Anti-Jewish jokes and selectivity at SOAS

Last night at SOAS the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network presented a talk by Uri Davis called Stop the JNF: Stop Greenwashing Apartheid. The JNF is the Jewish National Fund.

Davis is an activist author, a member of Fatah and an observer member of the PLO. He is a Muslim of Jewish origin and calls for one democratic state for two peoples on equal footing, the two peoples being the Palestinian Arab people and the Palestinian Jewish people. (Another Palestinian state, basically.)

As you can see from my five minutes of footage above I was one of at least four people in the room recording the talk with a camera when I was asked to switch mine off. Not that Uri Davis or Selma James, who was the Chair, objected or even know me but as you can see at 3 mins 41 seconds Ms James receives a note which she reads.

After I question why I should turn it off when others can continue to film Ms James takes a vote. 95% of the audience in the lecture theatre don’t know me but virtually all of them raise their arms. Ironically, you can see all the other cameras being trained on me while I’m asked to turn mine off. With the atmosphere turning hostile and security called I had to comply, although SOAS is now investigating this selectivity.

The event itself focused on undermining Israel through challenging the JNF in the courts. Davis accused the JNF of “complicity with ethnic cleansing”, for example by planting trees on old Arab villages. He suggested that Gordon Brown and Tony Blair should be similarly challenged for being JNF patrons.

Davis made the allegation that politicians are in the pay of the Zionist lobby:
“The Zionist lobby has been for decades much more powerful than we have been. Its intervention into Parliament has been much more effective because it is easier to intimidate or bribe a politician than it is to intimidate or bribe a justice.”

We then had a presentation from smashEDO made by Pete of International Solidarity Movement and Robin. smashEdo goes into factories it doesn’t like and smashes them up. EDO manufactures parts for Israel.

Pete gave us an update on court proceedings currently taking place against a group of actvists who smashed up an EDO factory in Brighton in January 2009 and he was encouraged that the judge seems to be accepting political arguments like evidence from the Goldstone Report. smashEDO view their own behaviour as non-violent seeing as, according to Pete, they are “preventing further crimes”.

This is what smashEDO does of a day out:

Next, Michael told us about a petition that has been drafted against the JNF for only Jews to sign. They wanted to make it clear through the petition that the JNF was Zionist, not Jewish and that “it wasn’t a fund, it was a fraud. It was a means of covering up decades of ethnic cleansing”.

Then, Ms James expressed satisfaction that Gil Scott-Heron and Elvis Costello had decided to boycott Israel, although they had failed with Joan Armatrading. According to Ms James this was “unsurprising as Joan Armatrading has always been right wing. I believe she’s a ‘black Tory’. They do have them”.

We were told that the Holocaust was not an exception and Ms James stated that “as Israel falls more injustices will be revealed. For example, Sri Lanka has a better chance as Israel goes down. We are fighting Zionisms on many fronts”.

Finally, while a hat was being passed round for financial contributions Uri Davis told a joke:

“A catholic priest, a protestant priest and a rabbi decide to hold a charity day and at the end they have to decide what to do with the money. The Protestant priest thinks they should draw a circle on the floor and throw the money in the air. What lands inside the circle is ‘G-d’s money’ and therefore goes to charity and what lands outside is for us to divide up for ourselves. The Catholic priest thinks that a good idea but the money should be thrown in the air and what lands outside the circle is ‘G-d’s money’ and should go to charity and what lands inside the circle should be for us. The Jewish Rabbi disagrees. He thinks they should throw all the money in the air and what G-d wants He takes and what falls down we take.” Cue laughter and applause.

I cannot see the relevance of this joke in the context of the meeting but I do know that had a similar joke been made about, for example, blacks or Muslims there would have been valid anger, not laughter and applause.

I have to say that, having studied there, SOAS is one of the world’s great universities for both academic study and for the environment that it engenders among people of all faiths and none for open, lively and peaceful debate. SOAS only provided the room and had no say in the proceedings last night but what I heard in that room is not something that should be allowed in to any British University. Davis, James and the audience shamed themselves.

41 responses to “Anti-Jewish jokes and selectivity at SOAS

  1. “I was asked to switch mine off.”

    What have they got to hide?

  2. Leonie Lachmish

    If I were holding a symposium for my cause, I’d be delighted about more and more people filming it. You were forced to turn off the camera. What are they worried about?

