Krauthammer claimed the same Jon Stewart claimed it was “the stupidest thing anybody had said about the ME… ever” and that “if you can’t even look at Gaza and see there’s suffering there that needs alleviating your heart is so dead tourists flock there to float in it…

  7. Matt Pryor

    Gert why do you devote so much of your time attacking Israel and defending Jew haters?

  8. richardmillett

    Gert, it depends on your definition of a humanitarian crisis. There is gross unemployment and many, many other problems in Gaza but i don’t think it can be called a humanitarian “crisis”.

    You seem to also think that support for Israel means now’t care for other people. That’s wrong.

  9. Daniel Marks

    “What do you think of Salaam Fayyad?”-

    Interestingly, I taught his 11th grade son this year on a public speaking course. If in ten years time you hear him tearing an Israeli spokesman apart on CNN, I’ll have a small part in that.

    He studies in an international school, speaks fluent English and you’d be hard pressed to tell him from an American high school kid. He seemed quite bright and extremely affable.

    My wife knows his parents, I don’t, but I gather that most of what I’ve said applies to his father too. He is a technocrat and, to the best of my knowledge, has no terrorist connections.

    I think that the nice moderate Palestinians like Fayyad and Abu Mazen to some extent are caught between a rock and a hard place in that they know what would happen to them if they ever declared an end to “the conflict” but on the other hand if they don’t conscientiously go through the motions they’ll lose Western support.

    Naturally, I have no idea what goes on in the inner recesses of his soul.

    Regarding the Hamas, I don’t disagree with much that you say. Basically, there aren’t many Arabs in this area who, if Israel didn’t exist, would be helping us establish her. Neither Fatah nor the Hamas, nor many Israeli Arabs for that matter, have really come to terms the existence of any non-Moslem sovereign political entity in the Middle East.

    I just think that from a practical point of view, today in 2010, if I have to choose between two evils, I prefer the straight-talking one.

  10. Gert is an obsessive Israel hater, devoting his days to propaganda agaisnt the Jewish state. He describes himself as an “anti-Zionist”, meaning Israel should disappear. He prefers the antisemitic racist terror group Hamas to Israel – just look at his language. His condemnation is saved for the Jewish state. When his arguments hit the rocks, as they invariably do, he resorts to name calling and obscenities.

    He also has an extremely short fuse when widespread Flemish collaboration with the Nazis is mentioned.

  11. Sorry to post off subject but we in Israel are absolutely dumbstruck that a judge in an English Court of law in his summing up in a case of criminal damage to an arms factory actually suggested to the jury that “you may well think that hell on earth would not be an understatement of what the Gazans suffered in that time”.
    The judge highlighted the testimony by Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, that “all democratic paths had been exhausted” before the activists embarked on their action.
    As a consequence the jury acquitted the defendants in what should have been a clear cut guilty verdict. Does this mean the Stop the War coaltion can now break into and destroy factory premises belonging to BAE without fear of conviction? Anarchy rules in the UK.

  12. Matt:


  13. Adam:

    Your an incorrigible liar and total twat.

  14. Daniel Marks

    “When his (Gert’s) arguments hit the rocks, as they invariably do, he resorts to name calling and obscenities.” – Adam

    “Your (meaning You’re) an incorrigible liar and total twat.” – Gert

    Well, you certainly proved him wrong over that one, Gert!

  15. See what I mean?

    There is no debating with this individual. He simple wishes to spew hatred.

  16. Gert, such an incisive response to Matt. Your debating skills are truly inspirational.

  17. Daniel Marks

    “….but we in Israel are absolutely dumbstruck that..”

    Recently, some German journalists visted and one of them asked me how I feel when I see how the “conflict” is reported in Europe.

    I told them a story about a certain man who arrived home one afternoon early from work and found his wife in bed with the neighbor. “He was shocked, but he wasn’t surprised.”

    How surprised am I supposed to be that the grandchildren of those who were dragging our grandparents into gas chambers up until the last moment they could, are now “critical of Israel”?

    I don’t know in which part of Israel you live Nachman, but fron where I’m sitting nobody was very dumbstruck. Personally, Neither was I surprised nor was I even shocked.

  18. Daniel Marks


    There are times when it seems to me that the subject of this excellent blog changes every few days, but the overriding motif, being nasty to Gert, remains a constant.

    I feel a little sorry for Gert who often doesn’t seem to know, what’s hit him and why. In an early posting he bemoaned the fact that he has often been critical of other governments and regimes, but has never met with such abuse from US citizens etc.

    I believe that this is due to a simple misunderstanding of equating criticism of say how Obama is handling the oil spill with “anti-Zionism”.

    While the former might imply that the US should change its policy, or maybe even its leadership, the latter entails that Israel as a sovereign Jewish state should cease to be, with all the obvious Jewish, existential implications.

    I’m not even sure that Gert understands what an anti-Zionist means. On several occasions a reader could infer from his writings that he does recognize Israel’s right to exist but supports some kind of “two-state “solution” not very different to the beliefs held by Richard and probably a majority of (in my opinion mistaken) Israelis.

    I think that there may be a misunderstanding at play here and I also think that Gert may not be as evil as many of us think.

    He genuinely believes in free speech and does have a certain intellectual honesty, which can never be taken for granted today. Interestingly, Gert allows me to call him an Anti-Semite on his own blog, while other authors seem to feel the need to censor out such terms.

    I like Gert, so let’s all stop bashing him. There are plenty of other people to hate!

  19. But Daniel, he blows hot and cold. I don’t think he is honest at all. His recent comments about Jews hiding behind antisemitism and using antisemitism to be racist to gentiles were off the chart.

    I think he knows exactly what he’s saying, but sometimes decides to tone it down when even he realizes what he’s saying doesn’t sound good.

  20. Hate’s a very strong word Daniel, particularly in relation to someone I don’t know. I just find his views objectionable, and if he feels justified in airing them publicly then his cyber-ego should be able to handle a bit of rough treatment!

  21. Sorry to post off subject but we in Israel are absolutely dumbstruck that a judge in an English Court of law in his summing up in a case of criminal damage to an arms factory actually suggested to the jury that “you may well think that hell on earth would not be an understatement of what the Gazans suffered in that time”.

    Here’s the full story (WARNING to sensitive souls: you’re about to enter an anti-Zionist website!)

    Yep, thanks to a judge with a sense of justice, so far 5 of the 7 weapons decommissioners have been acquitted…

  22. Daniel:

    Part agreed: you can all make this about me or you can make it about the issues. Making it about me is essentially trolling. That’s what flyweights like ‘lyin’ lill’Adam’ would like to do. Creating straw men isn’t smart.

    For the last time and for what it’s worth: I don’t oppose the existence of Israel.

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  24. Gert, what lie have I told? You need to learn to back up your argument – it’s what grown ups do.

    Your position simply isn’t consistent – you can’t support the existence of Israel as a Jewish state and be an anti-Zionist.

    Furthermore, you are the troll, as you ignore the topic of the thread, which is the Palestinians destroying some of the oh so desperately needed aid by burning down children’s camps. Instead, you turn it into yet another diatribe against Israel.

    Are you happy with these camps being burned down? Why do you think they have been targeted?

  25. Gert, do you believe in the rule of law? These were not “arms decommissioners”, they were criminals. Their actions don’t become legal because you happen to agree with them. That’s not how law in a democracy works.

  26. As an aside, I have to say that I derive great pleasure from getting under Gert’s skin. I love annoying obsessive Israel bashers.

  27. Adam:

    Gert, what lie have I told?

    You keep repeating the same old lie about me seeking the destruction of Israel. I don’t. As amply explained and repeated. Yet every thread here you do the same. That, I admit, does get under my skin: your dishonesty.

    […] they were criminals.

    I’d be careful with that: they might come after you for defamation; they were acquitted, whether you like it or not.

    Are you happy with these camps being burned down?

    No. Are you happy with the wanton destruction caused by Cast Lead? The sheer targeting of civilian infrastructure for instance? The complete lack of any reconstruction going on in Gaza? People having become refugees now for the second, sometimes third time?

  28. Ooops, start again:


    Gert, what lie have I told?

    You keep repeating the same old lie about me seeking the destruction of Israel. I don’t. As amply explained and repeated. Yet every thread here you do the same. That, I admit, does get under my skin: your dishonesty.

    […] they were criminals.

    I’d be careful with that: they might come after you for defamation; they were acquitted, whether you like it or not.

    Are you happy with these camps being burned down?

    No. Are you happy with the wanton destruction caused by Cast Lead? The sheer targeting of civilian infrastructure for instance? The complete lack of any reconstruction going on in Gaza? People having become refugees now for the second, sometimes third time?

  29. Gert, as I have explained to you, it is nonsensical to say you are an anti-Zionist but you are quite happy for Israel to exist as a Jewish state (just to clarify, that is your position, right?) It is not a lie to say you seek the destruction of Israel if you term yourself an anti-Zionist. I suggest you change the label of your belief system.

    In my view, the vandals in question committed a criminal act, but simply got away with it due to the apparent political bias of the judge.

    You say you are not happy with the camps being targeted. Great. Yet you would never volunteer this, nor any criticism of Hamas. Instead, you tie it with the usual list of accusations and blame against Israel. This is a diversionary tactic, but most Israel haters never seem to feel the need to defend their views – they merely heap blame and accusations on Israel. When one accusation is dissected and disprove, they just move on to the next.

    It’s not intellectually honest debate, nor does it achieve anything save vilifying the Jewish state, which – let’s face it, is the overall objective.

  30. Daniel Marks


    This is actually becoming quite interesting because, at this point in time, I’ve got a feeling that your views are fundamentally much closer to those of Richard and many other posters on this blog than mine.

    When you say:

    “I don’t oppose the existence of Israel.” –

    Do you mean that you support its existence (not actively, of course) and believe that the creation of a Jewish state in 1948 was a correct and moral act?

    Or do you just mean that you accept its existence post factum, either because you don’t think it can be destroyed, or because you would rather it not have come into existence in the first place, but you now that it has, you accept that destroying Israel would cause more harm than good?

  31. Daniel:

    For some thirty years or so I believed Israel had the right to exist (while questioning some of what happened during that creation and also afterwards).

    Today I believe the creation of Israel was a colossal mistake, having created a quagmire no one really sees a realistic way out of. The cost/benefit relation for the creation of Israel just isn’t very high at all. This can also be said of the creation of a number of other nation states created in the relatively recent past, as well as of some nation states that are currently in the ‘planning stage’.

    Self-determination isn’t a cookie you hand out to everyone with a taste for it: creating new nation states has real and often very dramatic consequences. In many cases other solutions are availble.

    I believe Israel has the right to exist, merely because it exists. Destroying the country, in whatever shape that destruction would take would of course be totally wrong and I object to it completely. It would do NO GOOD at all.

    Like Zionism, anti-Zionism is quite a broad church: I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel. As long as some here refuse to see that and continue to ‘reason’ with their own self-serving definitions in hand we will at best be talking past each other.

  32. Hello Richard.

    I suppose it was only a question of time before I was lured into crossing pens with some of my former erudite colleagues and others less erudite, on the reams of your fine blog.

    Unless my aged brain is over-addled, and unless like a budgerigar I am mixing my Milletts which is probably the case, we may have met many moons ago. Perhaps we were both invited to a birthday outing of a young and slim Daniel Knobil, to see a 5-a-side tournament at the Wembley arena? I don’t think Gert was invited, which brings me to the thrust of this entry.

    Most evil doers believe they act in good faith and they would be quick to deny any pejorative intent. Gert is of this ilk.

    Yet his hating credentials are impeccable and beyond reproach. A self-proclaimed anti-Zionist, (Zionism being defined as Jewish self-determination in its ancestral homeland), he extends that same right of self-determination to all except the Jew. He has qualified his denial by maintaining that he would also deny it to others, but he appears to be a bit short on examples of the non-deserving self-determiners. When pushed he will no doubt do the mandatory Google search and sideline the Crimean Tartars or Kyrgystan Tajiks, or perhaps the Egyptian Coptics, or even the Dr. Who Daleks, as a credible defense to his prominent Jewish exclusion. But you can’t really blame him. A nuclear capability in the hands of a sovereign Dalek state might make good TV but would be a recipe for global instability.

    He wields the term anti-Zionist with a deep inbred loathing that would not be out of sorts on the editorial pages of Der Sturmer. He spews his vitriol with the nonchalance of an unemployed Millwall skinhead – lehavdil. When cornered he concedes not wanting Israel wiped off the planet (thank you), then elucidates with some lofty and winging hullaballoo about Israel’s justification lying solely in its de facto existence.

    But to go as far as calling him Gestapo Gert, as one venerable contributor has done, would be a slight on a small number of card-carrying Gestapo members. Most notably in 1940 Gestapo chief, Rudolf Diels refused to arrest Jews, lost his job and risked his own imprisonment. Gert does not seem to have that problem, as he does not have a job.
    He has attributed the recent raid on a UN summer camp in Gaza by armed Palestinians, to Israel’s marginalization of the Hamas. The Nazi who could have come up with that gem has not yet been born. Sadly Gert has.

    Gert, you are a bad man, a very bad man.

  33. Daniel Marks

    “…I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel….” – Gert

    Came home from Rami Levi, still full of Arabs despite the boycott, and washed the car. I read what Gert said over and over again but just find myself speechless, flabbergasted, without words; have I already said speechless?

    “…no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel.”

    Was it all just a bad dream? Have I misunderstood something? Could Gert and I be talking on cross purposes? Could it be that we define the word “seek” or “destruction” or “know” differently?

    Does Gert know Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Does he know of Muammar al-Gaddafi? Has he heard of Dr Mahmoud Zahar? Is the name Hasan Nasrallah familiar to him? Does Osama bin Laden ring any bells?

    I know these guys don’t all make it down to the Burlington on sea for speaking tours but he must have heard of some of them, surely.

    Anyway, I’m going to have a late lunch, then I’ll
    read it again. Maybe I misunderstood something.

    “…I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel….”

    Maybe I misunderstood the word “see”.

  34. Nick,

    Nice rant!

    It’s said that part of Israel is wallowing in paranoia (of course if I said it would be antisemitic, naturellement!). Well, just my experience here with some commenters completely confirms that. And you Nick, you take the biscuit…


    Bravo, you’ve just managed to link anti-Zionism to Osama bin Laden (and still you expect to be taken seriously)! Well done! By rights our host here should now banish me forever.

    Perhaps as a settler and believer in a ‘religious war’ you don’t mind if I tie you in with Baruch Goldstein and his band of merry followers?

    Any discussion here is simply impossible, I think I’ll let the like-minded cackle among themselves in their self-confirming comfort bubble…

  35. I wish not to converse with Gert and would respectfully request that after I chide him, he tries not to engage me in his incoherent ramblings.

    Having said that, I was alerted to the following ad in the classified section of the Bridlington Bugle, which with a readership of three, is said to be fifty percent more popular than Gert’s own blog:

    “Job wanted for unemployed Belgium blogger who masquerades as an intellectual leftie and uses a lot of acronyms, idioms and even Hebrew words such as “hasbara” to distance himself from traditional illiterate fascist thugs in thirteen-hole steel-capped Dr. Martins.”

    Gert is as disingenuous as he is unemployed, and about as credible as he is employable.

  36. Daniel Marks

    Went to work, back home, Gert’s still there. Maybe Nick is right about him being unemployed. Better not mention that, might be touchy.

    Apparently Gert stands firmly behind his contention:

    “…I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel….”

    Gert is trying to blow smoke and bring up Baruch Goldstein, fair enough. In the eyes of an Anti-Semite every settler is a Baruch, 550,000 Goldsteins.

    Glad to have you on board Nick. Maybe I’ll be able to get some rest.

    “…I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel….” –

    It wasn’t one of Gert’s better days. Maybe tommorrow?

  37. Gert, I see you know Goldstein’s name – no doubt you bring the one case you can up every chance you get. Let me guess, you know of Rachel Corrie as well.

    Can you name the Palestinian terrorist who killed 30+ children in a kindergarten in Maalot? He sprayed them with machine gun fire. Can you name him?

    Can you name the terrorist who walked into the Park Hotel and murdered 20+ people, including an 80 year old woman who had survived the Nazi death camps, enjoying a Passover seder?

    Can you name any of the dozens of suicide bombers who walked onto buses, into cafes, restaurants, schools and hospitals in the 90’s and 2000’s?

    Can you name any of the dozen Rachels murdered by Palestinians in the last decade?

    Israel hater. Obsessive. That’s you.


      I cut and paste that and changed a few words here and there for one of our self-loathing ones.

      I’m pleased to say I took full credit for it.

      It served as a good response to this guy bragging about his rather odd song:

      He is an excellent specimen for the “no but I have a Jewish friend/s” brigade. I’m not sure how much he charges for his service of being the token Jewish friend but if he’s trying to make a living out of these songs, then we can deduce from that that he is open to offers (Gert try him or do you have one already?)

  38. Further to Gert’s imbecilic faux pas that “no anti-Zionists I know seek the destruction of Israel”, which has been taken up honestly and discerningly by Daniel Marks, Gert also wrote:

    “Today I believe the creation of Israel was a colossal mistake, having created a quagmire no one really sees a realistic way out of. The cost/benefit relation for the creation of Israel just isn’t very high at all. This can also be said of the creation of a number of other nation states created in the relatively recent past, as well as of some nation states that are currently in the ‘planning stage’

    Is Gert able to substantiate his contention and supply the names of just some of the other colossal mistake nation states he alludes to, as well as those in the planning stage? I don’t think he can and that it was just another of his hollow hate rants.

  39. Daniel Marks

    I’d be less than forthcoming were I to say that Gert hasn’t been something of a disappointment of late. After promising me an article in which my views would be fairly represented on his now infamous, if forlorn, blog – he did not deliver the goods (an idiom Gert). In its place more cutting and pasting has taken place.

    Anyway, synagogue took even longer than usual this morning and during the introductory psalms I had time to further ponder further Gert’s latest gem:

    ” I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel….” – What the deuce could he have meant?

    We have reached “Hear oh Israel, the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One”. All at once it is as if the heavens have opened to my prayers. My devoutness to the Omnipresent has been rewarded.

    I stand up and read the words:

    “You favor men with knowledge, and teach mortals understanding. O favor us with the knowledge, the understanding and the insight that come from you. Blessed are you, O Lord, the gracious giver of knowledge.”

    And yes I understand. It finally dawns upon me that our Belgian blogger (well, cutter and paster) might have been talking literally. To rephrase Gert:

    “…As I sit here in my home in Burlington I see no anti-Zionists that I know personally that seek the destruction of Israel….” ….”

    He didn’t mean they don’t exist, he just meant he couldn’t see any at that moment in time. He further meant he isn’t personally acquainted with any anti-Zionists who seek the destruction of Israel. And even if he is acquainted with them, they weren’t with him in his house in Burlington when he put up his mysterious posting, and even if he is acquainted with such anti-Zionists and even if they were with him, he couldn’t literally see them while he was putting up his post.

    Suddenly his words acquire new meaning:

    “…I see no anti-Zionists that I know that seek the destruction of Israel….”

    Thank you my Maker!

  40. Daniel:

    After promising me an article in which my views would be fairly represented on his now infamous, if forlorn, blog – he did not deliver the goods (an idiom Gert)

    Daniel, try a little honesty for once: why would you want to have your views presented at a blog, the owner of which you consider to be a Nazi or possibly worse? (Please say it ain’t so, your congratulating of Nick’s ‘analysis’ [minor coughing fit!] speaks volumes)

    You should all relax a bit now: I won’t be disturbing your tea parties anymore. This blog really is a testament as to how having anything near an open discussion with Zionists is basically impossible.

    Richard Millett should be proud about the way the opposition here is treated: I’ve had more fruitful discussions with the nutcases from the American Evangelical Far Right. I think the Flat Earth Society might also be more hospitable. Well done, boys!

  41. so that’s where you are hanging out Gert!

    or GertieBaby as I prefer to call him claims by implication on his web site that he has a job

    in this interview , hoever,
    he told that he was a Director “between jobs” and that he thought about monetizing his blog. I’d be very amazed to learn that he makes viable money out of the stuff that’s on there but maybe he is monetizing another of his ample talents.

    • richardmillett

      in all fairness Gert did have a good idea about a blog aimed at developing a person’s web presence, which is certainly in demand. Then he just threw it all away to devote his blog to a warped ideology.

  42. Richard
    I have been “acquainted” with Gert for a while now and thus I’m perfectly willing to believe that Gert would never recognize a good idea, especially not when it is his own.
    Whatever he has done or achieved in the past it is long long past – read that interview and you have a perfect case of pompousitivitis

  43. Daniel Marks

    “Daniel, try a little honesty for once:” –

    Okay Gert, I’ll try. Let “honesty” be our guide.

    1. ” the owner of which you consider to be a Nazi or possibly worse?” – That is a filthy lie. You

    I have never considered you to be a “Nazi or worse”. In the name of “honesty” please tell me where and when I did. Quote me, you’re good and cutting and pasting.

    The Nazi shot, gassed and buried alive 6,000,000 of my brothers and sisters. You to the best of my knowledge have hurt nobody.

    2. “..congratulating of Nick’s ‘analysis’..”

    Don’t get me wrong, I know Nick and his achievements in the area of chess, among others, make him one of the finest analytical minds I’ve encountered. However, again, in the name of “honesty” I say that you accredited me with statements I never made. Another lie, if I’m wrong show me up, cut and paste.

    3. Finally, a few words regarding your contempt for the overwhelming majority of the world’s population who do believe in a living G-d, who do believe that there is a force in the universe even more clever than Gert.

    For some reason you reserve extra special scorn for the “American Evangelical Far Right” – in the name of intellectual “honesty” Gert, could this be in any way connected to the fact that the Evangelist Church (the largest in the US) has been a loyal supporter of Israel?

    Correct me (cut and paste) if I’m wrong but I have no recollection of you mocking Islam in any similar way. I respect Islam, but then I respect all religions. You seem quite selective in this area.

    You’ll be back Gert. You’re like the kid with no friends who prefers getting beaten up than being ignored. You’re right that many people treated you badly here, but it’s better than sitting there all by yourself on your own empty, little, cut and pasted blog.

  44. Richard:

    Before you make a new ‘friend’ in Silke, I suggest you have a look at this thread here. 164 comments, over 90 % by Silke and one or two more zio anontrolls. And do judge by the ‘quality’, not quantity…

    You should be so pleased that on your blog you allow physical threats to be made against a commenter. Real befitting of a journalist. I’d be careful with that because I’m not sure how WordPress would feel about it.

    • richardmillett

      Gert, where are the physical threats? Also, did you not say that you would have someone shot between the eyes for being a traitor some posts ago?

  45. to y’all
    I don’t sound mysterious intentionally but if anybody is interested in where it all started, have a look here:
    but that’s only the beginning and of course I don’t do my according to GertieBaby successful jesting stunt with any pro-Israel blog.

    Howdy Gertiebaby
    now this is really mean of you …
    Did you really have to tell the folks around here of my “dirty” little secret i.e. that I fell head over heels for Fake Ibrahim when he asked me to do a little chambre séparée with him swapping picture (I) against composition (he). As I am a principled gal and don’t do one on ones on the net I am forced to stay close to him by any means I can think of – alas, that’s just how we girls are …

    I understand that that makes you viciously jealous especially since your adored Fake Ibrahim, despite your several demands, refuses to ban me.
    Even when I challenge him to ban me, he comes up with ever more elusive and incomprehensible reasons for not doing it, which keeps me hoping and hoping and hoping … Yes he is an accomplished flirt our little Fake Ibrahim wannabe of all kinds of things, isn’t he?

  46. Dearly beloved,
    We are gathered here today, to mourn the passing from our blog, of Bridlington’s finest, our much-loved Gert.

    Gert got picked on by a gang of Jews, and never recovered – bless him.

    Still his capitulation to the sons of Moses with their longish noses, and his inability to answer their fundamental queries pertaining to his comments about “other colossal mistake nations,” and his moronic oxymoronic “anti-Zionist supporters of Israel” leaves one wanting more of the same, if not for the intellect and integrity then at least for the entertainment value.

    But this tit-for-tat bickering has got out of hand so let’s tone it down a notch or two and lighten the mood with a little ditty I have composed in the following posting that shows that while I am convinced he is essentially little more than contemptible, I harbor no ill-feeling towards Gert..

    While selective or even near blanket criticism of a country’s policies can be legitimate and rooted in honor, Gert’s crass questioning of Israel’s very existence is nothing less than ontological genocide, the harbinger of its physical cousin.

  47. I have endearingly dubbed this ditty “BELGIUM WAFFLE SS”.

    A hating blogger called Gert
    Had the Jews rub his nose in the dirt
    He got quite annoyed
    When called unemployed
    That unemployed bugger called Gert

    Get off your arse and work Gert
    You claim benefits you do not deserve
    From Belgium obscurity
    To social security
    Unscrupulous scrounger called Gert

    That Israel basher called Gert
    Is nothing more than inert
    Little else can he do
    Than spit hate
    Belgium waffle SS man called Gert

    I’ll tell you a thing about Gert
    He’s a Nazi without the black shirt
    Less emblematic
    But still a fanatic
    That goose-stepping bugger called Gert

    But there’s a dark side to fun-loving Gert
    He is really a hard-core pervert
    By his own admissions
    He loves Belgium traditions
    Please bugger me silly said Gert

    So the party animal called Gert
    Put on high heels, mascara and skirt
    The red lights went on
    He sucked off a Jon
    Now gainfully employed is Gert

  48. Nick
    thank you for the clarification
    – I once got a whiff of an impression that Gertie got the heat up a wee bit when I described myself verbally as something like this
    Is GertieBaby really on the dole? even though he was a successful Director to two enterprises? what happened to the cash he made there?

  49. You usually have to suffer through at least one line of Gert’s ramblings to get to the first of his many mistakes, but this time Gert has managed to outdo even himself.

    His latest piece on his own obtuse blog, which to date has received a sum-total of, let me count, zero comments, is titled “Worse than a Gestapo.” This is of course grammatically incorrect.

    As English teacher and Jewish history scholar Daniel Marks would be quick to point out, Gestapo was an abbreviation of GEheime STAatsPOlizei, the Secret State Police
    And so, in his misunderstanding and mismanagement of aggregate and collective nouns, what educationally challenged Gert was struggling to say was “Worse Than The Gestapo.”

    He should have spent more time listening to his English teacher instead of goose-stepping around the playground.

    But as we tirelessly wait for his examples of “other colossal mistake nations,” other than Israel, it would be best to excuse his ignorance, not to overstate the benefits of a well-grounded education, and not to dwell any further on this banal point.

    And now, at the time of posting, I see that Gert’s Gestapo piece has received its very first comment. It was submitted by a gentleman called Gert.

  50. Daniel Marks

    The evergreen Nick finds a Gert posting with its first English mistake as early as the third word. We believe we can better that with the unforgettable:

    “Your an incorrigible liar and total twat.”

    “Twat” maybe, but he doesn’t louse up his homophones.

    Back to “Worse than a Gestapo.” NK must surely be correct in his arguing for use of the definite article. “Worse than a Gestapo.” seems to imply that there are/were more than one Gestapo to choose from, and thankfully there aren’t/weren’t.

    While Nick might be quite decidedly deft with his definite article and admirably able with his “a”, he could have been more careful with his capitalization and rather than “Worse Than The Gestapo” we shall prefer:

    “Worse than the Gestapo.”

    Regarding the matter in hand, let me say for the record that I consider the use of the name Gestapo Gert to be as infantile and idiotic as our Belgian buddy comparing yours truly to Baruch Goldstein (Z”L).

    In the field of name-calling and innuendo the Anti-Semite can give as good as he takes. It is only in the area of cold logic and hard facts that the the Gerts of this world are invariably exposed for the scoundrels that they are.

