Saturday in London; No place for a Zionist

London, today, was not a place for a good Zionist boy, or girl for that matter, to be out and about in.

The usual anti-Israel protest outside Ahava was to be followed by a march of 50,000 from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy (only around 2,000 turned up, although the organisers will claim 50,000).

As for the anti-Israel throng outside Ahava, the protesters were there for an hour and some scuffles broke out as the protesters insisted on standing near the entrance and harassing shoppers repeatedly with cries of “shame on you” as they came out with Ahava products. One woman was separated from her husband as they each tried to escape the insults thrown at them

Ahava’s manager was also harassed with cries of “shame” when she came out of the shop to try to have the protesters moved away from the shop front (I won’t upload footage of these incidents out of respect for the manager and the shoppers concerned).

The protesters’ songs alternated between “Israeli mud, Palestinian blood” and “From the River to the see, Palestine will be free”, which exposes the lie that they are only interested in the so-called “illegal” settlements.

Their real aim is for the Jewish state to disappear.

They had to cut short this protest after an hour to head to Downing Street for the main event.

The pro-Israel activists would have followed but there was genuine concern about raising the Israeli flag there, some would call it suicide, especially as we now know that some so-called “peace activists” carry knives and fire bombs with them, judging by the weapons haul on the Mavi Marmara.

But what has Britain come to when people cannot go for a simple shop without being harassed and abused or where people are now scared to carry out the perfectly legal and democratic act of raising another country’s flag in the public sphere?

UNSCR 242 implies the settlements are legal. Next!

More from wednesday night’s pro-Israel demo.


101 responses to “Saturday in London; No place for a Zionist

  1. Yvetta Bagel

    These fanatics are bullies – and bullying is (or was) a very unBritish quality, when all is said and done.
    If they force the Ahava shop to close it will only encourage them in their despicable longterm aims.

  2. Yvetta Bagel

    Didn’t take them long to repeat the ZF/EDL smear, did it?
    They are the ones behaving like fascists.
    (Wishing Jonathan all the very best on his Al Beeb appearance today – will be toasting him with a nice cup of green tea!)

  3. Every time I hear of these misguided protestors turning up there I make sure I buy extra Ahava products.

  4. Imagine having to work in a neighbouring shop through that racket! Someone should give them a slap.

    As for the female protesters, one of those “good Zionist boys” – one who doesn’t mind unshaved, unwashed birds – should give them something else (such ‘women’ are, of course, only there out of frustration).

  5. Jew of conscience

    Someday the people of the UK will look pack with pride on these kinds of acts that are now appearing throughout the UK in outrage of the rogue Israeli apartheid state (and business that are connected with it) and support for all who demand the end of zionist occupation, equality for all and the return of Palestinian refugees. And that is the issue here today, not the protestors, but the rights of the Palestinian people.

    Civil disobedience is a time honoured tradition of fighting injustice when all other methods have failed. Who amonst you is not proud of the actions of Emily Parkhurst and the suffragettes to achieve votes for women?, the actions of Rosa Parks and supporters of equal rights for all races in America who practised civil disobedience?, the actions of anti war demonstrators throughout the world who helped end the Vietnam War?, as well as the international effort that helped to end apartheid?

    These demonstrators are good and principled human beings and all British Jews and gentiles should all be proud of their courage, actions and honesty.

  6. “Equality for all”? Unless you are female, gay, Christian, Fatah, non-Fundamentalist, . . .

    And how can you talk of “pride”, you prick, when you don’t even publish your name?!

    • Jew of conscience

      Your gutter vocabulary speaks for itself what kind of people zionists are. I will not stoop to your level.

      It is plain to see that you have no conscience.

    • Jew of conscience

      …or intelligence for that matter.

  7. Gamil Elias

    “such ‘women’ are, of course, only there out of frustration” –

    This, of course, is nonsense as Mike well knows.

    There are usually male Zionists, female Zionists, male anti-Zionists/Semites and female anti-Zionists/Semites. It is absurd to suggest that the female anti-Semites are any more sexually frustrated than any of the other three groups.

    There are plenty of true things to say about our opponents. Why make up rubbish?

  8. Alissa Goldberg

    If that uncouth slob J******n identifies with Isra-hell so much, he should go live there; I can recommend a nice place in Hebron. Why is he on the BBC Richard? Isnt’ there enough comedy tv already?

    As a public service to your visitors, for the ZF/EDL connection go to

    JoC is right, we should all be proud of the people demonstrating outside Ahava. They are doing the right thing. I think I’ll join them next time.


    Welcome Unconscious Jew! You grace us with more of your comatose mumblings I see. Wow, lucky us. Did you have time to review what Daniel Marks wrote to you about your confusion of Judaism and mixing your ancient pronouns up? You know, you got the essential “loving the/thy or thee neighbour” wrong. I just wanted to be sure because as your name indicates, you are here to teach us all how to be better Jews and how to be defenders of the faith. It is important that we see you know what you are talking about otherwise it just sounds like rambling nothingness and we’ll need to turn the radio up to save you embarrassing yourself even more.