  3. Re the guy who passes the note to her: interesting scarf!

  4. Go the voyeur way: hide it next time in your cap.

  5. Daniel Marks

    Yisrael Medad is a trouble maker, always has been.

    It’s a not particularly funny old joke that we’ve all heard Jews tell each other a million times. I guess in that context it sounded shockingly anti-Semitic.

    Richard, might I suggest that you bring some “soldiers” with you next time. I’ve heard of brave, but this is ridiculous!

  6. Hi, Daniel. Always appreciate your input. Your output is another matter. Cheers!

  7. david walls

    The joke and the joker are clearly stating that your case is ridiculous, you terrorise others relentlessly, without any worry, but a joke upsets you terribly. You leave yourselves wide open to ridicule. Your patrons comments below your blog entries try to engage in ridicule constantly, doesn’t work. When you lie and get ridiculed, it is very upsetting, as the only place then left to go to is the enemy, also known as the truth. All terrorising nations suffer from believability by pass sin drone, like the Star of Bethlehem, it is always overhead, like a halo, but less illuminating. You see, there we go, I’m being funny and serious at the same time, nobody died, not yet anyway. If you don’t like my joke(s), that means they are good and topical. Just working the crowd over, so they’ll love my poem.

  8. Selma James is clearly commited to the destruction of Israel.

  9. Daniel Marks

    “You see, there we go, I’m being funny and serious at the same time” – david (with a small d”)

    You may put it down to the fact that I “terrorise others relentlessly” or maybe it’s my old age and reading comprehension problems, but where exactly was your funny bit?

    • david walls

      Sorry I didn’t realise you could be so intentionally, deliberately,unfunny, it was a double dd but the milk is running low, we’re being quarantined for the cleansing of our souls and reprogramming. I have great faith in the system(atic torture and maiming of my country and its seemingly, non people. I have become a toking Palaced Indian for the prepose of this peace.

      You could also try abusing a defrent laffabet, more fun, less stress for the soul you’re in.

  10. Yvetta Bagel

    What a boring droning speaker that guy is! I seem to recognise the old boy with the bald pate who turned to have a squizz at you, Richard, as being in the Press TV audience when JH was on the panel.


    Speaking of terrorising others relentlessly, has anyone heard from Gamil regarding his constipated camels?

    Gamil if you’re out there reading this, could we please have a progress report?

    Also Gamil, do you mind me asking? Are you married? Do you have more than one wife?

    If you do have more than one wife, do you think they like having to share their husband?

    Many thanks.

  12. Gamil Elias

    I’m not a terrorist. I’m a retired freedom fighter.

    We try to quit before the age of 16 as Palestinian children are more photogenic than Palestinian youths, and fully grown we’re as ugly as Ehud Olmert before he has had his hairs cut.

    Thank you. By the grace of Allah our camels are defecating as never before. Every time I see them doing so I think of David Walls, may his name be exalted and may his children never be know the tears of an orphan.

    Yes, I am married. I have two wives as it would be cruel for one of them to have to carry the gas balloons on her head by herself.

    The Qur’an teaches us:

    “And if you fear that you cannot act equitably towards orphans, then marry such women as seem good to you, two and three and four” Surah 4 Verse 3

    I too have heard of Israel Medad. I believe he took part in the assassination of Arlozoroff. He is a dangerous man and should not be allowed on the blog!

    Best wishes,


  13. Clap Hammer

    It’s very interesting that they are sensitive to cameras. Rather defines them.

    No doubt they support ‘Free Speech’ as long as it is their ‘Free Speech’. So typical of extremists all over the world.

  14. Michael Goldman

    While the rest of you are continuing your petty squables David and Gamil have managed to bring peace to the blog through camel dung.
    Gamil is surely deserving of the respect of all of us concerning his humanitarian behaviour towards his wives.
    He is of course quite correct those gas baloons are extremely heavy and Gamil is lucky to have two such sturdy companions who are able to effortlessly carry them home on their (probably now rather flat) heads.

  15. Is it true that only in the area of Israel’s borders do Arab women precede their men rather than the usual practice of walking meekly behind? And that’s because of the danger of mines?


    Thanks Gamil for those fascinating insights.
    I’m pleased your wives can share the gas balloon carrying duties. I’m all for equality.

    I also wanted to ask you that I note that sometimes the shahids are married men (granted as you say it’s mostly the younger, susceptible and photogenic ones).
    How does the earthly wife/wives of this shahid feel about the 74 doe eyed virgins in the sky?