  51. Nick and Daniel

    I am truly sorry but I have to rush to the defence of Gertiebaby. You totally missed out on Gert trying his hand at being witty by claiming to have a marketable profession
    (it seems Gertie has some knowledge of German
    – I am not sure, but I seem to remember that he once mentioned that his father held a German passport which with a last name like Meyers is not unlikely)

    But back to Gertie’s genius as a word-player:
    He obviously meant Gestapo to stand for GEheimer STaatsPOlizist (i.e. secrect state policeMAN) – Wikipedia has a list of the available ranks

    As Gertie has an affinity to calling himself “Director” I suggest to suggest to him to replace the somewhat degrading simple “Polizist” by the a lot more grandiose “Reichskriminaldirektor”

    In my imperfect English it should then read “Worse than a Gestapo Reichskriminaldirektor”

  52. Silke:

    I am not sure, but I seem to remember that he once mentioned that his father held a German passport which with a last name like Meyers is not unlikely)

    Stop lying and conjecturing: I’m not German and neither is my father. Nor did I ever mention anything of the sort.

    Nor am I trying to monetise my blog: that was advice given in response to an interviewer (I didn’t choose the questions). Learn to read.

    You’re a real twit, aren’t you?

  53. Gertiebaby

    if I were you I’d start worrying about the workings of my memory:

    “Now I’m in a transition period and may have to decide to either step up blogging efforts (and attempt monetisation)”

    and thanks for the clarification about your father
    – but I think I made it quite clear that I relied entirely on memory as this, as even you must admit, are way too many hypothecials for a weak female brain to remember properly:

    “I’m not German but if I was I’d feel obliged to be ‘sensitive to the victims of Nazism’ only because not doing so could cost me dearly, not because logically, ethically or morally I’m under any obligation to do so. I’m not a Nazi and neither was my father. But if my father had been a Nazi, does that make me guilty too? Those who claim I should be ‘sensitive’ impart guilt on me (by association), guilt that I don’t carry.”

    I loved your last post at Fake Ibrahim’s btw – you really have a knack for sounding mysterious but albeit in a very non-intriguing way.

  54. Silke:

    It’s typical of partisan imbeciles like you to pull texts out of context, up to the point of truncating sentences, to try and score points. Here’s the full quote:

    Now I’m in a transition period and may have to decide to either step up blogging efforts (and attempt monetisation) or take a little more distance from the activity. [my emph.].

    Which part of may and or didn’t you understand, dear?

    And which part of this answer did you have difficulty with?

    Only with great difficulty! Any website could make a ton of cash each day and everyday provided the amount traffic flowing to it was large enough. Unfortunately the vast majority of traffic is captured by a small minority of Big Sites. In terms of wealth distribution the Internet is probably far more unfair even than the country with the largest divide between rich and poor! It’s definitely instrumental to remind us of Zipf’s Law here. It accurately describes traffic distribution among sites and states that if the highest traffic receiving site gets, say, N hits per day, the site in 10th position will only receive N/10 hits per day, the site in 100th position N/100 etc. Traffic thus tails off very quickly.

    Do you ever stop to actually interpret something?

    Let me be emphatic about it: I’m not seeking monetisation of my blog. Any small revenue stream that might arise from Amazon advertising is donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP,

    Now I sincerely hope you’ll refrain from making also this blog the object of your Obsessive Compulsory Disorder, as you have with The Hasbara Buster. Ibrahim was certainly wrong in allowing you to post practically day and night your completely off topic rants, including links, because it’s clearly worsened your condition.

    Take some time off dear, honest!

  55. Ellis Feigenbaum


    I don’t understand what the question as to whether your father was German, or just had a German passport is relevant to this page.

    There is nothing to be ashamed of being of Germanic descent and they play footy much better than the Belgians and Brits combined.

    I am far away from your opinions and am totally straight, but I enjoy your postings a lot.You talk your truth and fear nobody.

    More power to you!

    Please expalin:

  56. Gertiebaby

    thanks for worrying about my well-being again like so many times before. What a nice caring considerate human being you are, as long as one doesn’t happen to be Israeli, though.

  57. Ellis:

    There is nothing to be ashamed of being of Germanic descent […]

    Where did I say there was? I just happen not to be German. The facts matter.

    There’s nothing to be ashamed of being gay for instance, but that doesn’t make me gay either. There’s nothing to ashamed about being Jewish either but the fact is that I’m not.

    As regards relevancy, they love nothing better than to bring up irrelevant things here. I’m supposed to be unemployed too. Relevancy? None. Perhaps they have something against unemployed people? Perhaps unemployed people’s opinions don’t matter? Honestly, it’s like The Onion in here…

    Explain? Explain what?

  58. GertieBaby

    in March of last year you said that you were “between jobs” – are you still “between jobs” and if so, have you maybe used the time to satisfy your curiosity?

    “Firstly Israel and Palestine: having spent so much time exploring the conflict, reading about it, writing about it and debating it, I feel frustrated never having witnessed it with my own eyes. Only a prolonged stay would satisfy my curiosity though.”

  59. None of your bloomin’ business, dear…

  60. oh jemine, now I#ve made Gertiebaby get angry!

    And he is right, how could I presume that he might give interviews to mere mortals

  61. Gert, you keep addressing Silke as “dear”.

    So you’re a misogynist as well as an obsessive Israel hater?

    What a charmer.

  62. Ellis Feigenbaum

    Hi Gert,

    I’d be guessing that after that 1-0 against Spain you’ll be flaunting your German origins a little less today (lol).

    I agree with you that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and that being ashamed isn’t what makes you gay or not.

    I’m totally straight, but I say, “Live and Let Live” if you know what I mean, as long as you keep it legal and hygenic.

    I also think it is imature to be discussing your state of employment as it’s nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict. In my humble opinion the fighting and killing has gone on long enough and it’s high time both sides just sat down and made peace together.

    • Ellis

      you shouldn’t fall for Gert’s claim that being gay and being unemployed are the same.

      After all one of the two may be self-inflicted.

      If a man of by now 48/49 years with two successful directorships to his credit and a remarkable ability of twisting facts into unrecognizability and pompousifying language is not gainfully employed than he either has become somebody of independent means or he is on the dole.

      If somebody with the above abilities is on the dole I’d consider it as a bit smelly like all free-loading is – and to think what a father that would make him, makes me shudder.

      (all the above applies of course only, if one can trust what Gert says about himself)

  63. Gerty's Mate

    Me an Gert, whilst watching the football yesterday, made a counter poem for Nick.

    There was a young tosser called Nick
    Who had a very small Dick
    He would shout and bray
    And with Dicky would play
    And would dream of giving it a lick

    • Gertie
      created your own mate again?
      You know that I suspect you of doing that long ago.
      after all the poem is bad enough to have been of your making

  64. Daniel Marks

    My Humble Contribution:

    “Dear God, you made many, many blogs empty.
    I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be ignored.

    But it’s no great honor either!
    So, what would have been so terrible if Amazon gave me a small fortune?”

    If I were a rich man,
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
    All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
    If I were a wealthy man.
    I wouldn’t have to work hard.
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
    If I were a biddy biddy rich,
    Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.

    I’d build a big tall blog with postings by the dozen,
    Right in the middle of the net.
    A fine big index with real clever jokes.
    There would be one long link going to the Fatah,
    And one even longer to the Hamas,
    And one more leading nowhere, just for show.

    I’d fill my blog with Belgians and Turkish and Social Democrats
    For the town to see and hear.
    And each loud “cheep” and “swaqwk” and “honk” and “quack”
    Would land like a trumpet on the ear,
    As if to say “Here posts a wealthy man.”

    If I were a rich man,
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
    All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
    If I were a wealthy man.
    I wouldn’t have to work hard.
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
    If I were a biddy biddy rich,
    Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.

    I see my wife, Mrs Gertie, looking like a rich man’s wife
    With a proper double-chin.
    Supervising postings to her heart’s delight.
    I see her putting on airs and strutting like a peacock.
    Oy, what a happy mood she’s in.
    Screaming at the bloggers, day and night.

    The most important Anti-Semites would come to fawn on me!
    They would ask me to advise them,
    Like a Solomon the Wise.
    “If you please, Mr Gert…”
    “Pardon me, Mr Gert…”
    Posing problems that would cross a bloggers eyes!
    And it won’t make one bit of difference if I answer right or wrong.
    When you’re rich, they think you really know!

    If I were rich, I’d have the time that I lack
    To sit on my computer and pay.
    And maybe have a picture of Arafat.
    And I’d discuss the Belgian books with the learned men, several hours every day.
    That would be the sweetest thing of all.

    If I were a rich man,
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
    All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
    If I were a wealthy man.
    I wouldn’t have to work hard.
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
    If I were a biddy biddy rich,
    Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.

  65. Ellis Feigenbaum

    This is suppose to be a forum for inteligent disccusion, not a bleedin poet’s club.

    • Ellis
      Do I understand you correctly that poetry by nature is unintelligent?

      that’d be news to me so I’d appreciate it, if you’d clarify and hopefully teach me a new understanding of some of my dearest pieces of writing so I may separate myself from their insistent haunting of my brain.

      Just imagine how much room that would create for all kinds of stupidities.

  66. Ellis Feigenbaum

    “I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled [poets] to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.” –

    Socrates, In “Apology,” sct. 21, by Plato.

  67. Gert,
    Your ode was a miserable attempt at humor – introducing my intimate body parts into your warped world view. My poem was far better.
    At least, have the guts and decency to pen it under your own name, instead of hiding behind your contrived mate.

    Anyway, back to business. The Right Honorable Silke has concluded that if Gert claimed in March that he was in-between jobs, then he would, by definition, be unemployed. I would have to rule in Silke’s favor on that one – unless of course Gert was working while in-between jobs (maybe working black while claiming unemployment benefits – makes you think!).

    I have repeatedly asked Gert to provide examples of “other colossal mistake nations.” Impervious Gert has been conspicuously unable to do so.
    Daniel Tevya Marks, quizzed him about his statement “Anti-Zionist supporters of Israel” (not sic). Gert was as equally unresponsive.

    Public Jew baiting has become particularly unfashionable these days and is not acceptable PC behaviour. Most extreme fringe groups keep their anti-Semitic discriminations in the vault. But their hatred can be circumvented with the anti-Zionist get out clause.

    Anti-Zionism is to anti-Semitism what off-shore banking is to tax avoiders. That is not to say that all Isle of Man bank account holders are tax avoiders, or that all honest UK tax-paying citizens only have on-shore bank accounts.

    Some OCD anti-Zionists bloggers are nothing less than contemptible Jew haters. They not only hate contemptible Jews but they also hate the lovely ones like Daniel Marks, Silke, Ellis and even myself. Gert does not seem to distinguish between the two categories of hate, and so to his credit, he cannot be accused of being prejudicial in this respect.

    But let’s not get carried away by bringing Gert’s suspect parentage into question. Despite his unflattering sire, Professor Ricardo Eichmann seems like a good bloke. We can only hope that Gert’s children know little of the hatred spouted by their father.

    So did a little Jew boy threaten to hurt ultra-sensitive Gert. He keeps repeating it so it must be true. A Mr. Goebbels used to say something to that effect. That same Gert who declared that Khaled Abu Tomeah should be shot between the eyes, all of a sudden felt threatened at the offer of an ice-cream and a Lion Bar.

    What is more innocuous than crisp wafer, luscious caramel and delicious crunchy cereal covered in milk chocolate. And a mug of a well-wisher was prepared to drive all the way up to his home in Bridlington (full address temporarily withheld) to personally deliver those goodies. Door to door confectionary, that’s what I call service, You ungrateful sod.

  68. I am sorry to say that around the same time GertieBaby did his last around here he showed up over at Fake Ibrahim’s where he has now found a rather strange Anon-Soul-Brother whom I have suspected for quite some time now to be Gertie himself but maybe the Anon is Fake Ibrahim himself commenting his own as Anon.

    They are beginning to look more and more incestuous these guys

    But I wonder what Fake Ibrahim, if he’ll ever come back from his World Cup mania, will think of Gertie and his reliability, let alone loyalty, after he has credited me with success around here already twice.

    One thing I want to say in favour of Gertie though:

    he has a lot less stamina/staying power/creativity/inventiveness than some other guys whom I’ve met on the net and who cherish some similarly heinous ideas about Jews ooops I meant to say Israelis of course. Maybe Gertie should work harder on developing his web personality.

    or maybe he is just a whiner after all
    – Goebbels was one btw also
    – I’ve been told that he loved to say at rallies “wir, die Zerschossenen” (we the shot to pieces) referring to WW1, only he had never seen combat, never been in the ditches, nada, nothing, nichts … his crippled foot had natural causes …

    come to think of it, Gert has never seen Israel, so maybe his view of her has natural causes also

  69. Ellis:

    See what I mean about this being more like ‘The Onion’ than a discussion forum? Nick, Daniel and Silke are a real tribute to Zionism, if you ask me…


    Not my poem, I don’t stoop to such depths: ‘Gerty’s mate’ is one of the others that’s been hanging around on this blog more or less since I arrived here. Please blame some fellow Zionist for it, possibly one of your own friends… It’s also the results of WordPress allowing anonymous commenters with multiple monikers: not good.

  70. wow isn’t Gertie a fast one …

    and thanks Gertie for another great compliment. If my dear-like-minded-ones contributions as well as my own around here are up there with “The Onion” as to inventiveness, creativity and sheer laughter inducing quality at least I must be a lot better at it than even I would have credited myself to be.

    THANK YOU !!!

    and congrats you finally had one commenter on your blog – you’re NOT monetizing your blog is achieving progress

  71. Ellis Feigenbaum

    “Do I understand you correctly that poetry by nature is unintelligent?”

    “I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled [poets] to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean. ”
    Socrates, In “Apology,” sct. 21, by Plato.

    • Ellis
      I am crushed, utterly defeated, speechless …

      you’ve put me into

      “… a new understanding of my confusion.”

      and for that I have to thank you even though I feel humiliated beyond description …

      – could it be btw that Socrates was a bit jealous when he said that?
      – do you think he was such a saint that he was all above competition?
      – or maybe Plato smuggled it in for reasons of his own?
      – I wouldn’t know but it makes me question whether either of them were any good at poetry themselves? Could you maybe elucidate?

      You know in real life it happens quite often that those who can’t do it, viciously slander those who have the gift.

  72. Daniel Marks

    “Nick, Daniel and Silke are a real tribute to Zionism..”

    Who were you insulting, me or Zionism?

  73. Daniel Marks

    “Nick, Daniel and Silke are a real tribute to Zionism..”

    Who were you insulting, me or Zionism?

  74. Daniel
    Gertie finally has found his true vocation for NOT monetizing his blog:
    – he is into fund raising now …

    over at another blog there was somebody trying fund raising via a comment, hers(?) looked a bit in the line of Nigerian habits but one never knows, does one?


    A Belgian living near York,
    Hated those forbidden from pork,
    But not of the Islamic variety,
    He loved this society,
    And so marched to Gaza from York.

  76. Ellis Feigenbaum


    You’re much too good for these prats. All they do is make nasty insinuations and take the p**s out of you because of your your sexual preference.

    By the way I heard that the toilets at a local police station have been stolen. Police say they have nothing to go on.

    If I were you I’d write my own blog and just ignore those Zionists poets.

  77. Gerty's Mate

    Look I’m getting a bit fed up with all these insinuations that Gert’s a queer.
    He is completely hetrosexual and I speak from experience.

    I must however point out that neither myself nor Gert have anything against the Gay Boys.
    As Gert is fond of pointing out, they’re not all kiddy fiddlers!

  78. Michael Goldman

    Could you really find nothing better to rhyme with York than York?
    Also it seems more likely that he would sail from York to Gaza rather than marching from Gaza to York.
    Why not try again?


      No Mr Goldman I said:

      And so marched to Gaza from York. (How do I make this lean on it’s side like you clever people can do here? You know, like italicate it, cntrl I is not working)

      He marched TO Gaza.

      Do you not no that it’s all about the marching these days?

      Even Tony Blairs embarrassment of a sister in law declares that “our arms are marching”
      Not only are her legs marching, but her arms are marching too. Perhaps she’s been hanging around too much with those who have their hands chopped off if you get my drift.

      (Forward to 2min 35 secs)

      Her brain has also marched off somewhere.

      These are two of her poor victims I mean children


        Do you not no that it’s all about the marching these days? (pretend it’s leaning on it’s side)
        You can no but you can also know. You know?

      • are these really Lauren Booth’s own children?
        if yes, she should be put under supervision by whatever authority the UK has for nutty paretns.
        and you had to post that, while I was just remembering this which reflects so nicely what I’d like to do with you know whom – I don’t dare to write his name for fear he might accuse me of threatening physical violence 😉

  79. Daniel Marks


    Have we met?

  80. Michael
    the way from Gaza to York goes through Istanbul these days
    – so marching is perfectly correct

    but OT y’all driving me nuts with that York business – there is a kids song where a unit of soldiers gets marched up a hill and down again and I can’t remember it because I always imagine that there is York in the text
    – unless somebody helps me I’ll have a sleepless night

    Does Gerty’s Mate spend 24/7/365/366 with him? because otherwise …
    – these heteros are sly with the best of them

  81. Daniel

    in person?

    on other blogs?

  82. Michael Goldman


    Oh, the… grand old Duke of York
    He had ten thousand men,
    And he marched them up to the top of the hill,
    And he marched them down again.
    And when they were up, they were up,
    And when they were down, they were down,
    And when they were only half-way up,
    They were neither up nor down.


      Reading that now as an adult, I suspect the author had a degree of OCD and became fixated on the exact positioning of the ten thousand men.

      I wonder if there was another verse that never made the cut further examining the proximity of the men in relation to the grand old Duke of York.

  83. thanks Michael
    now I can look forward to a good night of sleep, so it was York after all and here is the video


      Silke I believe it is her children, she’s such a muppet (Mrs Piggy springs to mind) check this out

      (excellent blog that monitors the tabloid of the totalitarian liberals, The Guardian)

      Speaking of marching I have a tune in my head with some missing words and I can’t place it. (something childrens program?)

      “Oh we march from her to there
      And it doesn’t matter where
      You can hear us (something)
      From the (something something)

      In a milertary way
      Left right left right.

      Trumpet sounds twice.

      What is it?

      • NoNaziBoycotts
        yes CiFWatch is tops and AKUS, the author of the video right up there with them.
        and here’s your song – who would have thought … isn’t Google phantastic – scroll down

        and here’s the song – strangely enough it is available with the movie in all languages but apparently not in English


        It’s the elephant march in the jungle book!

        It was the first film I ever saw in cinema! (Or ET phone home, whatever came first.)

        If you have small children they can sing this marching to the Shabbat table. We’re with Chabad tonight so we will march in singing this to get us all in the mood.

        I’m marching off to do some work now. With kol hakavod to making up poems, it’s never going to pay the rent is it?

        Shabbat shalom.

  84. Daniel Marks


    The York-York rhyme is fine. It’s what we call an identical rhyme: A word rhymes with itself, as in Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could not Stop for Death”:

    We paused before a house that seemed
    A Swelling of the Ground–
    The Roof was scarcely visible–
    The Cornice–in the Ground.

  85. Daniel,
    Gert would be wise to take a leaf out of Emily Dickinson’s book and shut the fuck up.

  86. Michael Goldman

    I obviously have a lot to learn from you poets.

  87. Daniel Marks


    “Gert would be wise to take a leaf out of Emily Dickinson’s book and shut the fuck up.” – Nick

    Looks like has and I say that with no joy.

    It is not commonly known that Gert promised to write an exclusive expose of this Jewish settler and a decisive refutation of all my “Hasbara”.

    We participated in his research, albeit with no small measure of trepidation, even going as far as to provide intimate information, to much of which even my doctor is not privy.

    I was devastated to discover that with welcome your entrance to this excellent blog the Daniel Marks article went out the window and within hours you had earned yourself a place of honor on Gert’s forlorn blog, ironically called Developing your Web Prescence (who said the Belgians have no sense of humor).

    I accepted my role as playing second fiddle to the great Nick, not the first time, but never dreamed that my article would not be forthcoming at all. When I diplomatically broached the subject, I was subjected to a flurry of insults and rhetorical questions culminating in the devastating:

    “…why would you want to have your views presented at a blog, the owner of which you consider to be a Nazi or possibly worse?”

    This was, of course, a filthy lie, and when I challenged Gert to show me where in cyberspace such statements had been were made, put up or shut up if you like, he chose the latter and had indeed since then fallen quite silent.

    In my opinion this goes a long way to proving my contention that the most potent weapon to use against the Anti-Semite is neither metal bars nor swear words but simple, hard, cold logic.

    In the case of Nazis, on the other hand, I’d certainly give preference to the bars.


    Another example, this time a Limerick for you to recite at you Shabbat table, by the Edward Lear.

    There was an Old Man in a tree,
    Who was horribly bored by a Bee;

    When they said, ‘Does it buzz?’
    He replied, ‘Yes, it does!’

    ‘It’s a regular brute of a Bee!’

  88. Michael Goldman


    First I must thank you for your kind addition to our usual assortment of Shabat Zmirot.
    I’m sure Mrs Goldman will consider it a rare treat!

    It would however be ungrateful of me not to point out that there is in fact a differece between Bee and Bee! whereas York an York are just the same.
    I, in turn will leave you with a little ditty that I first heard from the now oft mentioned Nick K about 40 years ago.
    It is the sort of rhyme which never loses it’s flavour.

    There was a young man called Paul
    Who went to a fancy dress ball
    He decided to risk it
    To go as a biscuit
    But a dog ate him up in the hall!

    Please pass the poem on to the ever beautiful and vivacious Roxi and to any of your children who will be dining with you tonight.

    Shabat Shalom


      Mr Goldman,

      I hope this helps. (Not suitable for Shabbat table)

      A Belgian living near York,
      Hated those forbidden from pork,
      But not of the Islamic variety,
      He loved this society,
      And so marched to Gaza from York!

  89. Daniel Marks

    You may find this site of interest:

    There was an Old Man on a hill,
    Who seldom, if ever, stood still;

    He ran up and down,
    In his Grandmother’s gown,

    Which adorned that Old Man on a hill.

  90. Daniel Marks

    A Belgian blogger named Gert.
    With Hamas he had a flirt.

    They put him on telly.
    A gun to his belly.

    Messed up his “Free Palestine” shirt.

  91. my yesterday answer to
    is still awaiting moderation – so I try it again
    especially since it contains some great marching)

    yes CiFWatch is tops and AKUS, the author of the video right up there with them.

    and here’s your song – who would have thought … isn’t Google phantastic – scroll down

    and here’s the song – strangely enough it is available with the movie in all languages but apparently not in English


      Yes CIF watch is a great blog. For all I know Silke you could be one of my two dimensional Facebook friends and if I also knew what Twitter was and how to use it, I may have “followed” you on it as well and heard you “tweet “ there.

      Thank you for all the lyrics to The Jungle Book. Isn’t it wonderful? We had to sing The Bare Nessceities in Music class in school. Our teacher was Welsh and called Miss Cross. I was and still am quite retarded with musical instruments so I used to use the 10 minutes of free time at the end of class to play with all the beat and funny sound buttons on the keyboard. One button made the keys sound like running water. This was whilst all the violin playing teachers pets were at the front showing off their prowess with an instrument. Brown noses that they were.

      Have you heard the latest?
      Can’t access the audio from here but suffice to say having read the report, it’s good to see it remains: once a tosser always a tosser.

      However I will say in his defence that the good thing about Mel Gibson is that being the primitive caveman buffoon type that he is at least you know what you’re dealing with. You know he’s an anti-Semite (by his own admission), racist wife beating scum and so other than some hard up, washed up Hollywood has-beens defending him, he is out there loud and proud. It’s only a matter of time before he displays the swastika tattooed on his unmentionables (brought to you courtesty of Mr K’s earlier description).

      Then you’ve got the other types who think they can hide it by being slippery and vague and tricky and sophisticated. They feign offence if you dare to tar them with the same brush as this tosser but believe me, they’re all the same. Same essence, different rhetoric.
      I’ve come to the conclusion that their ability to keep the facade up depends on how sophisticated and how intelligent they are. Sooner or later though, the veil is always lifted. And there it is.Their inner word-slurring-racist-ranting Mel Gibson in all his Passion-of-the Christ-Jews-killed-Jesus glory.

      • NoNaziBoycotts
        that Radaronline website is so vicious, plain or straight to Mel Gibson, that it makes Safari crash
        -Do you think the Elders of Swastikaism have such powers over the rest of us.

        BTW sorry to say I am neither on Facebook, nor do I tweet, nor have I subscribed to any Tweets and after my last most unhappy experiences at the site where I had the tough luck of getting first acquainted with Gert I am not likely to venture further into the land of social net-networking any time soon.

        (the story is I had gotten myself a Google Account and somebody over there usurped the moniker, i.e. committed identity theft. My first guess was of course that it had been Gert, the Web Presence, but he denies if with all his might and sadly nobody on this blog seems to be enough of a Geek to be able to tell me how to nail the perpetrator and get my Google account back into clean and usable shape. The greatest tragedy of this assault on myself is that now I will never ever be able to comment on GertieBaby’s blog, because he allows only people with a Google Account to do so – must be afraid of something 😉 I hope you can understand that these events have put me into real bad shape and now this inability to listen to the great Mel himself – terrible, really terrible)


      I have never heard of the word moniker until these comments and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I pronounce it in my head monkier and it makes me think that some monkey business has been going on here. From what you say it seems so. Identity theft is definitely at the far end of the spectrum of monkey business.

      The thesaurus on MSWord has just kindly explained to me what moniker means so I will now include it in my sentences where possible and where not possible (or indeed, impossible), I will throw in a sentence into a discussion that allows me to use this word.

      The word I learnt before moniker was “expedient” which I try to use here and there as I rather like it.

      I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting words so please send some my way if you have some good ones.

      It’s not only new words I learn from this excellent blog. It is also an education in geography. I’d never heard of Bridlington before this blog. On that note I’d barely heard about Belgium for a few years (other than the newsworthy prevalent paedophile problem) and had forgotten that it exists or that indeed it has a right to exist. But thanks to this blog I am reminded that it exists and that it never even sought permission to exist the cheeky chutzpah of the chocolate making entity that is Belgium.

      Do you exist Silke? Who granted you your existance permission? Maybe that’s why some monkey out there nabbed your google account, because you do not have permission to exist from the existence authorities. I’m not even sure that I exist but I think, therefore I am, which naturally is somewhat of a relief.

      Best of luck getting back your Google account, I know some geeks but they’re not cheap. Shrewd lot those geeks are. They may look clueless with their genius spectacled head in the clouds but they sure as hell know about charge rates. Almost makes one wish that their IT bubble bursts again. That took them down a peg or two a few years ago didn’t it? You might want to try reminding them of that when negotiating their extortionate prices with them.

      As for missing out on Mels’ rant, that can’t be such a bad thing so I’m afraid I cannot extend my sympathies to you for that.


    There once were some Jews on a blog
    Who the Belgian wanted to flog
    He loathed cyber Jews
    And and annonunced “I’ve got news,
    You’ll pay you smug Jews on this blog!”

    (Also not for Shabbat table)

  93. Resh Lakish

    A heavy set fellow called Goldman
    Cut of both his bollocks and sold’em

    He sold them to Gerty
    For six shekels thirty

    Now Gert won’t even let him hold’em

  94. I guess that the last time GertieBaby showed up here it was due to him being accused of cowardice. Could one of you gifted poets work that in?

    though non-native English and non-poetress to boot I dare to propose a few lines who might inspire others:

    Gerty with his lack of daring
    is prone to lose his bearing
    thus without ever caring
    posts lot of red herring

  95. Blimey, this comment section’s turned into a chatline for demented Zios! Waddayaknow!

  96. Ellis Feigenbaum

    Don’t waste your time here Gert, you’re too good for them I tell you.

  97. you see, I was right, just mention cowardice and GertieBaby pipes in – makes me think that there is a nerve that likes to be hit

    The man is really an interesting case:
    on the one hand he insinuates above that he knows all about I/P, on the other hand only a prolonged stay could satisfy his curiosity. Do you think a bit of Freud might help?