    Equating yourself with Rosa Parks is akin to making the world believe “that Hamas is Mother Theresa” or that the”IDF is Jack the Ripper” (that’s the words sung by the Piss Activists not mine so don’t paintball the messenger, ok chica?)

    What can I say? Some cowards are of the opinion that bullying should transcend the school yard. I am of the opinion that we should fiercely oppose sickening Nazi style boycotts. Not to mention the harassment of the general public.

    How disgusting and gut wrenching you all are targeting and bullying this shop. How can you stand shoulder to shoulder with people who chant ABOUT PUSHING MY RELEATIVES INTO THE SEA!!!!!!????? Was 6 million not enough for you? What sadistic fuckery you subscribe to. And you make yourself out to be righteous by this???!!!

    When you’re done getting your head checked for defects, go and hang it in shame and count the days until you can be out there again chanting those evil chants about my family being pushed into the sea. It’s never going to happen.
    Am Yisrael Chai vekayam ya ben zona.

  10. “Achi” Gamil,

    I write from experience . . .

    I have devoted years to my goal of f*cking as many female Zionists (i.e., Israelis) as my ageing body will allow. Alas, only with a 1 in 5 success rate.

    I am certain that if I swapped sides and tried my luck with the hairy, unwashed, anti-Zionist bints, my success rate would shoot up to 3 in 10.

    Love to the goats,


  11. richardmillett

    Alissa, is it necessary to be so personal? That aside would you say the same to an African or Asian immigrant or do you confine yourself to just suggesting that Jews leave the UK? In short, you make quite a racist comment there.

  12. Gamil Elias


    You have a very filthy mouth. Maybe that is why even Zionist women do not want to copulate with you.

  13. Alissa Goldberg

    What’s so racist Richard about the words “uncouth” or “slob”? Would “mentally challenged” be more appropriate? If I loved any country so much, I would emigrate. Do you realise that more and more more Jews are leaving Israel than ever before? This is because Israel is a state that’s out of control, like a mad dog or a drunk driver.

    No Asian or African immigrant I ever met ever supported apartheid, racism, injustice, state sanctioned murder, oppression, imprisonment of children, house demolitions, murdering of unarmed peace workers, theft of land, torture, assasination, theft of natural resources, piracy, ignoring international laws, intentional pollution of drinking water. I can go on, but I’ll leave it there.

  14. Daniel Marks

    1. Unless proven otherwise I do not believe that “Jew of conscience” is a member of the Jewish faith.

    2. I suspect now that Gert may not really exist, but he might be a pen-name of Gamil.

    3. Gamil himself seems to have incredibly inconsistent English, not to mention the fact that one day he’s a buffoon and one day he writes at a higher level than any of us.

    4. I do not believe that Mike would make those ridiculously sexist remarks, but suspect he may be Gerty’s Mate using his name.

    5. I strongly suspect that I may not be myself, but am, in fact, a more interesting and better looking alter-ego of Adam.

    6. I’m pretty sure that NONAZIBOYCOTTS has a red hat.

  15. Zionist Israeli women can be quite filthy themselves, young Gamil . . . and, unlike most of their Diaspora counterparts, many of them have even been known to indulge in sex after marriage.

  16. Ahalan Wasahalan

    @Jew of conscience
    If you have so much of a conscience, perhaps you would care to respond to:

    “The protesters’ songs alternated between “Israeli mud, Palestinian blood” and “From the River to the sea, Palestine will be free”, which exposes the lie that they are only interested in the so-called “illegal” settlements.

    Their real aim is for the Jewish state to disappear.”

    I went undercover to the 2,000 people demo – thankfully I’m English so no one could tell. The same chants continued. On the same stage calls were made that “Israel had no right for security”. Hamas, Hizbullah and other flags adorned with Swastikas were flying everywhere.

    When put to the Socialist Worker activists that the chanting meant an end to Israel, with only Palestine in its place, they feigned surprise, and denied that this was what was meant. I suggested that I would buy them an atlas for their birthday or perhaps an internet connection so they could check what “From the River to the sea” meant on Google Maps.

    • Jew of conscience

      @Ahalan Wasahalan (if that is your real name): Alissa Goldberg, unlike you, a REAL Jew of conscience hit the nail on the head:

      “Israel, as an exclusively Jewish state does not have a right to exist, just as apartheid South Africa doesn’t, as there were people living there before the Zionists stole the land and murdered many of the original inhabitants. When the state of Palestine is established – which will eventually happen – Israeli citizens will become Palestinian citizens. Israeli politicians and military officers responsible for Zionist war crimes WILL BE brought to justice. When that day comes, Israel will end its siege of Gaza, its illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian land, its discrimination against non-Jewish citizens and its denial of the right of return to the hundreds of thousands it has expelled. Jews and Palestinians will be equals in a single state. It may just happen in our lifetime”

      The fact that you listen to what the SWP says speaks volumes about your political illiteracy. In the UK, we have the right of free expression. Oppressed Palestinians are denied that right. I’ve been to Palestine and have seen firsthand the Israeli apartheid state in action. Have you ever been outside of London? I doubt it.