    Does she mostly
    A) Have a sisterly feeling towards them ?
    B) Want to scratch their eyes out in her jealous rage?
    C) Want to thank them for taking the buffoon of her hands?
    D) All of the above?

    Also something we sometimes wonder about from our side,is the following:

    If somewhere a crackpot rabbi would say to his students “You must go and blow yourselves up and become a martyr in the name of religion”, the cheeky yeshiva students would definitely respond with “perhaps rabbi you can first show us how this is done?” Studious, yes. Suckers, no.

    It is indeed puzzling why this does not happen your end? Does the student not ask of the leader to lead by example?

    Maybe Gamil you can introduce this idea as I strongly feel this leading by example initiative would be mutually beneficial for all participating parties and can be key in bringing about peace in the Middle East.


    Richard well done for this. I love that you interrupted Mr Pompous in his monotone monologue. Nice work! Good on ya.

    Why does the white haired man sat next to Mr Pompous speak with a womans voice?

    And why is everyone calling him a woman?

    Is he a woman?

    Even though I suspect the audience are more comfortable with Jews wearing yellow armbands, for avoidance of doubt, I think we should take our blue and white flags next time.

    We can stand up and sing Hatikva at the end. I’m sure they’ll love it.

  18. Daniel Marks

    I feel that too much celebrity staus is being endowed upon Gamil and we’re beginning to lose sight of the topic of this blog which is supposed to be anti-Semitic jokes. Talking of anti-Semitic jokes, where’s dave (with a small d) Walls gone?

    So this rabbi and priest have been arguing theology all their lives. They’ve appeared on the radio and TV numerous times together and even co-authored a book about Judeo-Christian dialectics.

    The rabbi gets older and sick and calls his Christian priest friend to his death bed. The latter is shocked to hear that the old Jew wishes to convert to Christianity.

    A quick ceremony is performed, water is thrown etc and at the end the priest turns to the rabbi and asks:

    “Why did you leave it so long? You must tell me why in your final moments you chose to convert.”

    “Well,” answered the rabbi, breathing out his final breath, “I thought about it and figured, better that a goy should die.”

    Is that joke anti-Semitic or anti-Gentilic?

  19. richardmillett

    Daniel, very funny but you kind of prove my point. You light-heartedly bash Christians but would you dare do that to all religions?

  20. Well done Rodney. You showed those pseudo-communists the spirit of ’67. At least you put up a better fight than those commandos.


    Well Daniel, the last I heard of Mr Walls he said that the camel milk is running low and he has been quarantined for the cleansing of his soul and reprogramming.

    I think in plain English that means he’s having a Mel Gibson moment:

    -Semi self-aware
    -Ceremoniously asking for help from his affliction

    Give him a moment. He’ll be back to his fully fledged anti-Semitic self in a jiffy without slurring his words as if nothing happened.

    Glad that cleared that up.

    Now, who’s got a good joke out there?

    On a more serious note someone sent me this. I haven’t seen it for a long time. The commentary is excellent and the footage horrifying. May G-d have mercy on the victims of these monsters.

    Gamil I’m not sure you should watch this as you may find it upsetting to see your brothers behaving like this.

    Mr Walls, when you’ve sobered up, your incoherent comments regarding this video would respectfully be appreciated.

  22. Daniel Marks

    “Daniel, very funny but you kind of prove my point.”

    Glad I could be of help.

    “You light-heartedly bash Christians but would you dare do that to all religions?”

    All the ones I know, yes.

  23. One questions the legality of asking you not to film in what is essentially a public gathering. Were the Police attending? Did anyone in the room have proof that they were allowed to record the content. Have you discussed this with Police? Or just let these ignorant folk get on with their petty meaningless lives..


    Also Richard your polite request of

    “Please may I keep filming?”

    really reminded me of Oliver Twist with the gentle

    “Please sir, may I have some more?”

    Mr Pompous and Mrs (if you insist it’s a woman) Pompous are then so cruel to you, just like those cruel well fed fatties are to Oliver Twist when he asks for more.

    What a pair of conceited wankers.

    I’m pretty sure they would also refuse an underfed orphan some more porridge. They look the types.

  25. Rightous Jew

    Your acted like a real putz Richard! How embarrassing and humiliating! That’s what you get for trying to film a speaker without permission.