    Gert Meyers in March 2009 about where he’d like to travel to:
    “Firstly Israel and Palestine: having spent so much time exploring the conflict, reading about it, writing about it and debating it, I feel frustrated never having witnessed it with my own eyes. Only a prolonged stay would satisfy my curiosity though.”

  98. Ellis
    what a nice guy you are – I’ve always assumed that one had to pay to get even a glimpse of that stuff and you let one have it for free – gorgeous! – I love free educationals – keep up the good work

  99. Daniel Marks

    Nothing unusual about Gert’s attitude. It’s quite usual for individuals of his ilk to first formulate their opinion and then, only years later, to pop over to the Middle East to actually find out a few facts.

    Well, the man knows that he, like all other bloggers here, is welcome to come and visit Maale Adumim. I don’t know about a “prolonged stay”, but let him come over and we’ll see how things go.

    I have absolutely no objection. I do it quite regularly, and have always been quite graceful about it, in the past.

    Shabbat shalom one and all,


  100. but Daniel that, really nice looking, place of yours is in the West-Bank …

    – I am getting told all the time that one loses one’s soul, if one goes there other than with one of these “plant a tree, create a ruckus” groups.

    Have a nice Shabbath and thanks for the poetry lessons, I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit

  101. In a magnanimous effort to help hapless Gert find gainful employment, I recently posted his CV on blog to be distributed by like-minded altruists to compassionate employers and to soup-kitchen providers.

    It was the least I could do. Gert was kind enough (to the obvious chagrin of Daniel Marks) to feature me as the main character of his “Worse than a Gestapo” piece on his own esoteric blog. Whilst the feedback has not exactly been overwhelming, I am pleased to note that to date, it has received comments from 3 contributors, Ernie Halfdram, Emmanuel, and last but not least from someone called Gert.

    Sadly, regarding the posting of Gert’s CV, our diligent and jurisprudent blogmaster felt the flattering wording might not have portrayed Gert under the illuminated halo he so rightly deserves.
    And so, it has been removed.
    Was it because of the mentioning of the goose-stepping around his living room, or his questionable parentage, the SS tattoo on the bollocks, or the reference to the Adolf Hitler Primary School for boys, I do not know.
    What I do know is that in our own way we all deeply care for Gert and I personally shall continue and even redouble my efforts to see him right.

    I fully respect and pay homage to Richard’s discretion, yet would ask that calls for named Palestinian traitors to be shot between the eyes, be met with the same degree of vigilance.

    Gert, what soup do you like best?

    • Nick K
      I had two perfectly innocent posts being put “on moderation” for quite some time (the ones about the Jungle Book song)
      – could it be that Gert’s kind of teutonic parts of DNA have come to the fore and he is now developing his web presence via some (as yet unknown to me) official paths – he has been vaguely hinting in a slightly threatening way at complainings he wants to do maligning Richard’s Blogs to authorities.

      Anyway to spare you any trouble – here is the text from your original post retrieved from my mail trash box (sorry I don’t know how to do Italics either) – I have just one objection – Gert said in March 2009 that he was 47 i.e. birth year 1962, 1961 at the earliest. The Wehrmacht finally caved in in May of 1945, so it’d be at least 16 years, so I seem to remember that they insisted on their being at least able to crawl.

      Come on you guys, where’s your compassion?
      Gert needs a job.
      Please help circulate his CV to all potential employers.

      Curriculum Vitae

      Name: Gert Myers
      Address: Bridlington
      Marital Status: More on the gay side.
      Occupation: Unemployed
      Date of Birth: Missed conscription to the Wehrmacht by 15 years.
      Recognizable Features: I got an SS tattoo on each of my bollocks
      Source of Income: Scrounger of Social Security Benefits
      Father’s Nationality: A moot point
      Mother’s Nationality: A mooter point
      Have I ever met my father? I got a lot of moot points.

      Live Achievements: I have my own blog
      Readership: Not too many at the moment but I am developing my web presence.
      Hobbies: I have a collection of Nazi memorabilia and I like to goose-step around my living room.
      Aspirations: To make this galaxy judenrein.
      Methods: Backdoor Anti-Zionist method

      Education: Adolf Hitler Primary School for Boys
      Further Education: Herr Adolf Teutonic Education Junior Elementary Wing

      Other Interests: General Secretary of the Bridlington branch of the Hamas Supporters club

      Of an evening I also like to dress up in tight latex panties.

  102. GertieBaby

    now calls Obama “Bambams”
    “Bambams is looking more like the first Black emperor without clothes on every day”
    in the same post Israelis are referred to as “Herrenvolk”
    could it be that after Daniel’s invitation he has given up his plan to satisfy his “curiosity” about Israel – too much of a coward to meet with a cordial person?

    and in here he is not only too much of a coward to fulfill any of his promises let alone enter the competition with a poem of his own he also poses as good behaviour advocate “alerting” Richard to what “WordPress” might or might not like. And all that while being between jobs … nice, really nice.

  103. Gerty's Mate

    You’re bunch of liars all fo you !!!
    Gert does NOT have a tattoo on his left bollock.
    I should know!
    As for all the other claims,I refuse to comment.

  104. I am indebted to Silke for the correction as to the exact number of years Gert missed conscription to the Wermacht.

    Shortly before the war, The Berliner Tagenblatt newspaper sought to print a picture of the ultimate Aryan to grace its front cover. Under the caption “The Ideal German Soldier” it chose a recognizable new face of Germany, which was later used on recruitment posters the equivalent to Lord Kitchener’s “Your country wants you.”

    As providence would have it, that face belonged to Werner Goldberg, who it was later discovered was a “mischling” with a Jewish father.

    There were less Jews in the SS, which would have made it more attractive for Gert, had he been born 16 years earlier.

  105. Daniel Marks

    If Gert has yet to accept my gracious invitation of fulfilling his life’s dream and seeing Israel for itself, the reason could be due to a misunderstanding.

    The published “Dan’ll Fix It” posting read:

    “I have absolutely no objection. I do it quite regularly, and have always been quite graceful about it, in the past.” – Which makes little sense and were it to have been said by the likes of Basil Fawlty would doubtlessly have been met with hysterical laughter.

    As readers of this excellent blog may have guessed, the original posting read:

    “I have absolutely no objection to hosting Pantie- Delights. I do it quite regularly, and have always been quite graceful about it, in the past”.

    For those still confused, Pantie-Delights is a brand new, wholly politically correct, euphemism for those people who hate Juice. See link:

    I’ve consistently considered Gert to be a Pantie-Delights because of his obsessive hatred of Juice. He knows of the great injustices and wars, terrorism, Racism, starvation and famine taking place all around the world, but he considers all these to be secondary at best to his need to support a terrorist “state” run by democratically elected terrorists.

    He will google the web day and night in search of anything bad to say about Israel and ignore all good. He’s never been to the Middle East and knows little about it, but his opinions were long ago formed.

    Before I’m asked whether the same is not true of me. Do I not search for good things to say about Israel? Did I not love her long before I had seen her?

    The answers are “Yes”. I am Gert’s antithesis. We are complete opposites. I love all Juice and therefore I know that that Gert hates them.

  106. In the World Cup England played the Hun
    With whom did Gert’s sympathies run?
    He would shout out “yavol”
    When the krauts scored a goal
    Four times yavol oh what fun.

  107. Daniel and/or Nick

    they’ve kidnapped my moniker (name)!!!
    as y’all know I’ve met Gertie first over on this other blog and now they’ve kidnapped my name I need some advice on how to handle this
    (I am quite green when it comes to living on the net)

    The plain hard fact is that somebody there has stolen my google blogger name Silke, first he/she posted as Silkie and then “upgraded” to Silke

    Could it be that Gert has been developing his web presence or advised somebody else on how to do it? Is he that smart? or is that really easy to do?

    my whole google account seems to behave quite mysteriously – would it help, if I just cancelled the whole thing and start afresh as “true Silke” Anon?
    They have tried impersonating me once before but to little effect, but now with “profile” behind it, that may augment their credibility. Have they maybe gotten access to the mail account also?

    As I have no ambitions about “developing a web presence” I don’t care much about keeping that name “pure”, I can probably identify myself to those I care about even without any name at all at any time.
    It is having come in close contact with real criminals that disgusts me.

  108. Daniel Marks

    Dear Silke or Fake-Silke,

    I personally know absolutely nothing about such matters and I believe that Nick knows considerably less than I.

    I believe we are talking about a “computer crime”. On the first count Moshe Goldman is one of Israel’s greatest computer brains and in the second, there is no greater criminal mind living today than Ellis Feigenbaum.

    I shall be seeing Goldman tonight and have no doubt that the moment your problem is made known to him he shall be all over it. Regarding Feigenbaum, he can be reached on Skype.

    Good luck,


  109. Daniel Marks

    In the art of writing lim-er-icks
    There are no worse rhymes than Nick’s

    Some are extremely and unwarrantedly long
    And others just wrong

    You’re better off going to the flicks

  110. Daniel thanks a lot
    and to Moshe Goldman in advance also
    – I’d cherish it immensely if severe punishment could be meted out to the perpetrator by whatever non-criminal way possible
    and as the spoof “Silke” uses cut and paste a lot which you around here say is a speciality of Gert, the Web Presence, it’d be just gorgeous if he could be nailed with it.

    as to Ellis – he once had his name clickable and it lead to a site showing animal abuse – now his name is unclickable all over again and alas I have only the vaguest idea what Skype is all about

    glad to learn that I am not the only social-networking-ignorant around here

  111. Michal Goldman

    Alas Dan exaggerates my computer prowess.
    I have it on good authority that the link from Ellis’s name was cancelled after considerable pressure was brought to bear by the animals.

  112. Michael Goldman

    Alas Dan exaggerates my computer prowess.
    I have it on good authority that the link from Ellis’s name was cancelled after considerable pressure was brought to bear by the animals.

  113. thanks Michael, then all I can hope for is that Google finds my complaint comprehensible enough to react.

    In the meantime until I can find some smart advice somewhere I keep on needling them, Fake Ibrahim and Gert, the Web Presence, as best I can as Anon Silke without a moniker

    Do you think it might help, if I ask Gert his hourly rate for helping out? Would he be allowed to make money from abroad on the web while on the dole?

    Really glad that the animals were better up to the challenge than I was

  114. Silke:

    and as the spoof “Silke” uses cut and paste a lot which you around here say is a speciality of Gert, the Web Presence, it’d be just gorgeous if he could be nailed with it.

    Yeah, wouldn’t you just like to nail the innocent, eh? I have nothing to do with any ‘impersonation’ whatsoever.

    thanks Michael, then all I can hope for is that Google finds my complaint comprehensible enough to react.

    Yeah, I’d love to see their reaction: anonymous nutter signs off posts with ‘Silke’, now another anon does the same: ‘crime’ (NOT) of the century! It seems ‘Silke’ was trying to ruin the comment section of a blog and now someone is beating her to it. Oh dear… the cyber police will have their hands full…

  115. Ooops!


    and as the spoof “Silke” uses cut and paste a lot which you around here say is a speciality of Gert, the Web Presence, it’d be just gorgeous if he could be nailed with it.

    Yeah, wouldn’t you just like to nail the innocent, eh? I have nothing to do with any ‘impersonation’ whatsoever.

    thanks Michael, then all I can hope for is that Google finds my complaint comprehensible enough to react.

    Yeah, I’d love to see their reaction: anonymous nutter signs of posts with ‘Silke’, now another anon does the same: ‘crime’ (NOT) of the century! It seems ‘Silke’ was trying to ruin the comment section of a blog and now someone is beating her to it. Oh dear… the cyber police will have their hands full…

  116. Gert is distorting the facts in best usual GertieBaby style.

    Now somebody has stolen or usurped or acquired my Google account

    – quite a bit different in my book from signing an Anon Comment with my name Silke

    But Gert and nuances just don’t go together, amazing for a Web Presence expert
    Can you imagine his screams if somebody had done that to him, posting under Gert leading to his profile?
    a hacked Google account is the same as a simple spoof for wannabe gentleman Gert

    one is a form of identity theft the other something at best funny, but that’s a minor difference for cut and paste Gert Meyers

  117. come to think of it, this blurring of differences is exactly how Gertie operates when he does his Israel slandering stunts.

  118. Daniel Marks

    Don’t worry Silke my friend.

    I have just spoken to Ellis Feigenbaum who is in California, but will check the matter out.

    Be assured that we now have our best man on the job, and I have no doubt that no stone shall be left unturned. Whoever is behind this fiendish crime is now (metaphorically) living on borrowed time.

    My gut feeling is that Gert is not the mastermind behind the dastardly plot this time. Although he seems to have evolved over the past fortnight into an unemployed, cross-dressing, goose-stepping Juice-hating fanatic and further changes could still take place it should not be forgotten that his area of expertise is in chemistry not computer science.

    Either way, you will be contacted by Ellis very soon. In order to distinguish him from imposters as him who his favorite philosopher is. If he answers “Spike Milligan” you’ll know he is the real Ellis. His services are never cheap, but he is the best.

  119. Daniel
    I am truly grateful for all the trouble you are taking on my behalf, actually I am moved to tears by your generosity

    – but after this heinous non-spoof true-fact theft of my profile I only hope it doesn’t include the theft of the g-mail address that goes with it and have decided to abstain from signing up to all further social networking whatevers which demand a profile until this has become sorted out. This

    If Ellis wants to be helpful he can tell me in this thread where to go and what to do and as a bonus hopefully give a real bad name to the perpetrator with Google.

    BTW Gert’s own underfrequented blog does allow comments only for Google account owners, so not he but somebody else has effectively blocked me from ever commenting one of his posts. Which is said, especially since now he is into helping a charity collecting donations, i.e. I can’t even ask him for further information should I want to pony up some.

  120. Daniel Marks

    “..anonymous nutter signs off posts with ‘Silke’, now another anon does the same: ‘crime’ (NOT) of the century!”-

    Be careful Gert. You may be developing a sense of humor.

    Do you have any proof that the other Silke is not you?

    Do you a verifiable alibi for the times of the postings?

    Were you with friends?

    Do you have friends?

  121. Daniel
    great questions

    how strong is the circumstantial evidence this blog has unearthed that Gert is a cut-and-paster?

  122. Silke wrote:

    (the story is I had gotten myself a Google Account and somebody over there usurped the moniker, i.e. committed identity theft. My first guess was of course that it had been Gert, the Web Presence, but he denies if with all his might and sadly nobody on this blog seems to be enough of a Geek to be able to tell me how to nail the perpetrator and get my Google account back into clean and usable shape. The greatest tragedy of this assault on myself is that now I will never ever be able to comment on GertieBaby’s blog, because he allows only people with a Google Account to do so – must be afraid of something 😉 I hope you can understand that these events have put me into real bad shape and now this inability to listen to the great Mel himself – terrible, really terrible)

    Another complete lie: Silke never had a google account and made all comments anonymously, simply signing them off as ‘Silke’ at the bottom. It now appears another blogger, perhaps even two, have very recently obtained google accounts with usernames ‘silkie’ and ‘silke’. Nothing was ever stolen from the original Silke who’s been active on The Hasbara Buster blog for weeks in various threads.

    My blog doesn’t allow anonymous commenting, precisely to keep fucktards like ‘silke’ off the blog. If she ever does obtain a google account any comments she makes at mine will be deleted without exception: be warned not to try and waste your or my time, dearest.

  123. Gert , the Web Presence

    you certainly stop at nothing
    now you have taken to straight lies
    – unfortunately for you I have used my Google account also elsewhere for posting before somebody hacked it at Fake Ibrahim’s Hasbara Buster blog.

    I never had a Google account by the name of “Silkie”.
    But I have had g-mail and thus an account for ages but only found the time to revive and adapt it to get myself a moniker which I used then at Fake Ibrahim’s site for the exactly first time with this

    Silke said…
    For a change here is a Betthupferl for Gert and Anon

    JULY 8, 2010 5:04 PM

    The first “Silkie” Post about which I have no complaint whatsoever came btw as the next one after I had informed “Ibrahim” that Gertie’s Mate had told us that you GertieBaby did not have a tattoo.
    “Silkie” wrote altogether 4 comments and then switched to using my stolen Google moniker, starting with this one JULY 10, 2010 8:49 PM

    You have told me, you weren’t the thief, but pray why then are you getting so excited? and are so impatient. Yes I filed one complaint with Google but I had my doubts that I used the right path right away. I’ll get around to finding the right one, just wait, right now the weather is too wonderful for extensive sleuthing

    can’t help thinking that you seem to get a bit over-excited – why not fess up and tell me how to correct it – I might forgive you



    BTW Gert. You write very nicely and have an excellent command of the English language. I’m surprised you haven’t contributed with a poem of your own.

    As part of my self-improvement program, tempting as it is I will not add anything sarcastic to this comment.

    I hope that by giving you this compliment, I have not contributed to encouraging your demonisation efforts of my people and country as that would be counter-productive.

    I will discuss this with the Rabbi in due course.

  125. NoNaziBoykott
    as you are as much into self-improvement as I am I tried to google something I dimly remembered about Belgians and those who as of May 1945 had all miraculously become No Nazis. But the first thing Google offered seemed so much more suitable for extending one’s knowledge that I thought I’d rather link to that instead

    actually as to knowing who I am, I don’t go for dear ol’ Renée but instead stick with I am who I am and if GertieBaby wouldn’t listen in I would be quite willing to supply some details about my exceedingly fascinating and interesting personality (which I’m proud to say it is to me) but as Gertie and I are battling each other until the keyboards are overheating over at Hasbara Buster for who gets more of a piece of Fake Ibrahim’s soul I have to be more coy about it than is my true nature. I am not yet quite up to supplying Gertie with ammunition for free.

    and yes you are right, it makes one think, that he is so deficient on the poem front

    Gertie, the meek
    isn’t given a peek
    by Silke the miser
    who spouts elsewhere
    like a geysir

    and now I am looking forward anxiously to Daniel ripping me apart for being incapable of doing a limerick

  126. NoNaziBoycott
    I forgot to mention that I learned of the existence of the word moniker and its use less than about 3 weeks ago when the phenomenon of stolen monikers happened on another blog which alas is no Google blog, but if I next should get involved in a lively thread at CiFWatch again I’ll ask them what they’ll know about it

    Slowly I am beginning to realize that I am kind of being real sweet helping Gertie’s web presence into prominence this way.

    On the other hand the more know about Mr. Pompous weird views the less waste their politeness on debating him as if there were any use in it.

  127. What is benefit fraud?

    Benefit fraud is when someone is dishonest in order to receive benefit or knowingly fails to report a change in their circumstances.
    All calls to the National Benefit Fraud Hotline (NFBH) are free and confidential (Tel 0800 854 440). Lines are open between 7.00 am and 11.00 pm, seven days a week.

    If you know someone who is defrauding the system, please call the Hotline today.

  128. Nick

    the Hotline does not work from abroad but here is a site where you can do the report online
    It seems they want to know an awful lot – do you think they would consider a complaint worthy to be taken seriously, if one has only scant data, like say no tattoos, and is a foreigner to boot?

    I like it how delicately they word their stuff “Jobseeker’s Allowance”, now that is one, suitable to preserve a person’s dignity. From now on I’ll never insult a person again by using “on the dole”.

    I am also puzzled by the ethnicity question. Let’s say I wanted to report on one of us Central Europeans with our wildly mixed ancestry, should I chose White or Other and if I chose other, is mixed permissible or considered to be too vague?
    There are lots of other choices to be made. The one about hair is highly worth pondering.

    All in all I’d say it is a site that is to be very highly recommended to persons of insecure identity. After filling it out anybody may have an idea of who he/she is, which is the kind of help the person who recently impersonated my Google me on the Hasbara Buster may be in urgend need of.

    But as I have such a big reason to be happy today I just must share it with y’all:

    GertieBaby has upgraded me from “dear” to “dearest” which translated into German makes me “Liebste” and that is quite unambiguous. Therefore I may now assume with good reason that he dreams at night about being caressed by my alabaster limbs. I hope he doesn’t speak in his sleep because I guess Mrs. Meyers would be distraught if she’d find out what an expert caresser I am.

  129. Daniel Marks

    While Gert warns Silke not to post on his excellent blog lest her comments be deleted I am here to tell you that the old pantie delight’s bark is far worse than his bite.

    In fact, Gert has adopted an extremely enlightened and liberal policy and to the best of my knowledge has censored nothing.

    I believe that my postings on Gert’s blog account for about 20 its total (I may have posted recently half a dozen times) and I believe that everything was left on.

    Indeed, I believe Gert’s blog to be one of the most underrated of the net, few can cut and paste quite the way him, and recommend it to one and all.

  130. Dear Silke,

    Thank you for joining me in the battle against benefit fraud.

    Apologies for not responding to your “moniker” loss, but I only just found out what it meant.

    Put bluntly, and notwithstanding your honorable intentions, your poetry is simply not up to scratch.

    This modest little effort, entitled “Ode to the Resurrection of Nature in Spring” may help you to improve.

    Ode to the Resurrection of Nature in Spring

    Nazi transvestite Fraulein Gertrude
    Would get in an ill-tempered mood
    Because the Jews made it fashionable
    To compose the worst poetry imaginable
    That neither scanned nor rhymed well at all

    Penniless unemployed Gertrude
    Had nothing to eat but her fish food
    So she ate the whole tin
    Then developed a fin
    Now she swims and Sieg Heils in the nude

    The Jews they vilified Gertrude
    She wanted the lot of them sued
    Her last syllable they lost
    At no extra cost
    Because more rhymes with Gert than with Gertrude

    The demise of Sauerkraut Gert
    His comeuppance and just dessert
    It was never his wish
    To end his life as a fish
    A Gefilte in a black-shirt

  131. Nick
    what a genius you are!!!
    I’ll try to learn this by heart

    “Now she swims and Sieg Heils in the nude”

    the image has something truly glorious …

    as to my poetry I know it is still poor and beyond the pale but I am an absolute beginner, especially in English and you should laud me at least for my courage to come out of the closet with it and my willingness to learn from criticism – much different from Gert who is so squeamish when it comes to parade his ingenuinity except when it comes to writing straight lies.

    as to self-improvement, Google has left me quite alone and not explained to me whether bullocks are the stuff that you can see when you look straight down or is it another round part of one’s body, maybe one that males and females share? Sorry I can’t be more explicit, my inborn modesty prevents me from it.

  132. Daniel
    if you commented on Gert’s super-exclusive blog you must be in possession of a Google account.
    As per my experience, if I were you I’d keep a close eye on it from now on to realize as early as possible when somebody should have stolen/taken it over.

    Once you keep company in Gert’s field of “expertise” things like that become very likely events. Those who did it over at CiFWatch some time back were also without exception from the anti-Zio-yelping-puppy-brigade


    I’m not sure I’m the type to report benefit fraud. Mind you I’m not sure if it’s the equivalent but today after a few years of preparation I am launching of a major international court case. (launch? What is it a rocket?) People I know very well. Not pleasant but it must be done I’m afriad.

    Reporting benefit fraud reminds me of those lorries (that’s trucks to the Americanos) with the sticker on the back of “How is my driving” and a phone number. I have yet to do it but I hope one day to be able to call and compliment the company on their truck drivers impeccable safe driving and his commitment to staying within the speed limit. Such a rarity is surely worthy of a congratulatory phone call don’t you think?

    As part of furthering my education, I have now learnt the new insult courtesy of Mel Gibson, “Wetbacks”. This refers to those South Americans crossing the border into the USA and swimming to get there. What a pleasant chap he is.

    As for the word Bollocks, well like you Silke, my husband was not aware of what this meant here in the UK and thought it meant “poppycock” or “nonsense” which it kind of does mean (as well as this but is a much bluer version. We were invited to a lovely orthodox family for Friday night and he said loud and clearly “no that’s bollocks”. Like the many poems here that are not suited to the Friday table, neither is that word on a table full of young children. He was too far away to nudge and so repeated it again later in the evening. I nearly died. He now knows that there is a time and place for this word which is not at the Friday table nor at client meetings for that matter.

    I am pleased that others have come forward to confess that moniker is a new word to them too. I would like to think that if there was a king roaming around naked which is of course a common occurrence, I would be the first to scream “look he’s starkers and has eaten all the pies”.

    Silke is there anything you can reveal about yourself on here without compromising your safety and your moniker? You’ve been through enough with you moniker and I do not wish to cause further moniker trauma for you.

    I will start and pray no one steals my moniker.
    I am female. An apparently unusual feature about me as a woman is that my index finger is shorter than the finger next to my baby finger. I never noticed this until a man called Tom from Staines who was my weird Accountant many years ago pointed it out to me and told me that Margarat Thatcher and Madonna (Esther) have the same thing (and hopefully some more pleasant women too). I spent a couple of hours trying to find a picture of their hands flat enough to see if they have a shorter index finger but never managed to. Women with this unusual feature are apparently warrior women. This flattered my ego too much to look into whether this is a load of bollocks (note not bullocks) so I decided to believe this and to fake it until you make it. I did go through a period of looking at other womens hands and noted that indeed their index finger is usually longer than the one next to the baby finger or at least the same size, never shorter. Fascinating eh?

    My belief is further re-inforced as my lovely husband sings to me Eshet Hayil on Friday night about me ploughing the fields and waking up in the night to feed the household and various other women warrior duties I do.

    A scientific type guy said something about women with shorter index fingers having a slightly more testosterone thus causing this. I’m guessing though that too much testosterone in a woman may cause her to be a man or half a man (like that poor woman/man athlete who was disqualified from some athletic event for being a woman-man, how awful) so I’m pleased it only affected my hands and nothing else.

    One of my hobbies amongst many is liberating the anti-Semite by helping them to come out. I really feel for them sometimes as I know life would be much easier for them if they would just stop the facade and take a leaf out of Gibsons book.

    Richard do you need to read all this nonsense before you can allow a comment? Geez I’m sorry. This is one of the main reasons I don’t have a blog yet, who’s got time to filter crap about monikers, benefit fraud and short index fingers etc.

    I will try to stay on topic but cannot promise.

  134. NoNaziBoycott
    I just looked I have the same finger anomality as you do, I hope that it will not evolve into something serious as I get older
    btw I envy Margaret Thatcher for her hand bag wielding ability greatly
    – we women have such a hard time to propel a credible physical threat and that stunt of hers probably brought out the little boy in every unwieldy party member and thus kept them obedient for a while at least.

    As to me, I can tell you what I “reveal” at Fake Ibrahim’s blog: I am female, like you (hi sister!) I am a Pilar Rahola variety non-Jew and worst of all, I hold a German passport which seems to make Gert think of this woman and get slightly warm under the collar from it
    – never mind that she dates back to 1871 when we could still hope to become decent folks.

    BTW I am truly grateful to Richard for letting me have the fun I am having around here. You just can’t believe how soothing it is to fool around with guys and gals who know as their only reaction to some harmless bantering coming up with nailed boots and baseball bats – it makes it kind of dreary though it is good if one feels like upholstering the superiority complex.

    Thanks for the comprehensive bullocks/bollocks lesson – I have entered them into my little vocabulary booklet

  135. Without wishing to provide further ammunition to that Nick character . . .

    My heroic attempt not to contemplate all things Belgian, until Gertie and I finally get to share our much-anticipated 99 Flake on Bridlington beach later in the summer, are in tatters thanks to this story – about a Flemish bishop, aptly named “Roger” – in today’s New York Times:

    A poem, anyone?!

  136. Mr. MelchettMike,

    That is priceless poetry material and I have put my best men onto it. Watch this space.

    Bishop Roger Vangheluwe of Bruges bears an uncanny resemblance to your ice-cream buddy from Bridlington. He is even holding an iron bar in anticipation of your visit.

    You are making remarkable progress, but a word of friendly advice. Do not ask for poetry tips from Michael Goldman.

    This Baroque- inspired piece is called “Carnal Love to the Magical Sounds of the Madrigal” and it goes something like this:

    In the World Cup when England played the Hun
    With whom did Gert’s sympathies run?
    He would shout out “yavol”
    When the krauts scored a goal
    Four times yavol oh what fun.

    Their away kit, a brainless black shirt
    Which really quite suited young Gert
    Perhaps a bit harsh
    When he grew a moustache
    A transition he could not avert.

