“From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free”

Once again calls for the destruction of Israel rang out through Covent Garden in London yesterday as protesters chanted “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” (see above) and “Free, Free Palestine” (see below).

While up to 2000 Uzbeks have been murdered by the wicked Kyrgyzstan government and today is the one year anniversary of the murder of Neda Soltan by the vile Iranian regime, the protesters still came to protest outside Ahava.

And while some countries still call for an international inquiry into the Mavi Marmara tragedy the United Nations has merely called on the Kyrgyz government to hold an internal enquiry.

Meanwhile, Britain’s own Saville enquiry reported a mere 38 years after Bloody Sunday and found individual soldiers responsible for the killings.

The British army as a whole was able to breathe a sigh of relief that it was not found to be collectively responsible, thus enabling David Cameron to make a somewhat easier apology than if the latter had been the case.

That said with the enquiry finding that Martin McGuinness was allegedly armed with a sub-machinegun the soldiers might well have been understandably petrified, which itself may have contributed to the massacre of innocents.

Britain has also held several internal enquiries into the Iraq war so I am bemused as to why Israel is treated so differently.

The United Nations has already shamed itself by producing the Goldstone Report into Operation Cast Lead and it should not be allowed to shame itself again.

Israel has investigated itself objectively in the past. Examples are the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres and the 2006 Lebanon War and has to be allowed to investigate the Mavi Marmara tragedy.

Back to Ahava and the protesters yesterday handed around a cartoon of two girls shopping in Ahava who wished to look like Kristin Davis (Charlotte from Sex in the City) who is an Ahava representative. Luckily we see two heroes burst in just in time to educate them about Israel’s “brutal, illegal occupation”. Persuasive stuff.

An owner of a nearby retail shop was arguing with an anti-Israel protester but getting nowhere. His business is being badly affected by the noisy anti-Israel demonstrations.

The sooner the protests are stopped the better. The destruction of peoples’ livelihoods is well beyond the limits of freedom of speech.

36 responses to ““From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free”

  1. Jonathan Hoffman

    The American in the white T-shirt and jeans is deeply disturbed. He clearly forgot to take his medication. Anyone know his name?


      I believe he calls himself “a Jew of Conscience” 😉

      I’m not even sure he’s joking.

      Didn’t he say a few weeks ago he’s heading to the West Bank? I hope he had a gay old time there and lots of fun frolicking in the sun.

      We also discussed with him in the last post the deep philosphy of Israeli taxi drivers vs Palestinian ones. Riveting stuff.

  2. What a yobbish little madam.

  3. She sang ‘From the river etc’ as a US army marching chant (‘I don’t know what you’ve been told etc’), affirming its militancy.

  4. Can you just blast slander at people with a megaphone in the UK?

  5. Was the guy in the wheelchair pro or anti-Israel (I speak as a user)?

  6. Michael Plosker

    The guy in the wheelchair was nastily anti Israel.


      Yes he had on one of the weeks a T-shirt with the slogan “Resistance is not terrorism”
      which was very thoughtful and helpful of him to clarify that point by means of fashion.

      I note what Hoffman has told us here that he wheeled over his foot so perhaps I will return the favour of clarifying points by wearing a T-shirt with the slogan of “A wheelchair is not a weapon”

  7. Jonathan Hoffman

    On the first demo he ran over my foot with the chair deliberately. It was very painful.

  8. Jonathan Hoffman

    These kids are mostly ISM and they have been sadly brainwashed. They need deprogramming.

    • richardmillett

      I bumped into ben, who is usually with them, in Golders Green today. G-d knows how he has got mixed up with them. He seems a decent guy!


      I have heard first hand about “the training” (brainwashing) that ISM conduct. Very sinister and clearly very effective. Unfortunately we need to accept that there is no rehabilitation available for the youngsters just yet.

      To make it worse, but understandably so, many of them are more drawn towards being popular and jumping on the bandwagon rather than seeking some truth in the matter. Such a shame.
      I have some good news though to give us some hope. A person who was there at our counter-demo yesterday spoke to a man who was standing by and watching him debate (he’s an exceptional debater). The man told him how he used to be very active working against Israel. He was not just an armchair Israel basher like the vast majority of these jokers but very active and volunteered in camps like Sabra and shatilla (excuse spelling).

      He now is very much an Israeli supporter.
      I don’t have all the details to hand (i.e was there are defining moment) but we have contact with him and he could serve as a fountain of knowledge of how they worked on him and how he found the truth.

      Also a couple of months ago we spoke to another youngster who used to be affiliated with a Palestinian cause (PSC) but this individual became very alarmed at the manipulation and their PR (whist consists of demonising Israel rather than improving things for the Palestinians). We have contact also with this insightful person who can give us incredible insight into how they operate (brainwash) so we can better counter the crap and help some of the poor susceptible youngsters.