    • richardmillett

      The issue wasn’t the permission, it was me. Were I an anti-Zionist, i.e. one of their supporters, it would not have been a problem.

  26. Gamil Elias

    After the above video, some explanations are in order:

    The Wedding Incident

    1. The firing of guns at wedding ceremonies is a traditional Arab sign of celebration.

    2. The Hamas were not beating the groom. This is a belated bachelor party that got a little out of hand. Boys will be boys.

    3. If the groom was killed he will, according to the “hadith” (number 2,562) he will receive at least 80,000 servants and 72 wives and he won’t even have to pay the caterer.

    4. The chairs were destroyed because they were purchased from the Zionist Keter Garden Furniture Company that sells to illegal Jewish settlements.

    The Random Street Shootings

    1. You cannot compare the humiliation of being checked at an Israeli roadblock with the pride and joy of being shot in the street by Islamic heroes who invoke the name of Allah as they do so.

    2. It was a hot day and the Fatah men asked to be allowed to remove their shirts.

    3. What you see is not an execution, but a traditional Moslem tradition. Each man holds the back of the man in front of him and they dance to the rhythm of bullets. (Bullets provided by EEC funding).

    9/11 Dancing

    1. The joy was over the fact that the third Twin Tower was not attacked.

    2. The ugly fat woman with the glasses in my aunt Fatima. Thank you for saying that she looks like a human.
    We are seeking a husband for her – Mike?

    3. The finger sign is not a victory sign. It is an ancient Arab mourning gesture and means, “Just as my two figures are standing, the buildings shall stand again.”

    Any further questions?

    Best wishes,

  27. I don’t know what happend at 3 mins 41 . . . Davis’s drone sent me to sleep long before that.

    Surely even “Gestapo” Gert must be more entertaining company . . .

  28. Thanks for attending this, Richard.

    I’ve emailed Professor Colin Shindler and Dr Catherine Hezser of Israel and Jewish studies at SOAS whether they knew of the meeting.

  29. The joke is an Jewish joke, I can’t say it is innately antisemitic, but in context. But it is odd from a Jew who has converted to Islam.

  30. I don’t see how they can insist you turn off your camera. It isn’t their premises, and unless SOAS stipulates you have to turn off your camera, I do not see why they have the right.

  31. Daniel Marks

    Having finally listened to Davis’ lecture to hear what he had to say, rather than just waiting for the Richard bit, I thought that what he was saying was quite interesting.

    He’s not charismatic, but he’s intelligent and nothing much he said was factually wrong.

  32. Yvetta Bagel

    This page doesn’t load instantaneously, but is worth the (short) wait:
    Learn more about Apartheid in The Middle East; go to

  33. Davis is the equivalent of a Jewish born Palestinian Arab Muslim MP. He is putting forward a Palestinian Arab Muslim nationalist narrative.


    But I’d like to observe that, while it is true that only a small area of Palestine was swamp, that small area was 100% responsible for the malaria which periodically afflicted it.

    Also, the forbidding you to film was absurd. Filming a lecture is a different matter, because the lecturer is keen to protect his intellectual property. Davis said it was OK, then deferred to his audience, which is like a lecturer deferring to his students as to whether one student can film him.

  34. ‘Davis said it was OK, then deferred to his audience, which is like a lecturer deferring to his students as to whether one student can film him.’

    It’s bullying.

  35. ‘ while it is true that only a small area of Palestine was swamp’

    Further it’s significance is considerably greater when you consider that only 17-20% of the land in Mandate Palestine was estimated arable and that Jewish methods meant that their smaller area under cultivation was relatively speaking more productive.

  36. richardmillett

    The whole thing was quite hilarious, really. During the Q&A one guy was pointing at me calling me the “typical face of Zionism” and we don’t know each other from Adam. Farcical. I have no idea why they wanted me not to film. They had no right to ask me to switch off. SOAS policy is all can film or no one can.

  37. ‘The whole thing was quite hilarious, really. During the Q&A one guy was pointing at me calling me the “typical face of Zionism” and we don’t know each other from Adam. Farcical. ‘

    Well, 100 years ago, before any state of Israel existed, it would have been the ‘typical face of Judaism’.

  38. Your film about Uri Davis’s speech and how they blocked you from filming speaks volumes about the paranoia and insecurity of most of those who were present and their total lack of any semblance of democratic values –
    Thanks for exposing these nutters .