    “Jews are our misfortune” he blasted
    “I meant Zionists” he quickly contrasted
    A slip of the tongue
    But the sting had been stung
    The exposed unemployed Nazi bastard.

  137. melchett

    will you and Gertie really share one and the same cone?
    what an enticingly erotic image that evokes

    if yes, I wish you especially (Gertie not so much, because I hold a kind of grudge against him, as he will not allow me to comment on his blog) all the best so that from then on your partnership will fulfill your again only your wildest hopes.

  138. Nick
    now this is suspicious
    on that Benefit Abuse Form that I find so useful for self-re-establishing purposes they didn’t ask for moustaches at all

    do you have any knowledge of what kind of moustache Gertie sports? I ask because I have always been intrigued by reading about these in novels and now I find that there seem to be modern versions of them – does one take them off for breakfast, in case one is the coffee before the shower type?

    Sorry my poetic nerve feels a bit dry right now, but I’ll try again that’s a promise, only practice my lead to mastery.

    As you seem to know Gert so well, do you know his feelings about these guys:

    Vlaams National Verbond

    to know about that might be helpful in all kinds of ways for example whether his attitude towards Zionists is just due to a family tradition and as such to be respected because anything else might irreparably damage his identity.

  139. Bridlington’s finest will, naturally, be free to indulge in my crumbly, flakey chocolate stick (tasting like chocolate never tasted before) and, then, to lap up any sticky, creamy stuff that drips under the East Yorkshire sun.

    Got those juices running there, Silke?!

    Anyway, when Mrs. Gert has finished, we will invite the cuckold to wipe up the mess.

  140. Oh yeah Melchett and thanks for that
    you made me remember that I haven’t watched that chicken eating scene in Tom Jones for quite a while


    Awaiting moderation test.

    Testing 1 2 3.

  142. NoNaziBoycott
    maybe you got too much for Gertie and he has filed a complaint – he tends to get very upset whenever two people start talking to eachother in a mutually respectful way which is probably something that never happened to him
    one must feel for him otherwise one might loose one’s bleeding heart credentials

  143. richardmillett



    Admittedly I had never heard of Pilar Rahola until you posted that! What a wonderful woman. I know of Nick Cohen though. I had the book What’s Left but left it somewhere after reading the first chapter so now nothing is left. It’s on my “to buy again” list though. I rather enjoy my face to face debates with those Hamas defending leftists so this book should help sharpen my sword* (*This is metaphorical, I might be a warrior woman, but I do not carry a sword so cyber police, chill out)

    Yes, whether you like Thatcher or not she was a tour de force of a woman as was Golda. No one ever carried their handbags quite like these two. Jackie Kennedy wishes she could.

    Your index finger also being shorter is quite remarkable. You are also a warrior woman! I bet you would also be the first to tell the king he has no clothes on. Our assertiveness might not always make us popular but at least we make sure everyone always have their clothes on in public. I also hope it doesn’t cause serious problems later in life. I reckon though if we haven’t started spouting beards and waking up with a suspect deep voice by now, we should be fine 😉

    I tend to find our non Jewish active or passive supporters rather wonderful.

    We have a (practising) Christian friend who is very active in defending Israel. He has just got off the phone to me now very excited as he has been calling all Methodist churches in his area all week to challenge them on their biased report and ruling which calls for a boycott. Suffice to say most of them can’t answer some very simple questions put to them about their resaons for the boycott. He stumbled today upon a Minister in the Methodist church very opposed to the boycott and willing to speak out! Hurrah! He did this by sitting at home and calling them from his landline phone. Wow, what a great human.

    There’s nothing wrong with having a German passport. I hear they have very good healthcare over there? I was suitably impressed on a visit to the Dead Sea a few years back where there was (and still is)a high concentration of German tourists. On speaking to one they told us that they have skin problems and the German government pays for them to visit the Dead Sea as it’s great for healing their skin. I found this to be most generous and wondered if Germans with healthy skin, sometimes wished they had unhealthy skin so they could get a free trip to the holy land.

    I was very disturbed by that NYT article posted here earlier. Roger Vangheluwe, the Bruges bishop should have his bollocks and bullocks cut off. Do you think the Catholic church is fairly represented in the media? I actually do not know. Is the sexual abuse of children really more prevalent within the Catholic Church than other religions/institutions? Forgive me for being a little over-sensitive but being unfairly and grossly demonised does happen so I try to keep an open mind. I wonder if this is quantifiable against other such institutions to get some perspective.

    As for this happening in Belgium? Hmmmm..maybe that’s something else. Joking aside, it seems to be a prevalent problem over there. There must be an explanation for it but sleep must now come before research.

  145. It is high time we all heeded to Richard’s heartfelt appeal, if not out of respect for the unemployed gentleman in question, then at least in the interest of preserving the good name of poetry.

  146. Daniel Marks

    Maybe we could talk about the industrial development of the Gaza Strip.


      The Gazans who are governed by Hamas, as part of their industrial development program smashed up the greenhouses in Gush Katif left by the Zionists.

      This stage of the development was imperative to ensure that the vegetation in these greenhouses that yielded such edible treats, were removed and destroyed as they were injected with poison from secret underground pipes based at the Kiriya in Tel Aviv.

      It is well documented that the Zionists can grow a blue plum the size of a watermelon that when eaten causes men to become impotent and various other deadly symptoms

      Mr Arafat has twice been a victim of the Zionist fruits. He was fed at birth an orange of ugliness and then the apple of death just before he died.

      The next stage of the industrial development program in Gaza will be to stop all aid flowing in to Gaza as it is all contaminated poisonous crap anyway. It is also believed to be part of the Zionists plot or conspiracy if you like, is to dump so much aid on them, that their movement is restricted to pigeon steps between aid bundles. This will then leave no space for rocket launch areas.

  147. oh what an interesting discussion you are having here – I am bursting with stuff to say but I just have to keep watching that blasted Amalthea ship – right now it is 9 km vom Al Arish and looks like it is headed there
    when watching things like that happening I envy the religious who have at least the option spending the time praying while all I can do is twiddle my thumbs and keep the coffein level at max


    Over on Facebook Silke, we are trying to come up with oxymoron’s to beat “Libyan Humanitarian Aid”. One of the best so far is “Microsoft Works” but none yet even come close to it.

    Some rumours of engine failure today have sparked a few on a FB thread to reminisce about the phenomena of poetic justice or indeed some even say arguments to put to Richard “if-you-believe-in-G-d-you-are-deluded” Dawkins about the existence of G-d.

    Here’s one.

    Many years ago (pre 9/11 even) some Al Qaeda terrorists tried to take a small boat out to sea to blow up a big American military ship. They put too many explosives in their little boat and sank.
    (it won’t bloody lean on its side so just imagine it is)

    Here’s my little ditty of contribution to crimes against poetry.

    There was a boat full of shahids
    Pretending to care for others needs,
    But they set off their bomb
    Early cos they’re dumb
    Which blew them sky high in G-dspeed

    (Mr Goldman you can feel free to add an exclamation mark at the end)


    As for this happening in Belgium? Hmmmm..maybe that’s something else. Joking aside, it seems to be a prevalent problem over there. There must be an explanation for it but sleep must now come before research.

    Perhaps you’ve now woken up and actually done some research?

    The idea, based on the horrific case of one criminal (Marc Dutroux), that pedophilia is somehow more prevalent in one country than the next is risible to say the least. It goes to show just how evidence based your thinking is (not).

    A bit like Nick K who based on zero, nada, zilch evidence or information keeps spouting the same canard about my alleged unemployment. For this Daniel Marks considers Nick ‘a great analytical mind’ (or words to that effect). Perhaps the two should get a room…

    As regard my status of employment/unemployment, considering the degree of obsessiveness this non-topic has received here I can only conclude what the enlightened gentry here must think of the unemployed…


    Gert as a gold member of the Zionist Conspiricy movement I am proud to announce that there is plenty of statistical fact based, quantifiable evidence out there to demonstrate that Israel is grossly unfairly misrepresented by the media and other bodies (and even by no-bodies in Bridlington).

    Have you looked at any of the evidence Gert? Do they interest you or bore you? Facts that is.
    Do you agree with this fact or do you disagree with this fact that Israel is largely demonised, misrepresented and obsessed about?

    I, unlike you with Israel, have nothing personal against Belgium nor The Catholic church and would be very happy to be presented with evidence and facts to show Belgium is no worse than any other country with kiddy fiddling. Can you direct me one of the many reputable websites that there must be out there to the stats and evidence comparing Belgium with other countries? I will take a look.

    I am willing to confess that I thought this monster was a Belgian but can see now he is indeed hails from Hitlers place of origin, Austria, Phew and I’m sorry about that. It’s the bloody medias fault.

    This to me looks merely like a group effort of rubbing the puppy’s nose in the poopoo so he learns that we have better things to do than cleaning up after him and his mess. If his nose is rubbed in it and he sees how unpleasant it is to spout shit around so carelessly then maybe he will be more careful and considerate about the poopoo on the carpet.

    It’s not nice is it Gert when facts are distorted about ones country of origin. Yes yes, even if we are in the era of post nation-states where the world is supposedly flat. Still gets under the skin though doesn’t it 😉

    As for your employment status I couldn’t care less but wish you the best of luck if you are job hunting because it’s tough out there right now.

  151. Daniel Marks

    Truthfully, I also think that this page should be more devoted to a discussion of the question as to why Palestinians first destroy children’s summer camps and then blame Israel and less whether Gert is gainfully employed or otherwise.

    I suppose I should be angry that Gert has determined that because I said that Kopaloff has a great analytical mind (he did beat me 2-1 in 3-minute chess before the Spain-Holland fiasco) we should “get a room”, but frankly, who gives a damn?

    I’m still interested to know what the devil happened to that page that was supposed to refute my “hasbara” on Gert’s blog. Could my views have been too logical that Gert prefered to just go back to his old cutting and pasting ways? Who knows?

    Either way I too add my voice to that of our eloquent author in calling for a respite from personal attacks. They were fun while the lasted, but the time has come to return to hard cold reasoning. It is in that arena alone, that the Juice-hater is exposed for all his ignorance and filth.

    Great week,



    Here you go Gert, let’s get the ball rolling with this.

    Enough facts and figures here to make your head spin and send you to sleep.

    Comments appreciated

    Looking foward to your reciprocation.


    I, unlike you with Israel, have nothing personal against Belgium nor The Catholic church and would be very happy to be presented with evidence and facts to show Belgium is no worse than any other country with kiddy fiddling.

    The onus isn’t on me to prove a negative. Any presumption that a country (or any other group for that matter) is more (or less) afflicted than any country by pedophilia on the basis of one case is just that: ridiculous presumption.

    It’s not nice is it Gert when facts are distorted about ones country of origin.

    Is this what it’s about, NNB? That it’s ‘not nice’? The fact regarding the IDF shooting at Palestinian farmers and their ISM chaperones, as reported on Al Jazeera are a distortion, are they?

    Patriotism really is the last refuge of a scoundrel…


    I’m still interested to know what the devil happened to that page that was supposed to refute my “hasbara” on Gert’s blog. Could my views have been too logical that Gert prefered to just go back to his old cutting and pasting ways? Who knows?

    Firstly, as I WROTE to you very clearly, I would have published your text mostly UNREFUTED.

    As it so happens, your ‘personal political manifesto’ is far less interesting than you think it is. At best it’s a ‘human interest story’: the views of a Zionist settler from Ma’ale Adumim, nothing more.

    What’s in fact utterly boring about it is that it simply advocates continuation of the status quo. An alleged ‘religious war’ that without outside counter-pressure Israel cannot really lose and will indeed lead to Palestine becoming wiped off the map and as the victors always write the history books, also written out of history.

    There is nothing in what you write that is particularly original or constructive: for all it’s politeness and faux-civility it advocates slow but certain ethnic cleansing in the name of G-d. As far as credos go, that’s seriously depressing and further confirmation that there’s a slice of Israelis who are only interested in a Palestinian free ‘peace’.

    And all, dear G-d, in your name…

  154. the Amathea is shown as anchoring at El Arish
    Google news has nothing new to say on the ship
    let’s hope that sanity for once prevailed

  155. Daniel Marks


    I have no intention of disclosing off-blog correspondence, but suffice it to say:

    1. You approached me asking me to write for you blog.

    2. You have often published Zionist opinions that you disagree with when you thought it would further your agenda of making Israel look bad. Your implication that you are not publishing becauseyou don’t accept my views is laughable. It’s also diametrically opposed to what you said two weeks ago.

    3. Why not be honest and say that you don’t wish to provide a platform for someone whose views you are unable to deal with?

    4. More than a month ago you challenged me to write my solution and offered to publish it on your blog. I have no problem with Anti-Semites, but many with Anti-Semites whose word is worth nothing.

  156. NoNaziBoycott
    amid all the worry of today that yet again the health and well-being of brave young folks might be in danger I am glad to report that I have learned a new word.

    The plural of it is
    and my first attempt to google it has revealed that it may be applied to all people not fit for polite company starting with mad BMW-drivers who habitually make you fear imminent death on our Autobahns.

    I haven’t found out as yet whether it is used in the singular also, which would be Moguffe.

    as a pronounciation help for English speakers I’d suggest Mogouffe, a spelling which is as yet unknown to Google which suggests instead a Belgian political theorist by the name of Mouffe.

  157. Daniel Marks

    Daniel and Gert,

    First you Daniel. You hint that you have emails in which Gert asked you to write for his blog. Why don’t you publish them?

    Now you Gert. You know that I have had a lot of respect for you, even though I don’t see eye to eye with all your views. If what Daniel says is true, I’ve just lost a lot of that respect. If it isn’t, Daniel Marks is a total tosser (if you’ll pardon my French).

    You both need to put up or shut up.

    • Daniel Marks at 6:31

      is that a genuine Daniel or another case of stolen moniker?

    • Let him publish the emails. I couldn’t care less.

      Yes, I suggested to publish his text on my blog, later I changed my mind. Big deal!

  158. As regards media.causes, it’s really funny. It’s the kind of defense no lawyer would ever dare come up with: “Yes, your Honour, my client killed the victim, he a real badass but at least he’s not as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer!”

    Regarding the siege:

    The international community recently claimed the Israeli government was not supplying the Gazan population with aid.

    The IC has never claimed anything of the sort. A few overzealous blogger maybe,but the IC, no.

    Legitimate criticisms of the siege include:

    1. Not enough aid gets through compared to needs,
    2. No reconstruction is possible without the restricted building materials,
    3. It’s not achieving anything.

    What most Zios seem to forget is that siege’s purpose isn’t just to keep weapons out, the other purpose is to impose on Gaza an economic blockade designed to try and make Gazans turn on the Hamas leadership.

    So, lemmesee, Israel imposes a crippling siege on Gaza with the stated goal above. It doesn’t work but it does cause hardship. Some people protest. Israeli apologists, who were in favour of the economic blockade to begin with, now start playing down the effects it has on Gaza. Enough to get a pointed head from all this twisting and turning, don’t you think?

  159. NoNaziBoycott

    thanks for the invitation to join the oxymoron competition but whenever I have a specific reason to fear for IDF-lers my brain kind of dries up, so the best I can propose is:
    Ghadafi, housemaid’s preferred employer

    Much to my amazement though I have found that Gert has a reasonable complaint. In that famous interview he never said he was unemployed, he said he was “between jobs” and that was already in March 2009. Nothing seems to be known whether he has in the meantime become a Director again. No matter what, one must remain a stickler for truths and not distorts quotes.

    BTW your little ditty about shahids and boats reminded me of the first line of Heine’s famous Loreley-song: Ich weiß nicht was soll es bedeuten (I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean) which sadly ends also with a boat going under. Other than that your offering is of course greatly superior, no hair-combing maidens or any such digressions from stark reality.

    Also on paedophilia Gert is right because according to German bishops most of it takes place within the family. The rest of such transgressions are rare incidents and thus better not over-emphasized.

    As to your maligning of Fritzl I must protest. To the best of my knowledge he doesn’t quite qualify. His “fiddling” his daughter started when she was 18 or close to 18, so too old to qualify no matter how beastly his behaviour was (my apologies to all beasts) and I have as yet read nothing that he “fiddled” her kids.

    If you had answered to an impressive statistic like yours on Food Aid like Gert did, he would have complained that you changed the subject. But I am highly impressed by his elaborate language. I had to read it twice and aloud and I still don’t quite get it the relevance to your comment, but I’ll keep trying. As you like statistics my current favourite is this one:

    Click to access reg-ref%282%29.pdf

    I especially liked the figure of 1950 when things looked as if they would head for a more common development as is said to happen with other refugee populations. Did you know that a lot of this flourishing is apparently paid for with European money

    Ending the West’s Proxy War Against Israel

    I must warn you though. To the best of my knowledge Gunnar Heinsohn is a non-Israel-hating-Jew.

    As you have proved to be such an inspiring language teacher and have been in general so encouraging to me in the past I dare to ask you an etiquette question. As a non-Jew I am used to typing God i.e. with the vowel included or is that offensive to Jews? There is no way I want Gert to be superior to me in the realm of decent behaviour. Hitherto I had always guessed that typing it G-d is reserved for Jews. Thanks!

  160. Daniel:

    3. Why not be honest and say that you don’t wish to provide a platform for someone whose views you are unable to deal with?

    For someone who really isn’t that smart at all you have a really high opinion of yourself.

    Not having published your text is doing you a favour in some respects: publishing it would have shown you for what you are; Zionist banality incarnate.

    And what you presence here has shown you also as: a petty pattern seeker, ‘guilt/merit by association’ sums up most of your MO. A real groupthinker…

  161. Daniel

    I am very impressed by your denial to disclose off-blog correspondence. Mr. Knightley would very much approve of you.
    Is there then no way I get a chance to read “the views of a Zionist settler from Ma’ale Adumim”?
    This leaves me bereft as I am a stickler for “human interest stories” (ah the eternal female, they just can’t help themselves). Also after you had mentioned Ma’ale Adumim once before I had a look at pictures of it which makes me even more curious. Is there no way I can persuade you to dit the story for publication here or elsewhere, after all if you are the author it is your sole intellectual property unless of course somebody has stolen it and you are currently fighting for re-possession.

    As you have probably guessed by now I am a great admirer of your teachings on poetry and language which makes me feel even more deprived. Great pieces of writing are such a rarety.
    As Gert has as yet not banned people who have no Google-account any longer from reading his blog, I would even have overcome my aversion and read it at his place.

    I just got Gert’s latest in the mail – he certainly doesn’t heed our host’s wishes and there I thought the reprimand had maybe been due to a complaint by Gert to the authorities. How wrong one may be! Again a lesson in never ever jumping to conclusions which I must urgently imbibe. Mr. Knightley would be quite cross with me because of that.

  162. I’ve just found this – for once an ill fate that Israel is going to be spared ;-((

    Not Crushed, Merely Ignored
    Tariq Ali on the recent killings in Kashmir
    A Kashmiri lawyer rang me last week in an agitated state. Had I heard labout the latest tragedies in Kashmir? I had not. He was stunned. So was I when he told me in detail what had been taking place there over the last three weeks. As far as I could see, none of the British daily papers or TV news bulletins had covered the story; after I met him I rescued two emails from Kashmir informing me of the horrors from my spam box. I was truly shamed. The next day I scoured the press again. Nothing.

  163. Daniel Marks

    I will not reveal off-blog correspondence unless the scoundrel expressly permits me to do so or denies any of the facts that I’ve stated. So far he is being careful not to do, he has good reasons.

    However, the following comment of Gert was published on this excellent blog and is thus a matter of public knowledge:

    ” You want to turn that into a ‘manifesto’? Fine. You can also do it at mine, if you prefer. It’s up to you…” – Gert

    As far as Gert’s claim that he is doing me “a favor” I say that he is not just a bounder but a cowardly, lying bounder too and that is much worse! It’s also ironic that for all is fear of Mike’s supposed threats, he fears the truth far more.

    Gert, What are you afraid of, you rascal? You can run, but you can’t hide.

  164. Daniel
    I support the notion that Gert is lying in this comment, exactly how and why I explain in my comment right beneath the one which contains his lie.

  165. Daniel:

    As indicated above: feel free to publish these emails (and demonstrate Your Pettiness in action into the bargain).

    Yes, I offered to publish you screed and later changed my mind. Where’s the crime? Nothing lost, nothing gained…

    The world’s got enough to yawn about without having to read your depressing credo.

  166. Daniel
    don’t let your spirits get subdued by Gert
    You are one of the really great teachers of English I have ever come across but Gert is a disciple of Fake Ibrahim and thus bound to be ignorant of distinguishes a true master
    just read this and see the sinister influences the poor man is subjecting himself to

    “I find certain subtle distinctions missing in English”


    Gert your typical line of defence when facts are put to you reminds me of a joke Omid Dijalili told recently:

    Son: Dad can I have 50p?
    Father: 30p? What do you want 20p for? I haven’t got 10p.
    (This was his token Jewish Joke)

    You are not a straight shooter. (Although I do recall you would like to shoot Khaled Abu Toma straight between the eyes) You water it down until it’s over-diluted but you’re not even sophisticated with your methodology. I send you a snippet of some wonderful facts, figures, graphics that are easy on the eye and statistics demonstrating my hypothesis on distortion and all you can come back with is a mumbling about Al Jazeera shooting farmers and ISM rent-a-cause-wannabe-pancakes standing next to farmers hoping to be flattened or shot.

    What has that got to do with anything I sent you?
    Do facts and figures make you nervous? And the truth?

    What do you prefer; dealing with the poetic delights of this lot and moaning about being a straw man or dealing with hard cold facts? It’s a tough one I know.

    Looks like I was wrong on both counts of that monstrosity Fritzl. Wikipedia showed me my vague notion that he is from Belgium was incorrect (I did apologise to you for that as I have manners) and he’s from Austria and the lovely Silke has informed me he only fiddled with non children.
    So I stand corrected.

    Being presented with these facts leads me to ponder on why are there more jokes about paedophilia in Belgium than other countries. I still blame the media. I am not hell bent on continuing to believe that Fritzl is the king of Belgium and that he molestered those under 18.

    Facts and figures do not scare me Gert. In fact I rather like them. As a woman sometimes they further excite me as I can make pretty flow charts and graphs with many colours with facts and figures as my guide.

    I also don’t mind being corrected. After all, if you do not have an agenda, what’s wrong with being corrected here and there?

    What do you think it is about truth and facts about Israel that get you in a cold sweat?
    This phobia of yours could be deemed to be Moguffen behaviour by some or another might even say Moguffe.

    I admit if you find a website proving that the womens’ shorter index finger thing is poppycock and does not mean that I am warrior woman I might find it slightly harder to swallow but I will get over it. To be honest I would prefer it if you didn’t send me such a link as thinking that I am special suits me fine.

    That aside Gert can you tell me how to do italics on this blog? You do them very well so well done for cracking the italics code.

    Silke you know how when you tried a little poem and you had to wait anxiously with the fear that Daniel Marks might scold you? Well that’s how I feel now about explaining to you about the etiquette of typing G-d in the presence of Daniel Marks. If he is not a Rabbi by now, he should be.

    Just hold on a sec while I do a hand-over:
    Daniel could you please explain to Silke about this. Thank you.

    I am very impressed Silke with your concern for the IDF soldiers.
    Anyway I would like to help you outdo Gert with throwing in little gems like using the word “Hasbara” mid sentence.
    “Am Yisrael Chai” is a good one but quite emotionally loaded too. If Gert ever used it I think it might be said in a regretful way rather than in a celebratory one. The chai is pronounced hai. I do apologise if you are a scholar in the Hebrew language.

    I have more to say but there is a coffee flavoured éclair in the kitchen waiting for me for over an hour now and I am salivating over it now.

  168. NoNaziBoycott

    thank you for your kind and nourishing words
    I am no scholar of Hebrew and never could become one being a total failure at learning foreign letterings.
    I once spoke Greek well enough to be taken for a Greek by Greeks during a day long conversation but I never managed to decipher the writings beyond the capital letters. So Hebrew scares the living daylights out of me. I guess I could master the language quite easily if I lived there for any length of time and found somebody who made learning it easy which as the French claim is “sur l’oreiller” (on the pillow) and which means for a person less frivolous than a Marianne picking it up via conversations with one person only during accomodation phase. It’s truly lovely to my ear!

    Until recently Shimon Stein was ambassador to Germany who had an accent and a voice which made listening to him one of the great audio delights podcasts have to offer. His special style of berating us for misconceptions was so charming that I could never get enough of listening to him. What a gentleman!

    Your wish for me to include Hasbara every now and then has made me look it up for the first time: Wikipedia says it is “explanation” or is kind of “public diplomacy” so I’ll try to give it a try.

    My doings over at the loathsome Hasbara Buster where I focus on busting Fake Ibrahim’s and his yelping puppy brigade (one of whom is as you may have guessed Gert) high-falluting slandering has hitherto made me stay away from the word. I now know thanks to you, my warrior sister’s language lessons, this is unjustifiable. I’ll mend my ways with the next suitable sentence.

    Yam Yisrael Chai which Google tells me is The Eternal Nation is a lot easier for me to remember because that’s what I wish for with all my German and human heart alike.

    so as it is now time to hit l’oreiller I conclude with a heartfelt Yam Yisrael Chai

    it seems the Amalthea is still behaving well, so I may rest and dream of nice things tonight (I am really glad that the captain prevailed, so one of my convictions i.e. that a captain is the sovereign on his ship has held up against the Lybian dictator’s demands)

  169. Gert,

    Charges of “Dirty Nazi Bastard” have been accepted with the cavalier nonchalance of a goose-stepping storm trooper, but what really gets your goat are suspicions of “unemployment.”

    You can swallow the surreal image of transvestite Gertrude’s metamorphosis into a fish as she swims and Sig Heils in the nude, with piscine compliance, but allegations of “in-between jobs” is pushing the boundaries too far.

    In a heated and voluminous debate on a leading corresponding blog some time ago, I was seen as the champion of Palestinian civil rights.

    As a result, an unsavory fanatic sent me a series of death threats not dissimilar to the vile one you issued to Khaled Abu Tomeah for which you should be tried and prosecuted.
    I enjoyed arch-nemesis status from that said fanatic, as I do now from you.

    The standoff was resolved just prior to imminent police intervention and the threat of malicious software bringing down the entire site.

    But I was not a lone wolf out there in that sea of hostility. The beacon of universal and inalienable rights was also held high by the likes of Mike Melchett and Daniel Marks. Yet modesty would prevent them from blowing their own trumpet of benevolence.

    But alongside our Voltairian advocacy for human rights, we believe that Jews warrant their own viable homeland like other nations of the world, a belief to which, with your self-professed anti-Zionist agenda, you have singularly dedicated your life, to selectively oppose.

    Either way Gert, I find you as repugnant as your views.
    Not for a single second do I believe that you genuinely care an iota about the suffering of Palestinian children any more than you care about civil unrest and human rights violations in Iran or in Kyrgystan. Your superficial concern is no more than a cathartic release for your in-bred hatred of a group of people I had better not name, but who seem to make very good doctors and lawyers.

    In the interest of honest debate, from which you diverged long ago, I am still itching to know the other “colossal mistake nations” to which you have made repeated reference but have failed to deliver even a hint of one other single country.

    Have you singled out Israel for posterity as your one and only “colossal mistake nation?”

    Once again you have backed off when challenged – as you did when you said you would give Daniel a feature on your blog.

    As one arthritic cripple coolly said, “you are a rogue, a liar and a cheat.”

    You are indeed an unemployed man of ill-repute.

  170. Daniel Marks

    It is no secret that there is a great deal of support today by many European Anti-Semites for the Palestinian cause. Ironically it often seems that more of Israel’s attentions seemed to be focused on persuading the Anti-Semite to love us, than on solving a very real problem.

    As I have already said, one day peace will come, maybe by negotiations maybe by war – I don’t know. At that point the Anti-Semite will have no choice but to move on and find a new reason to demonize the Jew. Maybe a blood libel, maybe an international bankers plot, maybe we’re parasites, maybe we’re Communists, maybe we’re reactionaries, maybe we’re warmongers, maybe we’re pacifists or anarchists. Leave it to them, they’ll think of something.