    The girl with the black hair sounded somewhat monotone and looked spaced out. I hope she’s not another as-a-Jew. Is it a hate-one’s-parents thing? Why do these modern women – including the tall blonde bourgeois-looking woman dressed down in jeans – love those who would have them in burkhas? Some of those skimpy outfits sure meet misogynistic Hamas’s dress code requirements. The keffiyeh meets micro-skirt. Nice sartorial touch.
    I wonder whether all of these people realise the implications of the “from the river to the sea” chant, or whether they’ve taken it up because its nice and catchy.
    When are they going to protest the oppression of women and gays by islamic regims?
    On the weekend Turkey admitted to killing 120 Kurdish rebels – where is the media coverage, let alone outrage?
    As ever, I feel so very sorry for the Ahava staff under siege and the other retailers affected by this unBritish show of thuggery.

  10. Please can you buy from the stores in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden – not just Ahava, but all the stores

  11. Mad Fink assaulted me by trying to stick a sticker on my back. She has done this b4. I responded by pretending to kick her. Of course she is bleating about it.

    Let’s hear her bleat about the wheelchair warrior who crushes people’s feet.

  12. Daniel Marks

    I wasn’t at the demonstration but have a a few questions all the same:

    1. Why is that woman trying to cover up your camera? Isn’t being seen the whole purpose of holding a demonstration, not to mention wearing shorts?

    2. When “Three, three Palestine”, is chanted, could this be a reference to the infamous “Three State Solution” Israel, Palestine (West Bank) and Hamastan (Gaza)?

    3. Where is the “the tall blonde bourgeois-looking woman”?

  13. ‘I wonder whether all of these people realise the implications of the “from the river to the sea” chant, or whether they’ve taken it up because its nice and catchy.’

    Clearly it’s an out let for licensed aggression. The cause is so just. Zionism is so self evidently evil. For what more could one ask?

  14. The tall blonde is in the last still, and one further towards the top. I often think of tall blondes as bourgeois – sort of shire chic. Nothing wrong with being well-heeled, of course; it’s when such people try a little revolution lite by kicking Israel, especially a soft target like Ahava, that I see red.

  15. I must say, the most repugnant of the lot is undoubtedly the woman who screeches “Israeli mud, Palestinian blood”, only to get confused sometimes and shout “Israeli blood, Palestinian mud”.

    Jonathan, you adonis, you should go and get that brat locked up for attacking your foot.

    Likewise, you should start placing stickers on Fink, preferably on her gob.

    NoNaziBoycotts, I don’t think I’ve encountered you at the demos. Are you by any chance bearded?

  16. Daniel Marks

    While the question as to whether all tall blonds are “gorgeous” is not the official subject of this excellent page, I must express my disagreement with Yvetta Bagel’s characterization of the above demonstrator as “the tall blonde bourgeois-looking woman”.

    Gert will attest to my intellectual honesty when I say that my seeing her as wholly plain is in no way connected to her political views. The mini-skirted brunette in the second clip is, in my opinion, considerably more attractive as witnessed by the transparently jealous, mousy looking creature, who is apparently trying to prevent Richard from filming her friend.

    Tell the mouse from me, that if she wants the camera’s attention she should contemplate redoing her hair, purchasing different glasses and most importantly learning to smile. Perhaps some Ahava Dead Sea Algae Rich Foundation, which has a creamy fluid texture and is suitable for normal to dry skin, could help her hide various imperfections, redness and breakouts.


      Unfortunately we do not have her in any of the pictures but my beautiful friend came down there on Saturday to the counter-demonstration and caused quite a stir.

      Interestingly other than the passers-by gazing admirably at her and stopping to speak to her, the older slightly more weathered women on the other side seemed to be a little obsessed with her and seemed to be following her around.
      I even think I saw a few of them turn leprechaun green but I can’t to be sure to be sure.

      I understand the tall blond you’re all discussing even got so upset at the sight of this beautiful young girl that she was trying to take her picture but she could not get a good shot.
      She then said to beautiful young girl “Don’t worry, I’ll get you later” which sounded scarily like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-X_jTl4zOE

      This was despite the fact that beautiful girl didn’t even have a dog with her.

      The beautiful young girl was also asked by a boy on the other side if she was paid to be there by Ahava. I can assure you she has taken this as the compliment it was not intended to be.

      Yet more evidence that these “experts” have not visited the region as if they had, they would know that Israeli girls are amongst the most beautiful in the world. And I must say, the boys are not so bad themselves. 😉


    Mr Lloyd, I am indeed the bearded leprechaun disguised as a tramp sat in the corner by Cafe Nero singing Danny Boy into my whiskey bottle. If you look closely, you’ll see my green clothes underneath my trampy ones. I can’t feckin get rid of this green beard and I may have to pop into Ahava for a wax.