    All that having been said it was often hard for me to understand why Gert adopted the Palestinian cause. He’s never been anywhere near the Middle-East, thinks that Jaffa is in the West Bank and has never heard of French Hill. What did Gert find to hitch his wagon to the Palestinian struggle?

    Gert certainly doesn’t behave like a Palestinian. The overwhelming majority of Palestinian Arabs are hard working men who get up in the morning and go to work to support their families.

    Nor does he have their bravery or guts. I condemn their goals but who can conceal a sneaking admiration for a nation whose sons will literally blow themselves up for a cause in which they believe. It’s barbaric and when they send their children to do it, it’s downright cruel but they are no cowards. Gert is still hiding from his own shadow at the thought of Mike dropping round for an ice-cream and threatening to sneak to WordPress like a third grade school girl.

    The Palestinian people are neither lazy nor cowards, so what does Gert find with which to identify?

    At last he gave it away yesterday!

    “Yes, I offered to publish you screed and later changed my mind. Where’s the crime? Nothing lost, nothing gained…”

    Gert is not a man of his word and it is because of that, not his idleness or cowardice that he is no man at all. He does not see any particular reason after agreeing on something not to “change his mind”.

    Arafat signs a deal agreeing to desist from terrorism and repeal clauses of the Palestinian National Covenant that relate to Israel’s destruction, but then to paraphrase:

    “Yes, I agreed to stop being a terrorist and later changed my mind. Where’s the crime? Nothing lost, nothing gained…”

    Where’s the crime Gert? That is what being a man is all about. If your word means nothing, then he lacks in integrity and he is not to be believed and not to be trusted.

    If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters. ~Alan Simpson

  171. Daniel

    what Alan Simpson calls integrity, Churchill called honour “This guide is honour.” (The Gathering Storm)
    The old-fashioned choice of word appeals to me
    and I think we should use it again, give it back or uphold its meaning against usurpation by criminals.

    As to Gert:
    Again I must put in a good word for him: Yesterday I read a piece on how facts backfire

    It seems he simply has fallen victim to this apparently most common human predicament i.e. he is a majoritarian (is it permissible to use the word with the meaning I intend- Gert being Gert I don’t want to hurt his feelings by saying he is a with-the-crowd-runner)

    “Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.”

    If I got the article right, then this awkwarditity *)
    of the little grey cells is especially prevalent in “politically sophisticated thinkers”.
    (I coined it, I googled it and alas it already exists – is there no way one can ever better already existing English?)

    By his own judgment, by the judgment of the other members of the yelping puppy brigade commenters at the Hasbara Buster as well as by the fraudster of a host of that blog, Gert qualifies as being one of the “politically sophisticated thinkers”.

    This fact is supported by his prefering elaborate at first reading highly intimidating sounding sentences – while at the same time avoiding to try his keyboard at poetry or supplying promised lists of course – the latter is a given, any true purveyor of universally acknowledged truths (Jane pls forgive me for canabalizing this deity of a sentence) would never bow to such pedestrian demands.

    For me there remains the question whether Gert is more of a “TiefStapler” (deep piler) or a “HochStapler” (high piler), which is a confidence trickster who does it for example by claiming descendance from the Dalai Lama or similarly august persons.
    Unfortunately “Director” as he calls himself in his profile does tell us almost nothing, even Director between jobs is better at image evoking than plain “Director”.
    So why did he chose Director? Because he wanted to make himself resemble his dreams of himself at least in a Google Profile?
    If that is so then what he needs to enable him to do some mind changing despite his being a “politically sophisticated thinker” is tender nurturing care not reprimands.

    I think Mike’s offer to share an ice cream cone points in the right direction.

  172. Daniel
    To your list of possible demonizations of Jews I’d like to add that one may do so also for him/her being poor (I’ve just been through the first chapter of which reminded me that dislike of the poor fed into the madness in fin de siècle/pre WW1 Vienna) i.e. whatever suits the occasion the demonizer will pick it

    Meyers Kleines Lexikon tells me in its edition from just before 1933 amongst other things that Jews have flat feet and red hair – I think even that might be a suitable basis from which members of salivating wolf packs might suck “honey”.

  173. NNB:

    I also don’t mind being corrected. After all, if you do not have an agenda, what’s wrong with being corrected here and there?

    You on the other hand have no agenda at all, see for instance:

    and ISM rent-a-cause-wannabe-pancakes standing next to farmers hoping to be flattened or shot.

    The ‘Righteous’ really have no problems even defiling the dead when it suits them. Wonderful reference to Rachel ‘pancake’ Corrie there: you guys are wonderful.

    Regards italics, say you wanted to italicise silly NEONAZIBOYCOTTS. Enclose silly NEONAZIBOYCOTTS between (i) and (/i), so it becomes (i)silly NEONAZIBOYCOTTS(/i). Now you need the replace the round parentheses ( and ) by the angular ones (the characters for ‘smaller than’ and ‘greater than’). In the browser it then looks like silly NEONAZIBOYCOTTS. You can use the same HTML syntax for bold: replace i with b: silly NEONAZIBOYCOTTS.

  174. Nick K:

    Charges of “Dirty Nazi Bastard” have been accepted with the cavalier nonchalance of a goose-stepping storm trooper, but what really gets your goat are suspicions of “unemployment.”

    Nick K, great analyst, with a very clean arse licked daily by Daniel M, manages to miss the point rather spectacularly.

    Listen you moron, what you think of me rather leaves me stone cold. What I’d like to know is how do you feel about the unemployed? Since as the question of my employ/unemployment seems to be so dear to your heart, I’d imagine that you have problems with the unemployed? Why?

  175. Daniel Marks:

    And still he blathers on and on and on and on… And about employment too of course.

    Regards the matter of Mike Melchett, that has been settled in ways you can only imagine…

    Nor does he have their bravery or guts. I condemn their goals but who can conceal a sneaking admiration for a nation whose sons will literally blow themselves up for a cause in which they believe. It’s barbaric and when they send their children to do it, it’s downright cruel but they are no cowards.

    When was the last suicide bombing, numpty? And how many were children? Are you aware that in Israel some parents teach their children to downright hate the ‘Arabim’? That in Hebron little orthodox Jewish kids have been found pelting Arab women with garbage?

    The real coward of course is you: from the comfort of Ma’ale Adumin, a settlement that come hell or high water will always be part of Israel, you preach a religious war in which you’ll never have to lift a finger because the IDF will do it for you. Settler: ‘G-d gave us the land’. Me: ‘No, the IDF gave you the land’.

  176. thanks Gert for the free formatting lesson
    – I always guessed that you were a geek
    – whether you are also a good explainer I will find out when I first try to make use of it (all my teachers always liked me for being an excellent pupil – so watch out whether you did a good job)

    as to poor Rachel Corrie I seem to remember that she thought it wise to march towards advancing heavy machinery, without caring whether she could be seen, in a more urban environment with no farmers nearby – I believe that to be true because I have as yet to meet one farmer who doesn’t keep one with yells and physical force from ever crossing the path of heavy farm machinery while the same is transporting a hay ball or even nothing without making sure the driver has become aware. Of course one can’t expect the same amount of basic knowledge from city dwellers.

    Gert other than that I really object to your language. Our host Richard has asked us in no uncertain terms to no more personal attacks on ANYONE and even though I have by now repeatedly come to your defense and even corrected those whose offerings I admire so much you insist on ever shriller stuff
    – are there no more fit for polite company words in the English language for what you want to say?

    oh and your trying to derive from you having described yourself in March 2009 as “between jobs” which deplorably has been misunderstood by some around here that any of us has a non-PC attitude towards the unemployed is what you elsewhere fight against as deliberately and malevolently missing the point.

  177. how about this sequel

    Settler: God gave Israelis the IDF

    as usual Gert’s logic is terribly faulty

    Daniel, correct me, if I am wrong, but I have hitherto assumed that “settlers” do “it” every now and then without minding their Knaus-Ogino and thus have children and that the children grow up and then do their military service.

    so how can Gert accuse you whom he seems to consider his personal figurehead for a typical settler of considering the IDF your humble servant. I thought the IDF was all of you i.e. sovereign Israel’s citizens’ national army or whatever correct parlance would be.

    Maybe the US should start a re-education effort for the Gerts of this world, it seems not to have had much of a lasting effect on us but if they’d be willing to learn from their shortcomings then they might do better in a new round than anybody else could

  178. Gert
    since you are such a geek:
    how does WordPress feel about outright filth?

    “I’d be careful with that because I’m not sure how WordPress would feel about it.”

  179. Silke:

    – I always guessed that you were a geek

    For once you’re right. Total geek and proud of it too…

    Gert other than that I really object to your language.

    You’re a total hypocrite. And a wind vane. Not to mention airhead.

    I thought the IDF was all of you i.e. sovereign Israel’s citizens’ national army or whatever correct parlance would be.

    I hope you’re aware that that’s an argument that Hamas et al have used in the past to justify killing Israeli civilians: in that rationale there are no civilians, only soldiers in between tours of duty, on leave, reservist etc etc. Push the envelope and even children would become legitimate targets as future soldiers. I hasten to add none of that is supported by moi.

  180. Daniel Marks

    “…Ma’ale Adumin, a settlement that come hell or high water will always be part of Israel” –

    You’re beginning to sound like a bit of a fanatic yourself, you scalawag. Better make sure your mate Gamil doesn’t hear you spouting those messianic thoughts. I seem to recall you being even more scared of him than you are of Mike.

    Now in the posting, that you asked me to write but then chickened out of publishing, you scoundrel, I did not declare a religious war.

    Either you understood that and are intentionally distorting my words, or you are incapable of understanding 4th grade English.

    Let’s give it another go Gert. This is what I wrote. I’ll add a few reading comprehension questions at the end:

    Our greatest commentator Rashi begins his monumental interpretation of the Torah by quoting a certain Rabbi Isaac who asks why the text should begin with the creation of the world. On the face of it this may seem like a strange question, but it’s important to remember that the Torah is not a story book or history book. It is, in the words of Isaac Heschel a book that seeks to answer the fundamental question, “What does God want from us?”

    Furthermore, us, namely the Jewish people began their national existence many years later on leaving Egypt. There were no Jews in the world when God created it, so why does he have to tell us this story?

    Rabbi Isaac answers, “The power of His works he has declared to His people in giving them the heritage of the nations. For if the nations of the world should say to Israel:

    “You are robbers because you have seized, by force, the lands of seven nations (Canaan)”
    They (Israel) could say to them:

    “The entire world belongs to the Holy One, Blessed be He, He created it and gave it to whomever He pleased. Of His own will He gave it to them, and of His own will He took it from them and gave it to us.”

    By now, Gert, you’re probably wondering what has all this to do with Judea and Samaria in 2010. I understand that you’re an atheist and to you I might as well be a wizard from a Harry Potter movie.

    However, this is the first mistake of Westerners like yourself and many Israelis too. To understand the Arab-Israeli conflict today, there is nothing more important than to understand that we are talking first and foremost about what might have once been a political conflict but is today a religious conflict, or at least a conflict of religions. Fail to understand this and you understand nothing.

    Consider for a moment about half of the Jews living in Israel are descended from Jews who lived in Arab countries. Many of them still talk Arabic, they eat Arab food, listen to Arabic tunes and a Westerner such as yourself would be unable to distinguish one of them from a Palestinian, Egyptian or Syrian Moslem.

    Nevertheless, they identify wholly with their European Jewish brethren, live and intermarry with them and would not dream of marrying a Moslem or voting for a Moslem party anymore than a Jew of European origins would.

    Likewise, look at anti-Israel Pakistanis who call for Israel’s destruction, though many of them speak no Arabic and understand little about the conflict. They support their Palestinian brethren for the exact same reason that an American Jew supports Israel. Not because they’ve objectively studied the question and decided who’s right, but because the serve God in the same way.

    You may honestly be an anti-Zionist and not a Jew hater but I can tell you that when I served in the IDF Arabs shouted at us “Itbuch el Yud” (probably badly spelt) which means “Slaughter the Jews” not the Zionists or the Israelis.
    When an Israeli Arab says that he is torn between his country and his people, really he means his religion. He will happily marry his daughter to a Jordanian moslem, even though the Jordanians killed 10,000 Palestinians in 1970.

    I could go on, but I think you get the point.

    Is this a good or bad state of affairs? You probably think it’s bad. Maybe you yearn for the day that Israel was almost completely secular and most Arabs were not very religious. Maybe you’re right, but it doesn’t matter. This is the world that we live in.

    And here Gert is why it has become so absurd to see our presidents Peres and Abu Mazen hugging each other and “representing” their peoples. Peres understands as much about Judaism as Abu Mazen does about Islam. they are two religious ignoramuses who are meeting to discuss what is essentially a religious question. It might be the equivalent of each European country sending their best footballer to represent them at a medical conference and make crucial decisions about open heart surgery

    1. The writer thinks that the Israeli-Arab conflict is essentially a ____ conflict
    a. football
    b. religious
    c. secular
    d. medical

    2. We can infer that the writer thinks that the current state of affairs is ___.
    a. not ideal
    b. ideal
    c. absurd
    d. right

    Complete the cloze with one word in each space:

    The writer _____ not negate the possibility that the conflict might _____ easier to solve if it _____ a secular conflict.

  181. Gert
    if you weren’t such a coward I could convince myself into respecting you

    “I hasten to add none of that is supported by moi.”

    Every Geek who worked with me liked me very much btw, I can proudly claim that I have always been Geeks’ favourite client due to my uncanny ability to hit on the glitches in their stuff without ever telling those on top and without ever getting cross. What a pity then that you didn’t take me up on my offer to hire you to fix my relation with Google.
    Even though I have deleted everything by now things inconsistent with that keep happening. The person who hacked my account must have done a very superb job i.e. been a proud Geek like yourself or is it a symptom of a job sloppily done?

    What do I care about the lunatic justifications of the using children as human shields for themselves crowd? Islam once upon a time was lauded for having excellent thinkers doing superb stuff on “just war” and everything related to it. They should be ashamed to insult their ancestors with what they proclaim today in that field. As Bernard Lewis moans: If only those who papperlapap today would know their stuff.

    Here though is a nice quote that I found linked on Yitchak Goodman’s excellent site – notice that Kramer says “stir GENTLY” – he probably puts it that way because he knows how daintily sensitive you slanderers and distorters and out-of context-complainers are, unless you do it yourself of course.

    “Martin Kramer: More “let’s-talk-to-Hamas” enthusiasts. I also have a plan for moderating Hamas, based on the PLO precedent: (1) Invade Gaza and lay siege to the Hamas leadership; (2) Allow Hamas leaders to depart by flotilla for a country willing to take them (Turkey would be fine); (3) Let them ponder their errors for about ten years; (4) Stir gently as they simmer, to see if they’ve softened; (5) Send in Shimon Peres.”

  182. Daniel M:


  183. Silke, dearest…

    Not only must we talk to ‘de Gamas’, we will and in all likelihood are already doing it.

    Such is the inevitable course of history, hindered as always by chest beating hot head armchair generals who don’t understand what makes humans tick or how liberation struggles evolve. Those who invoke history of x,000 years ago in them biblin’ days of yore and skip anything in between then and last Tuesday…

    What was Menachem Begin before he became Prime Minister of the Zionist Entity? A wanted terrorist.

    Assuming (rather contentiously) that you’ve got the stomach for the long haul, it’ll be an inevitable, yet unadulteratedly delightful moment of ‘I told you so’ quality. Not much longer to go now, just a little patience dearest…

  184. GertieBaby

    you have just shown yourself to be nothing but a coward, to the extent that calling you a nullity would be a compliment
    – this would have been the moment to come up with a poem and show that you have what you pretend to have all the time and which was once upon a time called esprit in German. That is the answer of a retarded 4 year old not of a man who claims that his views are of any worth. While Daniel’s comments show that dear Jane wouldn’t have ashamed to claim him as her nephew.


    If you don’t shape up Gert, I will stop honouring you by adressing you directly and treat you like I do at the Hasbara Buster.
    Come to think of it, it seems a bit suspicious to me that all of a sudden you seem so keen to talk to me. Can it be that my impending investigation into Google makes you a bit nervous? If so, here is the current status: account and mail have been deleted. According to their info the process should be finished by now, so if peculiarities persist I’ll call one of their offices and get me advice of whether they can find the thief. If peculiarities don’t persist I’ll do the same only the list of questions I’ll prepare beforehand will be different.
    I know you claim it wasn’t you which for me is rather irrelevant because, since you are such a proud geek, I assume that you would have used your AstralLeib for the feat anyhow.

    But to amuse people around here after your dismal failure in answering Daniel properly I suggest that you explain to all of us how a proud Geek would go about usurping a Google account moniker i.e. where might I have made a mistake when opening the moniker part of the account?

  185. Daniel Marks

    I was wondering what exactly your refutation would be, you cowardly scoundrel.

    Writing learned treatises like “Zzzzzzz” it’s no wonder that Gert finds no time to work for a living.

    I personally shall ignore the ignorant Belgian coward until he is man enough to be as good as his word. I believe him to be like most insects, if ignored they eventually buzz off.

    Hi Silke,

    You asked me about the Jewish use of the word G-d. I am not a rabbi nor anything close to one, but in between wasting too much of my free time on the likes of the Gerts of this world, I have learned a little Jewish law.

    As you’ve guessed it’s a distant derivation of the biblical commandment of not taking His name in vain.

    If a Jew writes G-d’s name in Hebrew that page acquires a certain degree of sanctity and, for example, according to most opinions cannot be thrown away, but must be buried.

    This law has been broadened by some authorities to apply to the name when written in other languages too. It’s certainly not the most important law and I think that most of us just do it without thinking.

    Take care,


  186. Gert

    just in case you should happen to be still “between jobs” here is a job offer that came in this minute – it doesn’t mention “Director” but is heavy on the peace side and the money is fixed according to some law so health and disability should be well covered.
    (do you think they get provided in Bethlehem with some kind of relief for the you-know-what-problem or do they only do it between themselves for the duration, or do they maybe drive into “terrible” Israel if they want some fun and TLC – is it known whether they change from Birkenstocks to flip flops before they hit the night life and hope their Arab “children” don’t see them? – I imagine that that’s a very touchy subject for them because they can’t be seen as being as “liberated” as is their habit. “wer 2x mit derselben pennt, gehört schon zum Establishment” – who does it twice with the same woman has entered the establishment)

    they want for example as qualifications:

    PC- und Intemetkenntnisse, verhandlungssicheres Englisch

    which you certainly have a claim to have to offer and which I’m sure you can convince them supersede in importance your lack of

    regionale Erfahrungen, interkulturelle Kompetenz und Fähigkeit zur Selbstreflexion, Kenntnisse in Arabisch wünschenswert.

    here is the whole thing

    and to y’all

    that’s the job
    eine Friedensfachkraft in Bethlehem, Palästina
    a peace specialist in Bethlehem, Palestine

    NGO-Monitor doesn’t have the outfit yet but it looks on the face of it overflowing with the kind of self-righteousnous, which makes the scarlet letter guys look tolerant. Is there a way to get ferocious ants interested in them. I’m sure they are “blessed” with a specific body odour.

  187. Thanks Daniel

    thanks for your answer but alas I still don’t know how to behave properly (I like that about burying the paper, there must be outer signs respect for things one regards as divine)
    As I am not Jewish I am used to typing God (I am agnostic but have been baked so to speak in the Christian pot or more specifically Protestants are good, Catholics are bad and Jews? WE didn’t know anything!)

    But as I carry a German passport and thus have participated in enjoying the riches my forebears stole from yours I feel an obligation to behave especially correct when dealing with you.

    Therefore my question is: would I, if I typed G-d presume to be one of you to which I am in no way entitled or would you consider it a sign of special respect or don’t you care one way or another?

    (I must say that Gert’s typing G-d combined with his rabid desire for failure wherever Israelis are concerned looks to me every time I see it like a calculated mockery or worse i.e. an insult. Don’t think Gert is above such things, he has recently called Obama Bambam and Black Emperor, just to show you the depths his lack of manners makes him think are witty.)

  188. Silke:

    Can it be that my impending investigation into Google makes you a bit nervous? If so, here is the current status: account and mail have been deleted.

    How come if you had a Google account you never signed in with it at HB? You sure Google didn’t pull your account because of your blog spamming over at HB?

    I have no interest in, nor knowledge of, deleting Google accounts. Personally I think you’re lying: hacking Google isn’t easy and those who have that uncanny ability wouldn’t waste their talent on a floozy like you…

    Daniel M:

    I still love you, I just don’t want your babies anymore…

  189. Silke:

    Here’s why occasionally I have to address you:

    Don’t think Gert is above such things, he has recently called Obama Bambam and Black Emperor, just to show you the depths his lack of manners makes him think are witty.)

    I actually wrote:

    In the mean time in the run up to the Mid Term electothingies, The One is promising the US/Israel relationship to be an extra 10 % ‘unbreakable’. Bambams is looking more like the first Black emperor without clothes on every day. Meanwhile, most Meircans continue to flatline on their country’s FP…

    I’d have thought that even a flyweight like you would be familiar with the tale of the Emperor and his new clothes?

  190. Gert

    that there are talks is such an old story, Barbarossa would be proud to have his beard grow just as long.
    But that you are one of those who do the talking that is really great news …

    congrats, Gert,

    now it has at least been confirmed your “between jobs” period is over and so you won’t need to bow as low as to work for those Birkenstocks in Bethlehem.

    I assume that the “we” you are alluding to stands for the preparation of something group and internal jealousy has kept the others from informing you and your buddies that they do the real stuff without you. Sorry to realize you have lost again, I hope the fee is sufficient to make you feel not too humiliated.

    As to my stomach or not stomach, I am a one task at a time gal, therefore a lot depends on how much fun Fake Ibrahim manages to provide me with. Once I feel I may leave him alone or he finally got enough of his mojo together to ban me I’ll look for a new target. Whether you will again be part of the package I don’t know and I don’t care, you are as you are now too small fry for my taste.

    In the meantime while I wait whether Ibrahim recovers from the delights of the World Cup I hang out around here and enlarge thanks to lots of friendly and ingenious and imaginative teachers with genuine superb writing and poetry skills my vocabulary.

  191. Daniel Marks

    Dear Silke,

    My family come from Russia and Poland and by the time of the Holocaust were mainly living in England. My great-grandfather (father’s father’s father) after whom I am named, was living in London but shocked by the idea of having to go through another war in London decided to relocate to Belgium.

    I bear no grudge against the many good and decent Germans whose ancestors murdered or of the good and decent Belgians whose ancestors facilitated the murder. As for those who learned nothing from the tragedy that was wrought upon the world because of Hitler’s “war” against the Jews, but now seek new excuses to hate us I have only contempt.

    Regarding your question, please G-d, I’ll ask someone who knows more than I about the subject. Thankfully, there are many such people.

    My layman’s opinion is as follows:

    Non-Jews are not required to keep the Torah, they are, however, obliged to keep the “Seven commandments that were given to the children of Noah. Namely:
    1. Not to commit Idolatry. Monotheism.
    2. Not to commit adultery or other forms of immorality.
    3. Not to murder.
    4. Not to Blaspheme, to curse G-d.
    5. Not to eat meat that came from an animal while it was still alive.
    6 Not to steal.
    7. To maintain courts to enforce these laws.

    I guess that one could argue that writing G-d is connected loosely to number 4, so while I doubt that writing G-o-d is forbidden I agree it does sound like a nice way to show respect.

    I should add that all these laws apply when using a large G, when G-d is a proper noun and when we are talking about the Judeo-Christian-Muslim One G-d. If, for example we talk about pagans and what they considered to be their gods, there is no need to be careful.

    As I conclude this posting my daughter passed by and told me that she had been in a lesson where she was taught that in ENGLISH or other languages except Hebrew, the law does not apply at all. This is also an accepted view, especially in Israel.

    On a personal note I thank you both for your interest and for your continued support of Israel. One voice like yours overpowers those of a thousand Juice-hating swines.

    In Judaism we say that one small candle can defeat any amount of darkness. In Europe today there is no shortage of those spreading darkness, so I bless you that you should always be a light.


  192. Both:

    On the spelling of G-d complete non-issue: it’s often how atheists/agnostics spell it. A mixture of respect (for the believer) and disdain for the Great Bureaucrat in the Skies, I guess.

    Personally I prefer the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (His Noodly Appendage), a.k.a. the Pastafarians.

    Of the fact that being a believer doesn’t make one necessarily a Better Person, Danny is simply living embodiment.

    Atheists have more fun…

  193. Daniel:

    I bear no grudge against the many good and decent Germans whose ancestors murdered or of the good and decent Belgians whose ancestors facilitated the murder.

    Well, aren’t you just lucky then that the New Germany is one of Zion’s staunchest allies, eh? Supplying you also recently with second strike capability in the form of Dolphins? Dutifully feeling and enacting the guilt for all of eternity…

    But there’s no Holocaust industry, oh no…

  194. Gert at 5:55
    more lies than just one – you are getting better at it

    I had a Google account and I signed in with it at Fake Ibrahim as I told here on July 12 at 9:00 including a bit of copy and paste to mark the exact point where it happened
    and don’t put your hope in making Ibrahim delete the stuff, I have copied it.

    It is typical of your jealous and ungenerous nature to call my attempts of shmoozing with Alberto José Miraya, commonly called Fake Ibrahim, spamming. It is far from it, all I want is for Ibrahim to come clear for once.
    and here is the next lie I never said “somebody” deleted my google account. I said I did. You are unreliable and unimaginative even when lying.

    But thanks for the info that for somebody with an “uncanny ability” like for example a proud geek, it would be possible even though you claim you don’t know how to do it.

    But let’s assume the ability to delete is so uncanny that even a proud geek couldn’t manage it, could a proud geek then at least manage to steel or get access to for his own use of the moniker?

    I had to google it but now I know I feel really honoured by your calling me a floozy. I once lived in a very distinguished street (nobody without at least one PhD but that street also housed a brothel. The women and I got very friendly and they proved to be the most charming neighbours I have ever had. So thank you again Gert, nothing more honourable than being lumped together with them.
    Also it is a word that sounds really sweet on the ear. When and if you buy their services I hope you prove yourself to be a considerate client.

  195. Gert
    don’t you dare stir atheism and agnosticim in one pot. I have nothing to do with the intellectual light-weights, slanderers and childish bunch of your spaghetti-monster-brigade, shallow thinkers all of them maybe just maybe with the exception of Dennett

    A convinced agnostic has fortunately nothing to do with them and thus can spend her time listening to the teachings of the learned Paula Frederiksen wile forgetting the incoherent sputterings of the flying spaghetti monster named Dickie Dawkins.

    Go on computer geeking, thinking in ones and naughts is probably anything you are capable of, at least I hope that’s so in one of your more lucid hours and leave serious subjects for adult people.

  196. Dear Daniel,

    see Gert at 6:12
    my honed by German experience sense of sniffing out sniggerers at Jews and things Jewish and these days Israeli has proved itself again to be reliable.

    Gert typing G-d is supposed to be a mockery hurting a believer. The man’s bad manners stop at nothing.

    and he probably thinks he’s smart by changing the subject on calling Obama Bambam and a black Emperor. Once somebody is emperor skin colour has by definition lost all the importance it didn’t even have to start with (shall I write your screed on that one for you Gert? I know it by heart, backwards, forwards and sidewards).

    My complaint is not about Andersen’s fairy tale but about his racist sniggering.

    see Gert at 6:21

    shouldn’t we ask him to make a list (he is good at making lists, isn’t he) of all the stolen, confiscated, “bought” under threat paintings hanging around in German museums bringing tourism money into German city coffers to this day
    – no they are not akin to the Elgin marbles or the Nofretete they are unequivocally nothing but loot and the oh so staunch ally of Israel wiggles and procrastrinates without end. Selling a bit of machinery, hopefully at very reduced prices, is the least we can do to make up for that shameful delay and law mongering on that field and lots of other stuff.

    But I shouldn’t get so agitated, Gert is hopeless and you all know all that already, it’d be much better, if I rejoiced in Gert showing off his lack of any solid knowledge again.

    He gathers facts like a magpie trinkets and then claims that if you all glue them together the wrong way they’ll constitute a truth. If he writes programs that way I pity his customers. Also his customers should, at least until my google case has been cleared, beware whether he built maybe some backdoors into their system. People who are so keen on outwitting others may easily not be trustworthy elsewhere

    oh and last but not least Finkelstein has morphed the story of the Dutch Jewish undercover policeman into this (found at Judeopundit)

    Dutch police to undergo mandatory circumcision and will expose their traumatized “members” in public

  197. Daniel Marks

    I don’t expect everyone to like me and I certainly don’t expect everybody to agree with everything I say. I’ve always believed that Socrates was right (quoted by Ellis Feigenbaum) and that in any given village there’s only one man who is really an expert horse-breeder. If you reach a village where everyone tells you to give your sick horse oats and one man tells you to give him hay, I’d check carefully before feeding him with oats.
    Likewise, I believe that people who everyone loves are either saints or remarkably fickle. I’m neither so I readily concede that I know at least three people who dislike me and I’m sure there are many more who I don’t know about.
    However, the phenomenon of someone who nobody seems to like, but doesn’t seem to care is quite strange in my eyes. On the fifth of July our barmy Belgian blogger wrote:
    “You should all relax a bit now: I won’t be disturbing your tea parties anymore. This blog really is a testament as to how having anything near an open discussion with Zionists is basically impossible.
    …. I think the Flat Earth Society might also be more hospitable. Well done, boys!”

    I replied:

    “You’ll be back Gert. You’re like the kid with no friends who prefers getting beaten up than being ignored. You’re right that many people treated you badly here, but it’s better than sitting there all by yourself on your own empty, little, cut and pasted blog.”

    I am no prophet but it didn’t take long. Exactly thirteen minutes later Gert was back in all his glory. You see, his word is like the rock of Gibraltor.

    So what is it that makes the “kid with no friends” come back to get another dose of punishment. I am a teacher and am familiar with this phenomenon among youth, but am incapable of understanding why a grown man behaves in such an extraordinary way. There must be someone, somewhere, who loves him.

    Any thoughts?

  198. Dear Daniel,

    let me for once correct you:

    it was not Hitler’s “war” – it was Germany’s “war”

    and if a German can’t agree with your saying it that way you better have a closer look
    – it wasn’t a breed of aliens that overcame us, it was our forebears that did it to you and to their kids (not to the same extent, far from it, but enough to make them very bad parents) and all of us must have known a lot of actors and when finally in 68 the kids started to ask they asked in a way which made sure that the elders couldn’t talk. It is only in the last 20 30 years that historians work at it the way historians should.

    Here’s another one why precise language is important: I have recently come on a number of pieces by basically well-meaning people who like to parade their history (non)knowledge and who omitted Germany completely when talking about the Holocaust but left Poland in. I know there is lots to say about Poles and Jews but they were emphatically neither the designers nor the enforcers of the industrialised murders and to me that makes them of a different category.

    Please tell me that your great-grandfather survived his decision to go to Belgium. I don’t know much about how eager or non-eager Belgians were in helping with the Holocaust and/or the Aryan project as a whole but I sincerely hope that somebody decided to give him a hand so he could survive.

  199. Daniel:

    I am a teacher and am familiar with this phenomenon among youth, but am incapable of understanding why a grown man behaves in such an extraordinary way.

    No, Daniel, first and foremost you’re a peddler (in cheap linkages, guilt and merit by association – some astrologers make more sense than you do) and a cheap psychologiser. You’re not just full of crap, you’re also full of prejudices, much like some really old folk from whom time stood still.

    For the last time I’ll ask you and Brother ‘analyst’ Nick: what do you have against unemployed people? Some of my best friends are unemployed and some of my best unemployed friends are Jewish (no kiddin’). In what way does having/not having gainful employment matter?

  200. Daniel Marks

    When I used the Phrase Hitler’s war against the Jews I had the book , “The War Against the Jews” by Lucy Dawidowicz in mind.

    It’s an enormous hypothetical but I’ve always believed that had Hitler not have been born there would have been no Holocaust.

    In fact, I think you’ll find that the German people were not the most willing participants in the Holocaust and there were many countries in which the native populations were far more enthusiastic than the SS men themselves. However, I’ll concede the point.

    No, my great-grandfather did not survive the Holocaust but both his sons did and all his grandchildren. His grand-daughter, my aunt worked for the Joint and married a US officer who helped liberate Auschwitz.

    Furthermore, most of his grand-children and our children and grandchildren are living in the land of Israel, a life that he could only dream of.

    My father once told me how as a boy he had sat on his grand-father’s knee and whispered, “Imagine Zeida if one day we have a Jewish State with our own army to protect us.”

  201. Silke:

    I’d be careful with coming to the rescue of The Disappointing One if I was you, you might cause some, erm, disappointment with your new friend. Although Obama is now putting up a pro-Israel show for the upcoming mid term elections, he’s viewed with deep suspicion in the Conservaworld of Zion. It’s widely believed in these quarters he’s going to “throw Israel under the bus”. And he’s got a Moooslim middle name. AND he’s a personal friend of Rashid Khalidi. A very, very suspect character indeedy… Possibly a ‘Socialist’…

  202. Daniel

    Your are on the right track, Gert longs to be loved or maybe even more precise, he longs to be noticed. So a few insults, universal disdain and loathing become a small price to getting so much attention. (I doubt that he is alert enough to understand the more elaborate insults thrown at him around here. If he does he must be seething with helpless rage.)
    When I started my little piping-ins at the Hasbara Buster and they started calling me names I was surprised by how important I seemed to be in their eyes. So if I were a sucker for such things I might well want more of it

    But has anybody anywhere ever met a female on blogs eager to be disdained if only she got noticed? If not could there be a connection to the fact that men seem to be quite eager to PAY women in order to humiliate them and hurt them? (we get the same treatment with no problem for free whenever we want it and often when we don’t)

    I ask because I think I noticed once a slight tremor in Gert when I described myself as a vicious mean teutonic woman or so. For a moment I thought I had him at the point where he would suggest to get into contact with me for a one on one in a net chambre separée as his adored Fake Ibrahim did when I dangled an image tailored to his dreams as I guessed them before his eyes.
    I just can’t help envisioning Gert enjoying to get ordered around by one of those muscular Germanic woman cracking a whip over his non-tattoo-ed …

    and I can feel that my piping in on his get togethers with his ilk over at Fake Ibrahim’s makes him really mad, sometimes his anger comes in waves over the screen at me

    He clearly enjoys doing his peacock struttings amidst like minded people trying his feeble and devious wit against the clear thinking Yitzchak Goodman who truly is a good man and does Gert the honour of taking him on again and again as if Gert were a man worth to be taken seriously.

    But at the same time, as I’ve checked this afternoon he shows up here and collects his hidings. If he has to work for a living I don’t know how he is fitting in the hours but maybe he’s a psycho typing away while his client associates freely, throwing in a mmh mmh every now and then to keep the poor client going.

    As Gert seems so loaded with uncontrollable anger I wonder is there a chance he could get at my computer? it slows up in peculiar ways sometimes these days …

  203. Daniel Marks

    THURSDAY, JULY 08, 2010
    The Bassam Aramin Appeal –

    O Comments

    MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010
    Fox mentions racial discrimination in Israel! –

    O Comments

    TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
    AOF shoots at farmers and ISM in Gaza’s buffer zone…
    O Comments

    Why we don’t like Israel…

    THURSDAY, JULY 15, 2010
    Friday Fun with Circus Israel..
    O Comments

    And the name of the Blog……..

    Developing your Web presence
    by GERT

    The lonely kid with no friends who prefers getting beaten up than being ignored.

  204. Daniel

    I chose my words carefully when I wrote that we had been the designers and the enforcers of the industrialised murders
    That we were not the most enthusiastic participants doesn’t impress me much. We have a saying that the fish starts stinking at the head and my working life in corporate Germany has convinced me that that is a perfectly true observation. We were the head which started stinking and we put the flame to the embers.

    Churchill said in the last of his WW1 books after having described all the wrangling at Versailles that when all was said and done it had been the Kaiser who started it and that was what mattered in the end. Had he not started it maybe just maybe the world would have been spared the carnage.

    Yes I think your argument about Hitler is a valid one. If evil is afoot and growing in patches all over the place somewhere along the line it takes the right person with the right mania to sound the rallying cry. Could he have succeeded without hating the Jews, I very much doubt it. A leader of his kind must have something a lot of people can agree on and a minority find so ridiculous and ludicrous that they deem it beneath themselves to fight it until it is too late and a friend returns from prison with his front teeth missing and won’t tell and from then on they keep mum (Theodor Eschenburg). Let’s hope that this time mother nature spares us from a magnetic one appearing on the scene and if it has to be one then at least in the name of justice let it be an Israeli one and let him be victorious. (no I am not being facetious)

    As you are a teacher I must confess to you that I have been making fun of teachers over at Hasbara Buster but I qualified it to mean only the know-all type. By a weird quirk of life I was lucky enough to have for quite a number of years very inspiring teachers and that experience has made me very critical of the just drum in the canon type.

  205. Gert
    you are switching context again – YOU gave Obama twice in one breath racist names. That’s what we are talking about, not Obama’s Israel politics.

    Racist name games are bad manners. period like all cheap games on names are. Some people like them as I do when I call you GertieBaby because I just can’t help being reminded by you of a constantly complaining toddler. But to venture into the plainly racist area when doing them is beyond the pale.

    as to your vast knowledge on the topic of Obama and Israel. Rest assured that I am a lot better informed on valid doubts and valid hopes as to that as you can ever dream to be. You lack context my boy, grow up and get yourself some basics, a frame work, iTunesU offers whole university courses for free (though most of them are so bad they made me pity the students) – a preconceived opinion especially one based on hate or dislike or disgust is no basis for any sound thinking. Or just listen to the Paula Fredriksen lectures I linked above. They might give you an idea what stringent thinking sounds like.

    BTW your railing against Daniel exposes with each one of your sentences his superiority as a writer.

  206. Daniel at 8:15

    I think the story of Gert’s not-commented-on blog is a bit more complicated.

    He feels himself to be so “royal” that he allows only commenters who have a google account (because he feels sure that that’s the kind of account he can hack into at will, if the commenter doesn’t oblige him and he wants to withdraw permission ooops he changed his mind and doesn’t want it published after all or where he can easily falsify the commenter’s moniker and use it to comment as the other – big deal!!!;).

    I interpret that fact so that he is such a coward that the idea somebody could free-speech-away on his blog frightens him so senseless that he establishes hurdles so high and so unusual and by now probably even of compromised security that everybody leaves him alone.

    he isn’t bipolar he is at least tripolar
    – peacocklike strutting at Hasbara Buster
    – beat me up masochist around here
    – Gert the unapproachable Web Presence at his own blog.

    actually I am probably a bit unkind here – maybe 3 people are too few – maybe he comments on these other adored by him blogs to satisfy still other facets of his endlessly boring personality.

  207. Daniel Marks

    “He feels himself to be so “royal” that he allows only commentators who have a google account..”

    Now it’s my turn to disagree. The gmail thing is a policy of his host. Besides, it takes five minutes to open an account.

    The reasons why nobody, besides me and another guy, ever visit his blog are simple. Firstly, because it’s a boring cut and paste job of stuff that other people have written. He has neither the language nor the intellect to write so he plagiarizes. It’s like being invited to a dinner party where the host has ordered cold, greasy fish and chips.

    Secondly, it’s all just childish Israel-bashing, so wearisome that no self respecting anti-Zionist would be seen dead there. Not only cold, greasy fish and chips, but the same meal every night.

    Thirdly, Gert is not a very likeable type and his writing, when he does write reeks of the sad child who gets his attention by annoying everyone.

    At the risk of repeating myself – he’s a lonely kid with no friends who prefers getting beaten up than being ignored. That’s why he’ll be back soon for more.

  208. Daniel
    he uses Blogger, the same as Fake Ibrahim and Yaacov Lozowick do, none of the others restricts one to just one possibility i.e. it’s no requirement of his host it is his own brillant little idea, his wish to show is unique exclusivity.

    It may take 5 minutes to open an account and then somebody gets into your account and uses your nick name and pouff!!! all of a sudden your signature is on all kinds of vile stuff. That’s the part that doesn’t bother me much. I can start anew on another name any moment. People I care about I will inform that I have switched to calling myself xyz but what about people who maybe have whole foto collections stored at their google account? how safe are they after some proud geek has broken into it?

    So whatever the purpose of such an account may be for proud geeks it doesn’t seem to be much of a protection of the owner’s goodies, if they want to take it over.

    If I trust a blog I am quite willing to deposit my e-mail address, if I go on a blog of a fraudster like Fake Ibrahim I do it only under protection of anonymity or an account that I considered to be safe until it was used by somebody else and that in consequence applies to all his admirers.

    Yes I agree on the lonely kid-stuff and I wanted by no means imply that Gert is a complex personality, no he is just utterly confused and his intellect is in no way a match for the language he choses and which he probably considers to be sophisticated and yes he’ll be back for his next hiding and not least because he wants to know how far I may get in my sleuthing of who compromised my google account because everything else aside for me there has been a line crossed that signals “attention criminals” and that after having taken myself out of the line of fire interests me quite a bit
    – kids are often quite good at being criminals as you know probably better than I do.


    First and foremost Silke in my efforts to make sure that Gert does not try and fake that he is more clever than you I note he used another word there supposedly in Hebrew.
    He put the word “Arabim” which is the Hebrew plural for Arabs. However do not be fooled. It is pronounced “Aravim”. B and V sound in Hebrew is kind of interchangeable. The masculine plural has words ending in “im” and the female plural has words ending in “ot” i.e brothers is achim and sisters is achiot (you need to do a sound in the back of your throat with the ch bit but don’t sweat it for now). I got your back warrior sister and will not have Gert parading around token Hebrew words without you knowing them.

    As part of my self improvement program and in the name of honesty I proudly confess that without help I would not understand Gert’s pompous description of how to do italics. Fortunately though, fear not! As the owner, founder and Managing Director of a very successful company I set up 7 years ago with a laptop, mobile phone, no cash sat in my pyjamas in a bedsit (Tom the Accountant from Staines told me that as I had special hands and as I was a warrior woman, I should probably go it alone as my type are the entrepreneurial type, turns out he was right) my full time in house IT Manager should be able to crack it. He’s a whizz and a lovely person to boot! (I would never employ moguffens(sp) in my company, all my staff are wonderful)

    As I teach those who come to me for advice on how to make it in business: stick to what your good at and outsource the rest. My poor IT manager has attempted to explain the wonders of IT to me but I tell him it’s best that he just gets on with it otherwise he’ll teach me too well and talk himself out of a job. 😉 Even the moniker thing still has my head spinning and I still can’t stop reading the word as moniker and seeing an image of a cheeky monkey in my head.

    Silke I thought I saw amongst the insults Gert laid on you one he used was airhead or floozy? As you are clearly an extremely intelligent woman who can hold her own, debate honestly, sharply, eloquently and very effectively in a foreign language, this was a cheap shot and trying to insult your vast intelligence. I trust you used your vast intelligence to see that using the word “airhead or floozy” is based on the fact that you are a woman and based on him recognising your superior intelligence and wanting to smash it to pieces. Not to dissimilar to him calling me, (a proud Jewish girl who eternally mourns the loss of her people and who has stood in the Gas chambers of Auschwitz 4 years ago reciting Kaddish and other prayers to holy to mention for our lost ones) a neo-Nazi. He calls me a neo-Nazi. I’m trying to be insulted by it but I do not know how to be so I guess we’ll move on.

    I note your and Daniels comments re teachers with interest. I think it’s like with nurses. Some of them are being professional, doing their job and ticking all the right boxes yet something is missing. Usually with nurses I find that it is the caring element and some warmth. You can’t force it or fake it. You either have it or you don’t. Nurses who have it, can make for wonderful Florence Nightingale types.

    With teachers, I think it’s the same rule that they either have it or do not. And what is “it”? Myers-Briggs, which is a personality profiling system thing is a further development of Aristotle’s original one back in the day. What Aristotle called Ethicists, Myers-Briggs calls Idealists. Of the 4 Idealist profiles she comes up with, one is The Teacher. This type is wonderful and a natural born teacher like no other (I am married to one so I know)

    With my own profile on this MB system, it fortunately talks about us being very rare (1% of the population) and has something about us being a bit warrior-ish. This is good news as if someone ever bursts my bubble about my shorter index fingers, I have back up with my Myers-Briggs profile and therefore I have something to revert back to cushion the potential impending blow to the ego. I hope this is a fool proof plan as one must protect ones ego a little.

    I would just say that with this Myers-Briggs profile system, it even got the approval of the husband who as a former scientist is incredibly critical of similar such things. That’s not to say I didn’t pitch it well to him, but trust me, no fancy schmancy sales pitch from yours truly would get past these scientifically minded types, especially him.

    Except Gert that is. I think he said he studied chemistry? However he is very mouse like and nervous around cold hard facts and evidence so something went rather wrong with his scientific education but I don’t know what.

    Richard are you rolling your eyes and thinking “what is she/they banging on about now?” Sorry about that, the others set me off so it’s all their fault. Do you think that WordPress might fine you or reward you for having the longest thread of comments in the history of blogsphere? I hope this does not cause undue jealousy to anyone else with a blog of their own.

  210. Whenever I try to engage Gert in a meaningful and substantive debate on his “other colossal mistake nations” comment, he recoils like the snake that he is.

    In fact the only thing I can say that elicits a response at all, is in respect to his unemployment status and welfare benefits.

    He did however unleash a scathing attack on my analytical skills and even went as far as to call me a moron, which was not very nice of him. Our good book says you should never judge a man in his hour of despair, and Gert is indeed a desperate man, – so despite his pitifully limp attempts at peddling fiction for fact, judgment is reserved until he is of sounder mind.

    Well Gert, I have just come back from another arduous and grinding days work. You really ought try it sometime. What have you done today? Has your contribution to mankind been to sit on your fat arse again all day, and every day.

    That’s why they call you a bum.

    I have called you many things but never a bum, since I feel, you do have slight limited potential, especially in the field of ‘html’ syntax, but you are just wasting your life away, and you are, if you will, somewhat of a failure.

    You claim “some of my best friends are unemployed Jews” – hmmmm – well done – so what.

    But, in his brilliant treatise about the complex subject of Gert’s mental health, Daniel is sadly mistaken in his “no friends” theory explaining Gert’s preference for getting beaten up over being ignored.

    Gert does in fact enjoy a classic symbiotic relationship with Ernie Halfdram.
    Gert’s blog receives a courtesy comment from Ernie who runs the equally unpopular Counterpropaganda blog, then Gert reciprocates and returns the favor.

    In his exhaustive statistical research into the number of comments received on Gert’s cut and paste blog, Daniel has uncharacteristically failed to note that unlike all his other pieces which have scored zero comments, the piece Gert devoted to my good self, entitled “Worse than a Gestapo” scored 7 comments. Two were left courtesy of the aforementioned Ernie Halfdram, two by Emmanuel and two by someone called Gert.

    Were it not so beautiful and entertaining, it would be pathetic.

  211. NoNaziBoycott

    is there a better way to start a beautiful morning while one waits for the coffee to cool down sufficiently than with a deeply learned language lesson? Thank you!

    As to the pronounciation of Arabim that comes quite natural to me as the Greeks do the same, which means of course that somewhere along the line they were smart enough to let themselves get taught some proper pronounciation by their enlightened neighbours. Google offers Greek alphabets where the letter B is called Beta, that is utter nonsense! It is pronounced Vita which I guess is Latin for Life.

    Have you come across this?

    “I said I was ashamed to be their teacher, since none of them had wondered how Taha Hussein, who was blind, could have held a pen to cross out verses from the Quran, It is really depressing to think of the silly, irrational debates into which we have been led by religious demagogy.”

    It is a remarkable interview and believe it or not, not once in those 4 pages does he blame Israel for the insanity they are inflicting on their culture.

    But he is dead now – what a loss …

    While reading on I suffered a severe frustration though. Google had told me that floozy meant prostitute and knowing Gert the way I do, I believed that that’s what he meant. As all women of that profession I ever had the privilege to know behaved towards me like a sister should, being called one of them made me rather proud and now you tell me it is just a synonym for airhead which come to think of it I rather like because it evokes the image of a cool breeze forever keeping my brain from overheating.

    The IDF Press has a post up today that includes the abbreviation GOC – I did a bit of googling but somehow can’t nail it. I know what it stands for by now – could it be that it is Ground Operations Command? or is there some Hebrew behind it?
    – anyway it reads like the guys had quite a ball at their get together. Military jargon is endlessly confusing and really tough to get into. I would put a link but I guess that Gert is by now furiously googling hoping to stumble on a new mendacity worthy of his cut and paste genius.

    I was deeply impressed by that Teacher profile btw. Even though the last one in my family known to have been a teacher was my great-grandfather I must still be carrying some of the genes. I never taught class but I was given lots of Azubis*) to torture at will. They all fell for me and actually worked at maximum speed with no regard for the clock ticking while assigned to me. When they came they had already resigned themselves to be treated like Moguffen by Gert-like pompousifiers and acted like geese waiting to be force-fed.

    So I confronted them at my slyest, asked them some questions, got a vague idea what made them tick and then started from there. It was pure malice they had been used to doing all their course work during instruction hours and now they found themselves to be mercilessly taken advantage of and enjoyed it. To learn this should console Gert. He is not the only one with a masochistic bent.

    *) Azubis now that’s a tricky one which you may enjoy – in the ol’ times they were called Lehrling (apprentice) and you were allowed to use them to maximize your comfort. Almost anything was allowed including a bit of fiddling by the so inclined. If you were of a less idealistic bent you might send them on all kinds of errands like getting your clothes from the dry cleaner, smuggling your booze in etc etc. Thus they learned very little job-wise but had become suitably docile and vicious once they had made it through the 3 years. Even then they had also to go to school one day a week – we are praised all over the world for our two-tiered system, except nobody ever asks the young ones who have to suffer through it.

    Now in come the do-gooders and find that to tell a 16-year old that she still has something to learn is degrading. So they create the word-monster Auszubildende (to be educated ones). Now to order them to wash your coffee cup had become anathema you had to force a canon down their throats. But if you found the trick to make the canon interesting to them they would pamper you with all the old delights, washing your coffee cup while pretending it was their own etc. etc. They might even fit the trip to the dry-cleaners in lying themselves into hell to do it.

    Alerting young people to something that makes their brain rattle with eagerness is so much fun. We all must pity Gert that he never had the good luck to come across a teacher like Daniel or y’all or even myself in my own small way, instead his must have been all of the Moguffe-type.

    In daily parlance the male is Azubi, the female Azubine which gets fiddling guys a bit hot under the collar because it sounds like “Biene” (bee) and a “flotte Biene” is street talk for an appealing girl. Believe me sister there is no weirdness these guys aren’t capable of coming up with while withering away in the boredom of their cubicles. Sitting at a desk seems to suck maleness out of them and since they have to type themselves instead of having a smart beauty doing it for them they have visibly shrunk some more (I’m glad for you that your husband is a scientist, they always seemed to be allowed to retain some more manliness than the Dilberts)

    As to Auschwitz, I guess you have seen the marvellous videos of Dancing at Auschwitz – I have no access to no 2 due to copyright (Sony be damned) but I adore the grandfather in no. 3. May his spirits stay with him through all of eternity – what a truly wonderful and inspiring man!

    (Gert stop googling that one is too sacred for you to get your dirty fingers on)

  212. Nick K.

    your sleuthing and consequent discovery of Ernie Halfdram and Emmanuel is interesting because it means that from all the weirdos Gert is eager to have “serious” discussions with on the fraudster’s Hasbara Buster blog he managed to impress only Ernie Halfdram to the point of doing him the honour. It seems he picked up Emmanuel on one of the other blogs he cuts and pastes, which I’ll get to one at a time once I’ll have mastered the art of creating non-compromisable Web-Presences for myself.

    Poor Gert with his challenged brain thinks that all I can do is show up as myself … Do you think he is capable of grasping a concept like Dada which y’all seem to have as part of your DNA long before birth.

    So despite all his strutting as a deeply learned and extremely well informed person on the Hasbara Buster none of the other ridiculousities does him the honour of continuing the still interrupted talk on his blog
    – remarkable isn’t it?
    Around here he is made to become aware of being the lonely kid nobody wants to play with again and again. On the other place where he is cherished by his co-yelpers as a serious debater nobody takes to him either.
    Should teach you something about your web-presence, shouldn’t it?

    And now compare it to this:
    I have shown up here out of the blue and been met with a very warm welcome immediately, all my language blusters (and there must be lots) have been countered by patient teachings. I am called lovely and dear in obviously heartfelt ways.

    When all is said and done shouldn’t we at least warn Gert that letting too many tears drop on a key board might be harmful to it?

    Oh Nick and my special thanks for making me envision Gert as fat, it fits, it fits very well
    (did you know that there is a piece by Goethe where he imagines Hamlet as fat, based on Shakespeare having the word in the play somewhere
    – I believe Goethe was dead serious when he wrote that (Wilhelm Meister’s Lehrjahre)
    – but I can’t remember having read anything by him that would qualify as humour – in his own way he must have been quite a strutter too)

    just to add a bit of knowledge
    – there is one more blog Gert and the kids who don’t want to play with him also are keen on and that they cite reverently:
    it is “Lawrence of Cyberia”
    – there’s hubris for you – let’s hope the gods who used to take care of idiots are still somewhere active in the background.
    (whatever else Lawrence was, he was a learned man also, though I haven’t read his Homer translation yet, I am impressed by the fact that he did one and published it i.e. he occupied his brain with a bit more sophisticated stuff than zeros and naughts
    – to his credit he also went after some German archeologists who mistreated their workers in his before-Arabia time with a vengeance and with success – let’s hope that his ghost has retained some of that power)

  213. Daniel Marks

    “For the last time I’ll ask you and Brother ‘analyst’ Nick: what do you have against unemployed people?”

    I cannot respond in Nick’s name. Kopaloff is one of the great undiscovered literary genii of this generation and as is wonderfully capable of doing so in his uniquely, eloquent way, I would not dare to be so presumptuous.

    I don’t really see “unemployed people” as being a homogeneous group with unambiguous characteristics other than the obvious that on the one hand they are not employed, and I would also speculate it’s fair to assume that, due to their redundancy, they have more time on their hands.

    Unemployed people come in all shapes and sizes and they are out of work due to varying reasons and for longer or shorter periods of time. There are unemployed ex-presidents and others who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. I can think of at least one who answers both those criterion.

    I am acquainted with several unemployed people and like or dislike them in a similar ratio to those I know who work.

    It’s no secret that I am not overly partial to ignorant Anti-Semites who waste their days making a nuisance of themselves and trying to annoy busy people, and when their word means nothing I dislike them all the more. This, of course, is for the most part unrelated to the question whether they work or not.

    However, though I am no psychiatrist I can’t help but wonder whether some of these personality traits are not those that prevent the person in question from being able to succeed with his inter-personal relations at a level that would make him employable. In layman’s terms, if he wasn’t such a prick someone might actually offer him a job.

    Were this to be the case, there would quite likely be a few less puerile, “pro-Palestinian” postings on an anyway bird-brained blog, but I doubt that the anti-Israel struggle would be any the worse off.

  214. Daniel
    is this the Kopaloff you are talking about?
    Do you really think Gert is interested in jobs from € 80.000 onwards? – Isn’t that a bit of a low start for a man of his genius?


    Here I found something that might make you do something useful for a change
    now a “Periodic Table of Swearing”
    sounds extremely enticing to me though I must confess that I would have to wiki periodic table to become sure what it means. For the time being I’m content to guess that it contains useful lessons in more systematic swearing, a feat I feel you, Gert, especially need to improve in a lot. Throwing around badly defined terms like “floozy”, misleading poor foreigners in feeling flattered just won’t do with an international audience.