    Don’t tell anyone but my whiskey bottle is in fact a disguised camera filming those who like to rent-a-cause and bully small shops. The feckin cowards. We got it all covered Mr Lloyd.

    Are you the other tramp outside the hotel singing Paddy Mcginty? You can at least get the feckin words right! It’s a feckin goat he bought not a boat. This should help you.

    Next time you’re there would you like to duet on Danny Boy?

  18. Daniel Marks


    I have a very close virtual friendship with NoNaziBoycotts, who is definitely not bearded.

    Neither is her husband.

  19. Ouch, Nonaziboycotts is in fact a fesity, big bosomed ladette of Zion. I do apologise. Although you might forgive me because when I spent time in Dimona recently, quite a few of the women were bearded (must have been the nuclear fallout).

    And I must say that your characterisation of me as Fenian is most insulting. As a Lodgeman I have spent much of my life with my purple-trimmed sash, a pair of polished boots and a bowler hat, walking the streets of Ulster with pride, in the knowledge that just like the Jewish nation has a divine right to the land of Palestine, I have a divine right to Ulster, and her women.

    So bring me my flute, and let it be known that no matter what, no matter where, I will march beside you, like I used to march down the Garvaghy Road, to wherever you want. Because it is my right.

    For God and Ulster. No Surrender. God Bless the Queen.


      Indeed it must be the alleged nuclear. Interestingly Tom, I’d also thought I seen the same down your way but I thought the facial hair problem was more to with the lasses mother also being their brother although that could be just a nasty rumour? Not sure my Irish grandparents would appreciate me falling for nasty rumours about their fellow Irish men. Even though they’ve long departed from this world, one must always show respect for one’s partial roots.

      Angelic people were my grandparents Mr Lloyd. Quite innocent too, they wouldn’t know an anti-Semitic scum if he jumped up hit them over the head with a hardback copy of The Elders of Zion.

      I sure would know one though. And so much so that I wouldn’t even need to be hit over the head with their hardback manifesto whilst they whistle to the tune of G-d save the Queen.

      Indeed G-d save her and may he save us from Charles and Camilla too.

      Good day sir.

  20. ‘And I must say that your characterisation of me as Fenian is most insulting. As a Lodgeman I have spent much of my life with my purple-trimmed sash, a pair of polished boots and a bowler hat, walking the streets of Ulster with pride, in the knowledge that just like the Jewish nation has a divine right to the land of Palestine, I have a divine right to Ulster, and her women.’

    Well, that goes to show how prejudiced you are: that is not the situation of the land of Israel, Jews and Zionism: the Jews have been regarded as a people dispossessed of temple, city and land for most of Christian and Islamic history, leading to their being regarded in the 19th and 20th centuries as more nationally Judean, or ‘Palestinian’, than European or, say, Arab, and their being either killed or effectively expelled: before 1914 mostly to America, after 1914 mostly to Palestine or what became Israel.

    Which is why Israel is the second or largest Jewish community in the world today.

    That is not remotely your situation and, if you think it is, you are as ignorant a boor as you sound.

  21. ‘The beautiful young girl was also asked by a boy on the other side if she was paid to be there by Ahava. I can assure you she has taken this as the compliment it was not intended to be.’

    Unbelievably prejudiced aren’t they? Only beauty and truth are on their side.


      Agreed although I can’t say I saw much beauty or truth on their side so I think they may be projecting themselves onto us. It’s a classic human default, especially for those who are factually constipated with no self awareness.

  22. It’s kind of a rerun of the Jew = Ugly syndrome, except now “Jew” is “Zionist”.

  23. Daniel Marks

    I apologize to Yvetta. I confused the word bourgeois for gorgeous. You’re right the lady is blond and bourgeois-looking.

    Can we have a picture of the ” beautiful young girl”?

  24. Jonathan Hoffman

    I see a dumb brunette.

    I see no dumb blonde.

  25. Daniel Marks

    There is something particularly sickening about those Jewish anti-Semites. The fact that they are Jewish, to my mind, makes them far more disgusting than their gentile brothers-in-arms.

    I know that some of the original backers were Jewish too. I once heard a story of one of them being dragged into a gas chamber trying to explain to his Nazi guards that they wouldn’t have had their job if it weren’t for him.

    I have no idea if the story is true, but it should be.

  26. “From the River to the Sea…” should persuade anyone that all you are dealing with is a bunch of pro-arab Nationalists- quasi fascist nationalists at that.

  27. That awful woman with the megaphone at teh Ahava demo who only speaks three words repetitively giving all passers by an earful is a strong arguement for the banning of megaphones at demos. Noise pollution shouldn;t equate with free speech.