    The sad fact though is, that my geek-capacities are so deplorable that I can’t get the table big enough for it to be of any use.

    Another opportunity for you, Gert, to show your prowess as a geek? while giving all of us access to some real education?

    Gert, will you prove yourself to be up for the challenge?

    (yes I know you are gnawing your finger nails trying to keep yourself from commenting but I’ll never believe that you are not devouring with burning eyes any word written anywhere about and to you)
    I am sad to notice that my co-commenters have introduced the expression “unemployed” again but you must admit that that is due to your own naggingly bringing up the term again after I had established once and for all that in March of 2009 you were “between jobs” and NOT trying to monetize your under-frequented Web-Presence thingy.

    Let’s assume you are still between jobs, not on the dole, not cashing in on undocumented jobs here and there, that would mean that your two previous Directorships were so profitable to allow you a “between job” period of by now 15 months keeping your wife and daughter well dressed all along I hope in their interest – it is tough for a teenager if she can’t splurge in the brand department like all the others.
    – if that scenario were it, you should be applauded for successful entrepreneurship around here
    – I am a bit worried though that it takes you so long to come up with another Directorship-worthy brillant idea? But what does a lowly wage-slave like myself know about the august realms of the successful. Maybe between your last two directorships you took off years until finally hitting it big again. We must just be patient and wait and see – maybe establishing your own profile with the help of that British “tell us about abuse” site may help you to get a bit more focused on your core abilities.

  215. proud to report that I am under moderation again

    after all the foul words Gert is allowed to throw around on this blog that feels to me like having been given a badge of honour

  216. Daniel Marks

    We all love you very much Silke.

  217. thanks Daniel
    the feeling is very very mutual and enhanced by the gratitude I feel for your and the others free lessons.

    I wonder how that is done though
    – the “waiting to be moderated” comment includes no insult like a former one where I labelled Gert’s fingers “dirty” which I consider as being almost civil, compared with the stuff he throws around
    – I have taken my cues from you, NoNaziBoycott and Nick K as to what is considered to be good manners on this blog and so I imagine that it is Gert complaining to WordPress what initiates it.

    That would synch with your analysis of “kid nobody wants to play with” – I have observed that these kids very often chose to complain to the “authorities” inventing slights and attacks where none have been, which of course only reinforces the reluctance of others to play with them.

  218. let’s see
    my comment awaiting moderation is no. 2021, no. 2022 is missing, 2023 is my “I’m proud to report” and no 2024 is Daniel’s encouragement

    now here is the text “awaiting moderation” – let’s see what the system is doing now

    is this the Kopaloff you are talking about?
    Do you really think Gert is interested in jobs from € 80.000 onwards? – Isn’t that a bit of a low start for a man of his genius?


    Here I found something that might make you do something useful for a change
    now a “Periodic Table of Swearing”
    sounds extremely enticing to me though I must confess that I would have to wiki periodic table to become sure what it means. For the time being I’m content to guess that it contains useful lessons in more systematic swearing, a feat I feel you, Gert, especially need to improve in a lot. Throwing around badly defined terms like “floozy”, misleading poor foreigners in feeling flattered just won’t do with an international audience.

    The sad fact though is, that my geek-capacities are so deplorable that I can’t get the table big enough for it to be of any use.

    Another opportunity for you, Gert, to show your prowess as a geek? while giving all of us access to some real education?

    Gert, will you prove yourself to be up for the challenge?

    (yes I know you are gnawing your finger nails trying to keep yourself from commenting but I’ll never believe that you are not devouring with burning eyes any word written anywhere about and to you)
    I am sad to notice that my co-commenters have introduced the expression “unemployed” again but you must admit that that is due to your own naggingly bringing up the term again after I had established once and for all that in March of 2009 you were “between jobs” and NOT trying to monetize your under-frequented Web-Presence thingy.

    Let’s assume you are still between jobs, not on the dole, not cashing in on undocumented jobs here and there, that would mean that your two previous Directorships were so profitable to allow you a “between job” period of by now 15 months keeping your wife and daughter well dressed all along I hope in their interest – it is tough for a teenager if she can’t splurge in the brand department like all the others.
    – if that scenario were it, you should be applauded for successful entrepreneurship around here
    – I am a bit worried though that it takes you so long to come up with another Directorship-worthy brillant idea? But what does a lowly wage-slave like myself know about the august realms of the successful. Maybe between your last two directorships you took off years until finally hitting it big again. We must just be patient and wait and see – maybe establishing your own profile with the help of that British “tell us about abuse” site may help you to get a bit more focused on your core abilities.

  219. Danny:

    Now it’s my turn to disagree. The gmail thing is a policy of his host. Besides, it takes five minutes to open an account.

    Wrong again little boy, this is a choice I make: I make it part of Blogger’s dashboard settings not to receive comments from those who don’t have a valid ‘passport’ (Google, WP or other).

    It’s a first line of defense against the Silkes and the Nicks of this world…

  220. Silke:

    Let’s assume you are still between jobs, not on the dole, not cashing in on undocumented jobs here and there, that would mean that your two previous Directorships were so profitable to allow you a “between job” period of by now 15 months keeping your wife and daughter well dressed all along I hope in their interest – it is tough for a teenager if she can’t splurge in the brand department like all the others.

    You’re getting surprisingly hot. I guess if you keep up with the wild guesses you sooner or later hit some truth. And a broken clock is right twice a day too.

    If there’s anything I deplore about my daughter it’s her tendency to comply to the diktats of the marketing vultures. As long as groupthink is easily induced the memory of the Nazis will always be a reminder of what may await us straight around the next corner…

  221. It seems this thread has now plummeted to the depths of levels of a gossip column worthy of inimitable publications such as ‘Heat’, ‘Closer’ or their slightly more posh equivalents ‘Hello’ and ‘OK’. It’s a matter of time before the gossip shifts to speculation about my sexual habits or pet preferences (‘cat person or dog person, what do you think?’)

    Their beloved Israel is rapidly descending into a proto-fascist hellhole where political opponents like Haneen Zoabi are stripped of their parliamentary privileges without due diligence, on the say so of Herr Lieberman types. Yet here the hot button issue is moi.

    I feel almost sorry for Richard Millett: any old smear merchant hitting this lengthy thread would have a field day demonstrating forever and a day just how phenomenal the level of Zionist discussion really is.

  222. Daniel
    first I wish you and all others who follow the practice a peaceful shabbath

    second I congratulate you on having been right once again!!!
    the lonely kid it itching for some more.

    Gert is back and confirms what I have guessed about his blog policy. His claim of allowing WordPress though I can’t see on his blog as yet. Could it be that this proud geek doesn’t even know his own blog?

    A bit confusing to me is also how eager he is to “get” it from me around here and how fearful to open his blog to me on my conditions even for the purpose of ponying up for his money collection endeavour.
    Consistency clearly isn’t for him, another indicator for persisting infantilism.

    If he hopes though to have the field clear for a discussion just between the two of us I will disappoint him, let me just state that I have been greatly honoured by having been lumped together with the ingenuous Nick who so generously let us partake of his poetic genius around here.

    Again to all of you: enjoy your shabbath and let me say that I look forward to reading you and my other teachers again here or elsewhere.

  223. Silke:

    His claim of allowing WordPress though I can’t see on his blog as yet. Could it be that this proud geek doesn’t even know his own blog?

    I’ve received comments from WordPress based bloggers, for instance from Richard Millett, here:

    Also from Modernity Blog (a WP blogger that comments here too).

    You however will be panned in perpetuity on the basis of being a time waster.

  224. Getting back a minute to the question of employment/unemployment and their relevance to the validity of an argument any such person may want to defend, a question that seems largely to have been treated so far inadvertently as rhetorical.

    Let’s turn it into a thought experiment (that requires active thoughts of course, putting little Danny at a distinct disadvantage!) and now accept the question isn’t rhetorical but requires a real answer.

    Assume I’m as rich as Donald Trump (and therefore in the eyes of the groupthinkers and pattern seekers ‘highly successful’). Assume I’m also pro-Palestinian. Does my worldly success validate/invalidate my opinion on I/P?

    In little Danny’s world that would clearly be the case, no? After all, in Danny’s mouse brain it’s sufficient to be a decent chess player (‘Nick K’) to be trusted with the ‘analysis’ of entire rafts of things!

  225. So you’re from Schleswig-Holstein, eh Silke? Very far North. I did some sailing there once, when I was a wee lad, in Kiel. F*cking freezing it was but great sailing waters…

  226. Daniel Marks

    More years ago than I care to remember I met a young lady and during the course of our conversation asked her if she was going out with anyone,”Not at the moment.” was her interesting reply. That simple sentence said two things:

    1. That she was not seeing anyone.
    2. That she had in the past and intended to in the future. For whatever reason, she did not want to be labeled as a girl who had had no boyfriends.

    Similarly in Gertie’s sole claim to fame, his interview in the another blog he states:

    I’m 47, a resident in the UK, married with a 14 year old daughter. I’m a chemist by education and have owned and operated two small businesses in the UK. I’m currently ‘in between jobs’.

    “In between jobs” is a euphemism used by people who are unemployed but again wish to make it clear that they have worked in the past and they will in the future. Hardly words of someone who is proud of his current predicament.

    In my opinion being without employment if nothing is available is no reason to be ashamed. However, if one has the opportunity to contribute to the society in which one lives, rather than be supported by others and one chooses not to, it is certainly nothing to be proud about.

    My contempt for the Gerts of this world is unconnected to their state of employment and were Donald Trump a nutty Anti-Semite, I’d oppose his views no less.

    However although I don’t know Trump personally, I know him to be an intelligent human being who would no devote his life to a cause about which he knows nothing. Before Trump would form an opinion about the Arab Israeli conflict I have no doubt that he’s spend time in Israel, in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria. He’s learn, he’d ask questions and then he would decide. I would oppose his views, but not rule out the possibility that a man of his wisdom and experience may have some ideas that I haven’t thought of.

    Gert, on the other hand, who is apparently unable to sort out his own life has decided that he knows how the world should be run instead.

    Gert is a nonentity who wastes his waking hours on an unread scrap-book blog of articles that he copies from other people.

    He is a disgrace, a rascal, a coward and far worse than any of these, an individual who not only admits that his word means nothing, but can’t see anything wrong with that.

    To paraphrase the late Lloyd Bentsen:

    “Gert, you are no Donald Trump.”

  227. Danny boy just can’t help himself:

    However although I don’t know Trump personally, I know him to be an intelligent human being who would no devote his life to a cause about which he knows nothing.

    All in the same breath: ‘I don’t know him but I know him enough…’

    He goes on to mind read:

    Before Trump would form an opinion about the Arab Israeli conflict I have no doubt that he’s spend time in Israel, in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria.

    … or was that just reading tea leaves? Some other form of divination?

    […] but not rule out the possibility that a man of his wisdom and experience may have some ideas that I haven’t thought of.

    … a man of wisdom. Because he’s a successful property developer? That makes him ‘wise’? No Danny: that makes him a successful property developer, period.

    Daniel, do you have an opinion on some things that happen outside the wonderful world of Ma’ale Adumim? If so, do you, pronto presto, travel there to take stock of the situation? Do you believe there are such things as books, news reports, Internet sources, peer reviewed science? Have you ever been to Gaza, an area of the world you undoubtedly have an opinion about, yet is as much a foreign land to you as it is to me?

    Gert, on the other hand, is an ignorant Anti-Semite who apparently unable to sort out his own life has decided that he knows how the world should be run instead.

    Back to divination… apparently unable to sort out his own life. Based on what do you say this? But my wife claims you have a point: I should put my dirty socks in the laundry basket more often!

    I wonder what you teach: I hope it’s Godology and not math or science. Or English.

    Daniel, you are an unadulterated imbecile and of the many Zios I’ve ever come across very near the bottom of the heap.

  228. Daniel Marks

    “Have you ever been to Gaza, an area of the world you undoubtedly have an opinion about, yet is as much a foreign land to you as it is to me?”

    The type of question only someone wholly ignorant of the reality of the Middle East in 2010 could ask.

    Like most other Israeli men, I spent two decades in the IDF both as a soldier and as a reservist I have collectively spent about six months of my life in the Gaza strip.

    Regarding Donald Trump, he is a friend of my cousin Geoffry, their kids went to the same school and he has only good things to say about him.

    No, Gert. I don’t live a vicarious life forming my opinions based solely on reports by other opinionated people. Ask me what I think of the situation in Russia today I’ll simply say that I don’t know enough. I haven’t been there, I speak no Russian and I’m not going to preach to the Russian government as to what they should be doing.

    Anyway, all this is really not important. You hated Israel before you even knew where it is on the map (assuming you do today). You thought Jaffa was in the West Bank and that it had been ethnically cleansed too. When facts blew up in your face you just “clarified” what you meant and looked for more reasons to hate Israel.

    You know nothing about me or Maale Adumim (Googling doesn’t make you into an authority on the subject) you don’t know Nick, you don’t anybody, you don’t know Hebrew or Arabic or anything.

    You boast unemployed Jewish friends, but you probably consider me and Nick and Silke to be your friends when you write on other blogs. Frankly, by the reception you’ve received on this blog by a wide range of people I doubt that off-blog you have much of a life at all.

    People like you bring out the worst in me and I thank G-d daily that there are few like you and most of them are institutionalized. Plenty of them are interesting and even likable.

    Now, please stop pestering me. There must be someone, somewhere who wants to be your friend.

  229. Hi Daniel,

    it feels really good to read a sane voice again. I hope you had a nice day.

    The last offering by Gert (heck the man can’t even write interesting insults) reminded me of that Psycho-concept they call “projection” because it reads like he tried to write his own profile. And have you noticed, he has a wife who agrees with him and that despite his smelly feet. We women sure are the most charitable beings alive.

    It took Gert just 25 minutes to post his answer – he must have really suffered after he was left alone with his 6 attempts from last night at getting “it” going. But I resisted, I stand by my word, if I say No it is no, unless of course I should chose to change my mind. So Gert was again left with nobody willing to play with him, nobody!!!
    That’s why I think he must have been hovering over his keyboard, salivating heavily, while he waited for you to show up and have another occasion to stutter off his strutting stuff

    heh Daniel, could
    “stutter off his strutting stuff”
    serve as center piece for a poem? Do you think it might be worth it, if I tried my keyboard at it or do you think I need more practice with simpler stuff. If so, feel free to use it yourself, I think it might have true inspirational power.

    I’m glad you are back, Gert is such a bore, now he seems to keep himself busy by travelling the net trying to find out where I live.

    Schleswig-Holstein sounds enticing, very volatile area, especially during the Napoleonic wars, populations moved all over the place, property changed owners so often, that historians despair to this day, to tell it as an understandable narrative, but despite all that peace reigns, no missiles from Denmark to Germany or vice versa have been reported in a long long time.

    But as Gert has been freezing in Kiel, probably trying to make it through the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal, or as I think Churchill had it, the Kiel Canal, should I recommend a for sailors really interesting book to him, where Germans are not only the biggest villains but also the envied best in sciences. Or do you think something ambiguous like that might be too trying on his little grey cells?

    As I happen to be never quite sure where I live, I’d like to quote Gert’s dear buddy, the google-challenged Greg Potemkin: “Link please!” I’d be really pleased, if Gert could assure me that I live where I live.

    Oh and Gert lied again or rather he tried to mislead his readers again. Everybody on the thread he linked to in order to prove that he allowed WordPress on his blog had a red Blogger sign next to his moniker.

    As we have agreed that Gert is still like a kid, albeit with a wife and a daughter, do you think these gaps in his knowledge are due to a habit of imbibing? If yes that might explain why his “between jobs” period became a bit longer than possibly initially planned, if planned at all. We know for sure about March 2009 but how long had he already been an “in-between” then? Did he maybe leave Belgium because life for “in-betweens” is better in Bridlington?

    If we were as well-mannered and as caritably minded as Gert we would support him in his grandstanding instead of constantly reminding him of the sorry state he has maneuvered himself into.

    BTW I have read with great interest that thread Gert linked to and where you and Richard treated Greg Potemin, who likes to pose as a teacher at the Hasbara Buster, as if he were a gentleman. I am in awe of your generosity. I have made extensive notes on the thread but keep them for later.

    So for now just one question, Daniel: Do you think infantilism is basically a curable desease?

  230. Daniel

    “There must be someone, somewhere who wants to be your friend.”

    we once had a client who had smelly feet. Everybody said that he was one of the most pleasant, easy going, laid back, helpful and polite people one could imagine as long as one didn’t have to spend time in the same room. It is a terrible hindrance when one longs for closeness to human warmth.

    and now add Gert’s personality as he displays it here, he is clearly one of those of whom I say, he is to be pitied but not to be shown any mercy unless of course he’d mend his ways and regain his power to think straight.

    and here comes the worst: even though compulsive lying and delusions about self-importance are probably both listed in that famous psychiatric handbook DSM IV or so he confesses on top of it all to megalomania “the hot button issue is moi.”

  231. Daniel Marks

    Hi Silke,

    Yup, it’s wonderful to talk to a human being after wasting much too much time on that idiot. Actually, I’m going to try my best to ignore it in the hope it goes away.

    We have a mutual friend (RR) who has many wonderful things to say about you. Write me off blog as I have an idea I want to suggest to you.

    Regarding infantilism, I believe this refers to the state when adults revert back to being babies, developing nappy fetishism etc. I don’t really know much about the subject but as in similar matters I shall consult my daughter-in-law who is a very brilliant student of psychology.

    I have a gut feeling that in this case we are discussing someone who has never grown up, in some areas of life, rather than someone who was an adult and then regressed.

    His unemployability may be totally unrelated too. It seems to me that he is just a person who either doesn’t know when he’s not liked, or understands that he’s unwanted but still hangs about because being abused on a Zionist blog is preferable to being ignored on his own anti-Zionist one.

    I have an 11th grade student who I saw last year happily getting pushed around by cool kids a year his junior. To him the very fact he was with them was a matter of pride. I noticed that one of them gave him a slap and he seemed to smile with joy.

    He’s basically an intelligent and decent kid who happens to have poor social skills. He’s being helped and I believe he’ll grow out of it.

    Unfortunately, it may be that 35 years ago the Belgian school system may have been less diligent.

    Have a great week,



    Hello Silke,
    Yes the profile is indeed impressive. All those of this teacher profile I know (as you lot are pretty rare, it’s sadly not many) are wonderful wonderful individuals, all with strokes of genius and strokes of magical teaching abilities. The MB profiling is a wonderful tool and is widely used in the states. An American friend told me that the MB profiling test is commonly given to children/teenagers in school for which I am guessing is to help them get guidance and direction with perhaps what they may be suited to go on to study/work. Great idea that can potentially save wasted time.

    I was introduced to it a few years ago in adulthood and was blown away by it. For instance, I always knew I could never connect with the hedonistic (I think that was what Aristotle called them too) type of people in life. Nothing against them, it’s just that I feel there is more to life than just having fun. She calls this group of hedonistic type people Artisans and breaks them into 4 VERY specific profiles (her profiles are so specific that I’m surprised she doesn’t declare favourite colours). She speaks about the disconnect between the Idealists (my group and I think yours) and Artisans of this world very specifically.

    So the whole MB system is made up of four groups in total and each group divided into four profiles.

    Anyway I could go on and on and give lectures on this theory and rave about it. If you want to borrow the book let me know and I’ll post it to you. A book arriving in the post one morning is nice with the morning coffee and indeed might be a good alternative to a language lesson ;-). This is the book

    There were debates on FB about the delightful survivor dancing at Auschwitz with his daughter and granddaughter. I only saw the first video but understand that I am missing on the bigger picture by not seeing the other two? I found him being slightly out of step with the dancing totally adorable and my comment to someone who said it was inappropriate to dance was along the lines of: who can judge a man who has lived in and on hell on earth and if he is dancing the pain away then I am all for it.

    I went to Poland on an organised trip with an Auschwitz survivor. We toured pretty much all the camps in Poland. This was her first time back there since liberation so you can imagine how emotionally charged everything was. The survivor somehow held onto her faith and was an ultra orthodox Jew (not common amongst holocaust survivors, sadly but perhaps understandably, they survive but their faith doesn’t). Very gentle soul she was, she spoke about forgiveness and not holding anger in the heart and humanity. She married a fellow survivor who did not attend the trip with her. But her gorgeous family did. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Dozens of them. The light of her soul shone so brightly that it extended enough to create a beautiful bright aura around her whole family. She had never ever spoken about her experience to any of her family before so her speaking out on the trip was clearly a massive momentous event to the family. You could hear a pin drop every time she chose to speak. We barely breathed. She chose to do it in this setting of having us the participants AND her family there. Maybe just her family would be too intense.

    What a privilege to be part of such a such momentous event. (Interestingly I just read in the paper today that she now regularly goes back there with participants)

    It was a life changing experience and I will be eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to go. The crying was constant within the group but very therapeutic and very appropriate. I do not think I removed my gigantic Israeli flag draped over me once from the moment we got there. I even think I draped it over my bed at night in Poland. I made a vow in Poland to act upon the words “never again” and to bring those words to life and put them into practice. I’ll tell you more about my activities off blog.

    It’s funny that you just wrote about projection to Gert. You echo my reaction exactly. I have never met Daniel Marks but through his writings, I would put money on it that he would reach your high standards and expectations that you have of teachers. Probably his profile is also the one I linked earlier of those rare wonderful teachers. Maybe Gerts’ projection onto him intensified (particulaly about Daniel not teaching Math or Science) as I put it to him about his phobia to facts and wondered what went wrong with his (chemistry) scientific education. As I am married to a former scientist (now PhD Political Science student) I am well informed about how the science world works and receive regular lectures about genetics, gemone, the circadian clock and other scientific delights. (sometimes my brain hurts from it) As Gert is unable to answer or acknowledge what went wrong with his own understanding of science, facts, evidence, critical thinking, he projects onto Daniel. I will link this in to help bring to Gerts attention this common problem that he suffers from It happens to the best of us and sometimes all it takes is someone to point it out. I do it myself sometimes. For example when I feel bad as I haven’t done the washing up, I snap at my husband about not taking the rubbish/garbage/trash/zevel out. A little self awareness quickly remedies this though (as would a dishwasher;-) ). I truly believe that self awareness can save much of the world problems.

    Yes Silke I also wanted to get your details off blog. We can hopefully reveal that there is more to us than just unusual hands ;-). I’ll pick them up from Daniel Marks if you pass them to him.

  233. Oh Daniel
    I am so flattered and honoured
    – I’ve sent you an e-mail right away but now I am scared:

    what shall I do, if Gert tells Alberto José Miraya alias Fake Ibrahim? He will be terribly miffed because I strictly refused to send him my picture in exchange for a composition by him truthfully claiming that I didn’t do one on one with net acquaintances.

    Do you think he’ll understand that my hope that you’ll teach me how to become a poetress made me forget all my principles? Can a composer tolerate to play only second fiddle to a poet?
    Well, now it’s done I’ll have to be brave and live with the consequences.

  234. I am reminded of being witness to Ellis’s heated eyeballing standoff with someone or other many years ago.

    “Go on, hit me” said Ellis fearlessly
    So the other guy hit him.
    “Hit me again” said Ellis oozing blood from his lower lip.
    So the other guy hit him again.
    “Go on, hit me again” said Ellis.

    Gert, unemployed and smelly feet, you just can’t get enough can you.

  235. NoNaziBoycott
    GOOD morning to you sister

    – since you inserted a question mark at the Dancing videos, here is the guy who has posted all three.

    I can’t see no. 2 (copyright) and understand in no.3 only the grandfather whom I adore for every word he says even more than I did after no. 1. I won’t go into why these videos or your telling of your Poland trip make me cry so easily while other than that I am somebody “built rather far from the water”. When I get glimpses of the motley of unrelated facts these Auschwitz trips leave in the brains of German teenagers I am sometimes afraid that all they achieve is breeding “Gerts” so it soothes me to learn that they mean something to others.

    The Sad Red Earth has also done some thorough and intelligent Greenwald fisking (except for the invasions “debate”, there I am with Yaacov of course) and I look forward to reading my print-out of his piece on Tony Judt (btw much to my delight a London Times reviewer of dear Tony’s latest book called his history “not up to scratch”. I have always believed that hateful bias as opposed to loving bias seriously compromises a historian’s trustworthiness)
    – do you think Greenwald lives in Brazil because they do Brazilian waxing better or cheaper there? Christopher Hitchens described the procedure in detail in Vanity Fair – I’m not sure I’d want to hedonize with a guy who goes in for that.

    Overnight I had another revelation regarding Gert, possibly fed by his revealing his true self-image onto Daniel:
    Have you noticed that he lets a subject drop every time he gets an unmistakable lashing by somebody who really knows more about a subject than unconnected facts? Maybe y’all are much too polite on rebuking him the way he craves? Crl-F for spaghetti and notice that he hasn’t come back on that one. Maybe my beloved shout “don’t you dare” satisfies his need to get lashed so thoroughly that he can let go.
    Masochists are strange!
    does your 4 times 4 author has anything to say on them?

    Other than that I have rembered some beautiful words from the Hessian part of Germany for you. They are “Eumel” (oimel) and “Fulder” (ffoulder), both may be summarized under Moguffe but come in useful when one wants to be a bit more specific. Before I define them better I want to check though whether they maybe originated from something Yiddish, I understand lots of Yiddish was spoken in Frankfurt in the time before “it”.

    If Daniel wants to share my off blog conversation with him with you I have no objection and leave it up to him. Maybe I should get into Facebook after all but I’m still rattled by having had my google account violated by an undoubtedly proud geek. Gert who calls himself a proud geek is such a miser with information though that I think it is futile to ask him to explain to us how it may have been done, though if he really were a proud geek and not just some bragging non-entity I’m sure he’d know. Therefore as long as he doesn’t tell, I assume he doesn’t know.

    Another nice word I’ll explain shortly is Papperlapapp (pronounced with as much emphasis on the Ps as one might muster) – it might serve as a suitable label for anything Gert comes up with. Over on that thread Gert linked to where y’all did them the honour of taking him seriously he once wrote “diktats”, a decidedly teutonic looking spelling to my eye.

    My apologies sister to come across with so little warrior spirit this morning but the description of your Poland trip has left me more softened up inside than I can snap out of at will.

  236. could it be purely by chance that I get all of a sudden 2 to 3 notifications from my e-mail account holder that he has found viruses in my incoming mail? Also I am getting sent mails of the stupid variety asking me to open an attachment. Hasn’t happen in ages.

    Is it possible that whoever hacked my google account not only got a hold of my moniker but of what I consider my real e-mail address also?

    Anywhere in theft like that there seem to lurk chances of monetization:

    Gert’s coming back for more and more starts to remind me a bit of this guy’s indulgement – weird preferences for hedonizing some guys have – Of course I never asked my brothel neighbours about it but I couldn’t help noticing that on garbage days there were lots and lots of bags that looked like full of pampers coming out of their door.

  237. could it be that Gertie Boy’s splurge on Friday night was even more extensive than we are allowed to see?
    and could it be that we are not allowed to read some of Gert’s more explicit screaming fits around here?
    I’ve sleuthed the data a bit and I am intrigued:

    btw Gert what I am doing at Ibrahim’s is not trolling it’s prankstering and a Prankster has always been and still is a noble profession which is why it has most of the time been free to speak truth to power

    here’s now my bit of Hercule Poirot:
    this is July 16, 2010 at 9:28 pm no. 2033
    followed by Daniel’s 2036
    does that mean that there are 2 more screeds by Gert missing? for what reason?
    then it goes without gaps all the way through to mine at July 17, 2010 at 10:59 pm which is 2043, followed by Nick’s inspiring poem which is 2045 i.e. one missing in between
    after Nick it’s me again with the number 2047 i.e. another gap of one
    the next one by me is 2048 awaiting moderation probably due to some evil words contained in an URL I inserted. I never realized they’d get so explicit in URLs about Mosley, I’ll pay more attention next time.

  238. just in case any of you accomplished poets appreciate something like this here is an offering from the BBC for you

    O wha my babie-clouts will buy
    I listen to every new offering devotedly via my iTunes subscription but must admit that to date it is still beyond me – learning something new all by oneself is really not for the impatient …

  239. Danny boy:

    You thought Jaffa was in the West Bank and that it had been ethnically cleansed too.

    Baloney: Jaffa was very thoroughly ethnically cleansed (although not all of it). I never said it was in the WB.

    People like you bring out the worst in me

    Finally a word of truth!

    As regards pestering you? Stop cackling about me and I won’t have to respond. Simple, really. I’ve managed to shut up men that were less of an old woman than you are.

  240. Daniel Marks

    Another day of his life wasted. With always to ponder we have one internal contradiction:

    “Jaffa was very thoroughly ethnically cleansed (although not all of it). ”
    Thoroughly …not all???

    And one bit of grammatical gibberish

    “…. men that were less of an..”

    There must be someone somewhere who wants to be your friend!

  241. if ever there was a confession of suffering from Megalomania, this must be it
    – Daniel, please don’t forget to show it to your daughter in law I’m sure she’ll be able to make good use of it

    Gert said:
    “I’ve managed to shut up men that were less of an old woman than you are.”

    (above I’ve tried to italicize according to Gert’s instructions which leave me somewhat baffled as to why I should first type parentheses only to replace them by smaller as or bigger as, well we’ll see. However, if the above doesn’t show up italicized on the blog proper, then Gert has failed as a teacher also)
    as by his own admission and by that of his buddy Greg Potemkin humble me has via very mild, well-behaved and compared to Gert’s screaming around here very polite prankstering managed to reduce “men” like Gert and Greg to incoherent papperlapapping and now he convinces himself he could be a match for Daniel would Daniel chose to take up the glove

    my advice is: don’t Daniel unless it is unaldulterated fun for you – Gert is not worth anything that includes an effort.

    As to old women:
    Ain’t that something, Sister? that 50 year old immature adolescent of a “between job” grandstanding failure of a director dares to insult our sisters?
    I am not yet quite up to the challenge, feeling still subdued from reading yours this morning, but I wanted to make sure, you didn’t miss that presumption.

  242. Gert
    one serious question from Mommie me:

    why don’t you just shut up and go play elsewhere?

    who forces you to respond?

    as you well know I never feel “forced” no matter how hard somebody cackles. I play along as long as I have fun and feel I’m achieving something desirable at the same time. Follow my example and your woes will be over ;-))))))

    It is not my fault that you and the others from the yelping puppy brigade who taught me this laid-back attitude elsewhere are so much fun to prankster on that I keep going.

    But do you really think I would keep taunting you around here, if you’d just kept mum? I doubt it, there are much more interesting people than you out there, but as long as you offer yourself as begging to be prankstered on and expose yourself to prankstering from your smelly feet upwards, which fun-loving gal will resist that? I certainly won’t.

    Would you care to elaborate in fit for polite company language what was written in your deleted comments? They were yours, weren’t they?


    Silke I am more than a tad concerned:
    All I have from Gert on women is:

    1) Calling a woman of superior intellect, wit, charm and eloquence “a floozy” thus implying such a woman who dares to possess such wonderful characteristics/traits/skills would be a woman that works on the street. Women of the street are usually in business only up to a limited age so we can deduce from this he does not like young women?

    2) That his wife picks up/reminds him about his dirty socks (such a reference to his wife which is drenched in affection and love). Can we deduce from this that he is not overly impressed by the middle aged women, even one he is married to?

    3) That he has equated Mr Daniel Marks to an “old woman”. We can deduce from this half baked insult that he does not think too highly of old women?

    So that’s all women covered.

    Silke, did you say something earlier about the fish smelling from the head? I’m not sure where the smell is coming from but something don’t smell right about Gerts attitude and feelings towards women. Why, I’m not even convinced that he likes women too much? Could this be due to an overbearing mother? Who knows.

  244. NoNaziBoycotts
    I think the overbearing mother may be a good path to follow

    link it to my fleeting impression that imagining to get a thorough whipping from a riding crop wielding Germania type gave Gert a bit of heat under the collar we may be coming close – have you ever seen pictures of young A. with his riding crop? quite a beauty the thug was, no wonder the ladies in the salons took to him – don’t google they apparently aren’t on the net anymore – but talking of that one, have I told you before that Fake Ibrahim, whom Gert adores and where I met him first is an unacknowledged artist, not as a painter to the best of my knowledge but as a writer and as a composer. There must be something about doing art in vain, that gets to them

    But only when we add to it Daniel’s astute analysis that he is the kid, nobody wants to play with, we hit the nail.
    I don’t know whether it is still permissible but in the ol’ times such kids in their later years would often be called Muttersöhnchen (mother’s little son) and there were intense warnings given to us to never ever let one of them get close to us. Well Gert’s wife did and now she has to cope with the smelly socks problem. Some women are just too forgiving when falling for guys.

    But, sister, we needn’t be impatient, it won’t take long and Gert will tell us more unless of course more of his comments get deleted by the system due to more filth than the machine can bear?
    In that context it’s worth to remember that it was Gert himself who threatened what WordPress would do to Richard if he allowed us to go on sharing poems …

    Another possibility is of course what you suggest that he doesn’t like women at all, so maybe since he has achieved marriage and fatherhood he is one of those my long term canteen partner who happened to be gay told me about i.e. they may want to but are too much of a coward to try

    Do you think Gert besides the problem with his smelly feet stinks from the head also in real life or just his thoughts?

  245. Silke:

    who forces you to respond?

    Who forces you to waste your time, gradually building a monument to the vacuousness and complete absence of any real argumentation of a number of Zionists here?

    And all this while it’s now transpired that Bibi lied either to some settlers, to his electorate or to both and claims boisterously to have scuttled Oslo all by himself?

    Li’l Danny, Nick ‘chess wonder’ K and NNB are the band that played on. I get the impression they don’t even know all that much about Zionism, actually…

  246. another one from Mommie for kiddie Gert

    follow my example:
    if you enjoy being hit again and again from all angles go on telling us more things, I for one am interested in learning whether you suffer from halitosis also. I seem to remember that it often goes together with smelly feet.

    Other than you I am complaining about nothing here. On the contrary I am enjoying myself hugely, I have met great people with whom to play delights me as much as it honours me that they’ve apparently let me join without any ado.

    Also I look forward to meeting them on other occasions elsewhere, when we might come up with different pranks than the one you inspire us to or when we might even do our discussing of serious things more openly than we have been doing around here with you hovering over it all.

    Just be patient a little while longer, isn’t Fraudster Ibrahim’s usual day of posting Monday? So there’s hope that he’ll have a new offering for you to go waxing lyrical on tomorrow, provided he’ll have by then woken up from his football delirium. Spain won, you know, you should give him some slack, Latin blood tells and on top of that he says he is a Jew and Jews were absolutely tops in football, did you know that?
    But you and yours insisted on trolling his blog with useless stuff thus burying all the delights I dug up for his son in senseless garbage. Really cruel you are, aren’t you, stop at nothing.

    I wonder how Trotzphase translates, Google says it’s phase of defiance but that seems a bit weak to me. Well maybe German kids do it a bit more vigorously than more northern or better taken care of southern ones. It happens when kids are around 4 when they like to throw themselves on the floor while trampling in helpless rage with hand and feet – I imagine that’s how you enjoy yourself, Gert, feeling like that.

  247. I just found some sound advice by Agatha Christie for Gert
    – do you think he’ll understand it or do you think it’s to complicated for a kind of chemist to get his head around it?

    To gain money one must exploit shortage.

    Come to think of it I had a lot of chemist colleagues PhD-ed all of them but none came in smartness even close to my also PhD-ed physicist ones. In corporate Germany the good employers tend not to take them, if they aren’t PhD-ed. Is that the same elsewhere? Is that maybe what makes Gert’s CV so slow in getting attention?

    (I have italized again, this time without the round parentheses i.e. jumped directly to smaller as and bigger as, will it work without the intermediate step also?)

  248. Italicizing worked again like a hitch, now why would Gert insert a totally superfluous intermediate step in his advice – it’s why he himself hasn’t figured out, that the direct way is also working? Is there an as yet to me unknown advantage of going through the extra procedure?
    A good teacher would have elaborated on it and a geek truly proud of his geekdom wouldn’t have permitted himself to deliver such a sloppy job.
    Well we’ll probably never be told …

  249. No sooner had I been alerted to Gert’s smelly feet problem, did I carry out a cursory search on Wiki, for ripe material with which to torment the foul-smelling Nazi.

    Wiki recognizes Gert’s condition by the less offensive “foot odor”, and notes it is generally considered to be an unpleasant smell, except by someone called Shari Baxter.

    Gert should have known that his frantic goose-stepping in his centrally-heated living room, in his eastern-front woolly socks and in his poorly ventilated storm trooper boots, was bound to have a detrimental effect on his foot hygiene. It stands to reason.

    As a jobless chemist, he also should have known that sodium bicarbonate in the shoe and around the sock, is an urban myth, that unlike himself, actually works.

  250. Daniel Marks

    I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’m not a professional psychiatrist or psychologist. That is one of the reasons that I asked an open question why an adult may be drawn time and time again into a situation where he is disliked and gets beaten up by everyone. This excellent blog is quite diverse, men, women, Jews Gentiles, differing political views and it often seems that the only thing everyone has in common is our communal belief that Gert is an ignorant tosser. So why does he prefer to come to a Zionist blog where he is so disliked than going to one of the many anti-Zionist sites where he should, on the face of it, have so many friends?

    There’s an old story of a Jewish man who arrives at a police station and in a state of panic declares, “I’ve lost my wallet. I’ve looked for it. Everywhere except in my jacket pocket!”
    The police officer is a little surprised, “Then why don’t you look in your jacket pocket?”
    The old man tries to force a smile, “If I look there and don’t find it, I will have a heart attack.”

    If one is an intensely unlikable kind of individual but hangs out in a place where people disagree with one’s political. religious or theological views, one can explain to others, but mainly oneself that, “I’m not liked because of my opinions. It’s not that I have a screwed up personality, it’s not that I’m unemployable, it’s not I’m an ignorant bore. It’s just because they’re Zionists and I’m not. If I were to go to an anti-Zionist blog everyone would like me, or at least give me the time of day.”

    That is why Gert has to keep coming back. To go to an anti-Zionist blog would be the equivalent of Gert checking his jacket pocket. What will he say when the gets blown off there too? On Richard Millets blog Gert can fool himself that he’s disliked for his idiotic views. What explanation will he have when it turns out that the Arabs and the other Israel haters hold him in no less contempt?

    That is why Gert like a pain junky has to keep coming back for more. It’s impossible to establish the exact cause an effect relationship between his childish almost masochistic tendencies and the fact that in the whole of the UK there is nobody wishing to employ him in any position whatsoever. Maybe his personality causes his unemployability, perhaps it’s the long hours of nothingness he calls a life that eat away at any social skills that he ever had. Either way this is nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict. It’s the Gert against the rest of the world conflict and if anybody out there loves him I suggest they have every reason to be concerned.

    The Bridlington Community Mental Health Team is located at:

    Crystal Villas
    15 St John’s Avenue
    YO16 4ND

    Their telephone number is 01262 401292.

    I’ve alerted them and they’ll do what they can but either Gert himself or his family have to make the first move.

    There must be someone, somewhere who wants to help him!

  251. Gert doesn’t want to be helped, Gert wants to join those who are eluded enough to believe they had the “success” quoted below. That’s the kind of people who make him fawn and swoon.
    – somewhere else this admired by Gert (no insult, the truth) brags that he already has “defeated” some Zionists. i.e. if one should ever, as happens to be the habit of decent people, during bullet point shooting with one of “them” concede a point, he’d run to the next blog and yell “I’ve got a trophy, I’ve got a trophy, I’ve got a trophy” – that’s the kind of childishness I don’t care for except to make fun of where possible.

    They are aged, probably even prematurely aged, but not grown kids of the kind who get their kicks out of pulling the wings of a fly. They have no decency, no compassion (they don’t give a hoot about the well-being of their beloved Palestinians, where would they be, who would want them, if they Palestinians decided to get their act together), there are enough of them so they can debate amongst themselves.

    But most of all they have heaps of facts but no knowledge. Just watch that wherever they hit on something where their idiotic bullet point shooting comes up against true knowledge. They retreat, they don’t follow up. On the other hand, if one lets them, the strut as experts on international law, on the value of different languages etc. etc.


    “When one has been observing the Hasbara gang for some time, one (me!) realizes that they restrict themselves to performing a limited set of tricks over and over again, and it becomes easy to defeat them. I have exposed those tricks repeated times on Hasbara blogs. “

  252. Daniel Marks

    Of course Gert doesn’t want to be helped. For exactly such peole, the Bridlington Community Mental Health Team have formed what they call “Assertive Outreach”.

    Five teams are established across Hull and the East Riding. These teams provide intensive support for people who are difficult to engage in traditional services.

    Regarding the possibilty of finding Gert employment news is very positive. Positive Assets team encourage and support mental health service users into work at the Trust, Hull City Council and NHS Hull. It also works with Hull based businesses to enable them to address mental health issues in their workplaces. There are many low stress positions that will afford Gert generous breaks during which he might be afforded time to write his anti-Israel postings.

    In general the give the impression of a high level of professionalism and dedication and, naturally, all communications will be handled in the strictest confidence and with sensitivity and discretion.

    There must be someone, somewhere in Bridlington who will encourage Gert to help himself.

  253. it’s a pity they seem not yet to have snatch and heal teams yet – I’m afraid that’s the only thing that might save Gert

    But come to think of it how about a 12 steps group after the AA model or maybe even if that is his preferred imbibation AA itself.

    these are btw the shoes those Germans wear who drink with their buddies while standing around a stall in the fresh air
    I wonder what those is in Bridlington prefer to show


    Hey Silke,
    I have just went for a walk with husband and received another one of those wonderful scientific lectures by him. I’ll spare the essential details but the part that sticks with me of the experiment was when the poor little ducklings were shown a teddy bear from the moment they were born, they thought that the teddy bear was their own image and it was immediately hard wired into their baby bird brain. The only thing then that they will mate with and respond to as their own all their lives is a teddy bear. What an awful experiment that cocks up their reproduction (mating with a teddy bear is counter-productive and not reproductive). It’s irreversible and you can’t rehabilitate the poor little birds. I’m no vegetarian but I like little birds. Why don’t they do it on rats? I don’t like rats and I’m all for cocking up their reproduction and sending them down the dodo path.

    Yes I will never be desensitised to the holocaust and I am very touched by your sensitivity to it as well. After all, we’ve got some over-intellectualising about it and thus missing the opportunity to be human and shed tears, we’ve got some denying it happened and thus living in an evil la la land and we’ve got many who were much more comfortable with the image of the Jews being slaughtered without a homeland of their own. A strong homeland and army like the IDF proves too much of a shock to the system to them, so much so that when an Israeli soldier is thrown on a ship to the lower deck by a mob “it makes him chuckle” as “the soldier didn’t see that coming did he?”. You know the type right Silke? A certain masochist billy-no-mates type stated so.

    Even writing that to you about my trip earlier made me cry so I hear you sister about the crying. I don’t want to set you off again dear Silke but I did not know that I could cry like that until I went to Poland. Standing in the gas chambers of Auschwitz with my fellow Jews and the Rabbi reciting our holiest thousands of years old prayer was more like the soul crying out to the heavens and the crying became something like an appeal for consolation between the soul and its maker. It felt like all you can do is stand back and facilitate this union. It was much deeper than just our earthly tears.

    Our guide was exceptional and a scholar on the holocaust. Some of the stories (I’m welling up again) of cruelty are just too much and I will not repeat. I actually would not know how to repeat them anyway. Unspeakable.

    It was scorching in Poland when we went. In one of the Polish towns we went to (I can’t remember exactly where) we drew some curious stares from the locals as there were many overtly religious Jews on our trip and this seemed to be worthy of staring (maybe they always do this with out of towners, I don’t know) I don’t remember how it started but in the middle of the town square we (around 40 of us) spontaneously broke into some Jewish songs and dancing and really gave the locals something to stare at! There was a collective unspoken consciousness in the group of the miracle of a bunch of young Jews dancing in the middle of the town in a country that facilitated, willingly or unwillingly the attempted obliteration of our people.

    Thank you for the new wonderful words. I need to open a document to start saving them in one place as I am losing them as you guys are the fast and the furious with new postings. I’m not sure about the origins of those words with Yiddish connections.

    My 4 times 4 author does not touch on Masochists as she deals with normative types so there is no comments there. This may come under abnormal psychology, we have a (huge) book of this title but I’m not feeling up to the task of research tonight.

    I am still tickled pink that he asked Daniel to write something for him to cut and paste on his blog and then withdrew his offer as he didn’t consider that Daniels piece would be so good. How funny is that?! Never mind cowardice he does not even have any Belgian manners. And instead of apologising for wasting Daniels time he says “I changed my mind, big deal” Unbelievable but very funny.

    This looks like a long rambling post but in my humble defence, I have not posted anything all day long so here it is all consolidated into one post for you the reader. (that does not mean it is not a long rambling post but I’m just explaining the reasons behind it is)

    In the other room now former-scientist-husband is studying the Hamas covenant to memorise it in preparation for a TV interview this week. Article seven is quite interesting. Take a look.

    Someone’s line of defence in a recent debate about Hamas’s declaration of wanting to kill Jews was “well it was translated by a Zionist so it’s probably bollocks”. Do I laugh or cry at that?
    lila tov (Good night)

  255. Gert,
    With your perceived hatred of our lot, and your inability to answer basic questions when your agenda is put under intelligent scrutiny, we have long surpassed any semblance of a reasonable discussion.

    So, keeping it unreasonable could you assist us in the following.

    Insufferable polemic is a Jewish thing and you probably would not understand, but can you tell us who pisses you off more.

    I am backing myself, but Daniel and I are extremely competitive and your candid answer would mean a lot to us.

    Even money – Nick
    5/4 Daniel
    3/1 Silke
    And a very attractive outside bet 8/1 NoNaziBoycott

  256. The two noble stallions, Daniel and Nick, and the two fine fillies, Silke and NNB, are approaching the stalls in this, the inaugural running of the Gert Meyers Derby:

    Gertie’s Mate was forced to withdraw after a poor showing in the Poetry Stakes.
    Richard was pulled up lame after a string of personal attacks on his blog.
    MelchetMike was blogging and iron-barring elsewhere, and did not make it to the starting line.

    Of the four runners, Nick is the only competitor with the enviable claim of having had a full feature on Gert’s pristine blog. He may be unmatched at repeated charges of goose-stepping, but will that be enough to secure first place?

    Daniel is undoubtedly the most prolific contributor and has made Richard’s blog his own. He is hungry for success after his well-documented aborted feature piece. He is at his most dangerous when crossed and put under the whip.

    Silke has a faultless pedigree and comes from an uncontaminated blood line. She should be in the reckoning if her moniker is not underhandedly snatched by the conniving powers that be.

    NNB has proven herself a real stayer, and can gallop on for inordinate lengths. But will her longing for her scientific mate prove too much of a distraction.

    They’re entering the stalls. They’re under Gertie’s orders – and they’re off.

  257. NoNaziBoycott
    thank you, sister, you got at me again and I’ll get back to it later.

    I did some googling and I found no etymology on either Eumel or Fulder, so they are just regional words which are in understood in the region by everybody. Eumel though has been/is? the character in a so seriously unfunny cartoon that it makes me laugh
    – this is the best of the lot and I kind of like to imagine Gert’s face when the rubber hits it. In the follow up it should protect the world from halitosaic miasmata at least for an instant

    Where do I search for that chuckling about soldiers? here or on his blog? or should I ask him directly as he is usually quite eager to link to his misshapen brain-childs?

  258. Nick
    please don’t tell anybody but there are doubts about my pedigree.
    I have it on unquestionable authority i.e. from a contact lens artisan that my eyelids slant a bit the way only a Mongolian’s would i.e. I may have a fair share of Attila’s hordes in my veins. (this has proved very advantageous in that it makes me look more intriguing than is normal for a perfect beauty type like me – fortunately this part of my DNA has not given me bow-legs but there the Aryan quarter prevailed and adorned me with beauties, la Dietrich wouldn’t be ashamed of.)

    (on the other hand it may lead to Gert’s sliding further into mixed-uppedness if he learns that there is Slav visible in me as his dreams seem to center around being whipped into release by a perfectly Aryan Germania – and whom is he going to dream about if not me – NoNaziBoycott being such a devotedly and contentedly married woman would hardly be willing to sacrifice herself to serve as inspiration for his manual shenanigans – his adored Fake Ibrahim has confessed to me btw to be a both-hander – is anything known about Gert’s preferences?)

  259. NoNaziBoycott
    your quotes “soldier” and “chuckle” left me unsuccessful when googling but gert and chuckle produced a Gert from Belgium with a rather squeaky voice which comes in this audio a bit less than a centimeter in

    this Gert seems to pose as an antique arms lover
    from this radio show
    – the last time he showed up on there was in October 2001 – off-hand these guys do not sound to me like ex-soldiers i.e. guys who had to suffer through the horrors of real life warfare.
    I put it in here just in case it is our Gert angling for celebrity status once again and if somebody should feel like he/she can stomach to try to get to know him better.

  260. Daniel Marks

    “..but there the Aryan quarter prevailed and adorned me with beauties, la Dietrich wouldn’t be ashamed of.”

    – Both Nick and I are healthily skeptical by nature, and require photographic evidence.

  261. Daniel and Nick
    I’d love to oblige you but as I don’t have a camera and would never dream of exposing my limbs to a professional this one has to suffice

    (and again I’ve goofed it and have a comment under moderation, where I swear nothing even remotely insulting can be found in it’s no 2071 on here – something must be wrong with my English or could it be that Gert is pestering WordPress to give him access to my data?)

  262. Daniel Marks

    CLEANER – For Holiday Accommodation

    Part time temporary cleaner wanted for holiday accommodation in Bridlington and nearby.

    Mainly Saturdays between 10am and 2pm.

    Opportunity to do extra hours for additional income.

    £6.50 per hour. Transport preferred.


    To apply or for further details please telephone:

    Ruth Bainbridge 07960 167810


    Read it in a shrill, high pitched banshee type voice and rub your hands together in glee whilst sweating profusely at the excitement of it all.

  264. 289 comments so far and still the love-in/dirt fest continues.

    But Zios don’t reflexively react to criticism with vile abuse, oh no…

  265. Gert, the lonely kiddy is back!!!

    He held out as long as he could stand it, then the longing for pals became too strong, the real ones (pun intended) either don’t want to play with him or don’t feed his need for hurt the way he gets it satisfied around here.

    But why is he not answering my quest to comment whether the well established connection between smelly feet and halitosis applies to his case also?

    I for one pity him though, things must be really tough for him, since his most revered one hasn’t posted anything yesterday even though Mondays used to be his day of preference for spouting idiocies. Keep waiting GertieKid, Alberto-Ibrahim is probably still trying to snap out of his World Cup high.

  266. Gamil Elias


    Let them not plant more Jewish Gharqad trees in future Islamical independence state of Bridlington.

    “….The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree.”

    If you have Gharqad trees in Bridlington, cut them with two axes.

    All the best!



      Pleased to see Gamil of “constipated camel” fame is back in the game.

      How are you Gamil? How’s your camels?

      Also pleased to see you have been studying the Hamas covenant as linked above very well with particular focus on article seven.

      Can you please be so kind and check with your brothers if the Gharqad tree is the Jewish tree that grows shequels or dollars on it?

      Is this Jewish money tree one that can also talk like the rocks and other trees that discuss Jews crouching behind them as mentioned in your holy Koran? Or perhaps it a bit smarter and keeps schtum?

      Or perhaps a Gharqad is an Olive Tree of the non speaking variety? This could prove prolamatic in Israel if so, as much place for Jew to hide behind dumb tree.


    • Fatima Philistina

      Ignore stupid dumb NONAZIBOYCOTT woman. She no don the burka the filthy infidel.

      She try make like tree and a big rocks no talky talky about crouching Jew, hidden gold behind it. It true I sea it dubbed by Pallywood in Lord of the Ringing the walky talky trees carrying the jewes in branches to Muslims.

      They was not Gharqad tree. Gharqad tree is a mute and not able walking like in film.

      She part of zionist en-tities which in hebrewish mean “no breasts”

      Who is that Bert from Gridlington. He one of us? He woodcutter or something? What you tell him chopping tree?


    “….poetry, “The Cinderalla of the Arts” Harriet Monroe. 1860-1936. American Editor, critic and poet (well yea she would say that then wouldn’t she)

    On a completely separate note, this is just a test run so please ignore for now:

    …das ist so typisch Deutsch

    Test complete. Thank you for your time.

  268. hach I’ve found it again:

    here’s where the main camel lore is to be found which taught me a lot really worth knowing

    and reminded me by its technique strongly of Tariq Ali’s recent piece about Kaschmir in the LRB where after a surprisingly astute opening paragraph, which should be dear to the heart of all pro-Israel-ones, it didn’t take him long to come around to blaming Israel for it all.

    I want to put in a good word for Gamil though, compared to Gert and his pals as I’ve gotten to know them over the months Gamil is an improvement, not a major one, but still an improvement, at least he seems to be able to pick up an argument and run with it for a while which indicates at least some powers of concentration.

    The fact that he doesn’t chicken out right away, if he comes up against a person, who knows how to spell dignity, distinguishes him sharply from Gert and his pals who to a man (no insult intended guys) switch to what we “typisch Deutsch” would call Proll-style insults

    (Proll was probably invented by Directors in between or amidst jobs alike to sneer at hard working proletarians, but these days it has become available to all and members of all classes are allowed to call anyone not fit for polite company a Proll. (I’m not sure though if it is OK to use it with top notch royals) IMHO Gert qualifies but one must have mercy, life with smelly feet is tough and since he refuses to comment on halitosis I feel more and more sure that he suffers from a combination of both.

  269. NoNaziBoycott
    finally got around to searching for this in answer to yours about ducklings
    actually I remember it as a picture of Konrad Lorenz swimming but she looks a lot nicer than he ever could. When he got the Nobel I read through piles of books by scientists of that field and if your loved one would be interested I could add some interesting observations of my own on cats’ mysterious powers of homefinding.

    don’t get impatient GertieBaby I’ll get to “it” …

    when Konrad Lorenz hit the book shelves this to me new perspective felt like a breath of fresh air and as I didn’t want to taint my memory of that pleasant sensation I closed my ears firmly to all later talk about him, remaining for quite a while interested in the science but not adoring the man who made it popular.
    Why do things always turn out to be ambiguous?
    that’s your cue Gert, come on, let it rip!

  270. Daniel Marks

    Welcome back Gert!

    Well you were gone almost two out almost two days and well all missed you. The blog was like a beautiful park in late summer, without the tattooed, bear-chested football hooligan called Martin urinating on the grass.

    Friends asked “Will he return? Shall we never hear from him again?”

    “He’ll be back!” I replied, “So long as one lie has not been uttered, So long as one cliché has not been repeated. So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.”

    And like the lonely, hated child who has no friends but those who abuse him, here you are.


    Crown Buildings, Quay Road, Bridlington,

    Mon,Tues 8.30am-4pm,
    Wed 9.30am-4pm, Thurs,
    Fri 8.30am-3.30pm.

    Tel 623300. Fax 62332

    Check it out!

  271. Daniel

    Gert the boychick, must be gnawing away at his nails by now with ever increasing determination. The Fraudster he can’t wait to eulogize again still hasn’t a post up and that on day 8 after the final World Cup game and the last instalment of plain evil nonsense from that source is dating from more than a month ago.

    I can feel with Gert on that because whenever I found a cherished author disappointing me I suffered real pain

    That is one but no means the only reason why I support your notion that Gert should get a job, preferably in cleaning, because it provides such good opportunities to learn social skills

  272. updating just in case Gertie should pipe up again