      Listen to your conscience: Jews don’t kill, Jews don’t steal and Jews believe in kindness, altruism and compassion.

      Can you say the same about Israel? No. Listen to the sound of Palestinians being tortured, children being arrested, houses being demolished, of an oppressed people being ethnically cleansed, restrictions on freedom of movement. Listen to the sound of unarmed peace workers being shot in the head at close range. One soldier who shot 6 of them is in line to receive a medal. He should be caged for life at the very least.

      Israel, Ahava, your days are numbered…

      Listen to your conscience.

      • Ahalan Wasahalan

        @Jew of conscience, I will respond to your points with more respect than they deserve. Hopefully, you will have the decency to try and see the truth, instead of the lies that you are currently spreading.

        “Israel, as an exclusively Jewish state does not have a right to exist”

        First, Israel is not exclusively Jewish, and all its minorities are represented equally in the public and private sector. As you may have seen this week, there was a lively debate when the Member of Knesset Zuabi made her speech. If Israel was exclusively Jewish, she would not have the vote, much less be voted into parliament.

        “there were people living there before the Zionists stole the land and murdered many of the original inhabitants.”

        Yes, there were Jews and Arabs living there for hundreds of years before Zionism. In the 19th century (at the same time that the US was colonising the west), Jews started BUYing up land in the region of the Ottoman empire that was to become Israel. They paid for the land, they did not steal it. The people who were murdered were Jews – in the 1920s and 1930s, when throngs of Arabs, incited by the religious Muslim leadership conducted lynches of Jewish residents.

        “When the state of Palestine is established – which will eventually happen – Israeli citizens will become Palestinian citizens.”

        Somehow, I’m not particularly looking forward to being a Palestinian citizen, thank you. I’d rather live in a 21st century country than be subjugated to 14th century Islamic law.

        “Israeli politicians and military officers responsible for Zionist war crimes WILL BE brought to justice.”

        Not even worth a response. But if you’re intent on justice, perhaps you would like to start with a little introspection. Start with the war crimes committed by Muslim countries. Jordan, who in Black September (what you no doubt would call “era of regrettable events”) killed 10,000 of your Palestinian brothers. Or perhaps Sudan, where the genocide (400,000 and counting) continues?

        “When that day comes, Israel will end its siege of Gaza”

        Well, Israel won’t exist will it, so no point in a siege…

        “Its illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian land”

        Hmm… again, no Israel. No one to buy up the land.

        “its discrimination against non-Jewish citizens”

        Who have equal rights today…

        “its denial of the right of return to the hundreds of thousands it has expelled.”

        Who fled their homes upon instructions from the Arab states who thought they would destroy Israel. Tough luck for you, they didn’t.

        “Jews and Palestinians will be equals in a single state. It may just happen in our lifetime”

        Just like Jews continued to live as equals in Iraq, Yemen and other Arab countries after 1948? No, 600,000 of them were expelled and had to flee to Israel as REFUGEES, where they built a life for themselves. Unlike some refugees who have been moaning and whinging for 62 years instead of doing something about their lives.

        “The fact that you listen to what the SWP says speaks volumes about your political illiteracy.”

        What you wrote speaks volumes about your inability to read English. The Palestinians and they union friends on stage were all chanting together. And you have proven in writing what I claimed – that you wish to annihilate Israel. The SWP just proved that they are clueless.

        “In the UK, we have the right of free expression. Oppressed Palestinians are denied that right. I’ve been to Palestine and have seen firsthand the Israeli apartheid state in action. Have you ever been outside of London? I doubt it.”

        Shows how much you know. I’ve been to 33 countries to date, of which I’ve lived in 7, including Israel. I think you must have been high when you went, or you would have seen how equality works between Jew and Arab in Israel.

        “Listen to your conscience: Jews don’t kill, Jews don’t steal and Jews believe in kindness, altruism and compassion.”

        That’s a load of bullshit right there. Jews are like any other people, LOL.

        “Can you say the same about Israel? No. Listen to the sound of Palestinians being tortured”

        Show me the footage.

        “children being arrested”

        If you mean 14 year olds throwing 20 kilo boulders off rooftops at people, then yes, they are arrested, as they are in the UK.

        “houses being demolished”

        Houses illegally constructed, instead of adhering to planning committee rules are demolished, yes. Same thing happens to Jewish houses, by the way.

        “of an oppressed people being ethnically cleansed”

        Ethnic cleansing? That sounds like firing squads and mass murder. How is it that there’s no footage? In this day and age, when everyone (yes, including your poor Palestinian brothers) have cameraphones…

        “Restrictions on freedom of movement.”

        Yes, to stop them blowing up buses and people trying to go about their daily lives.

        “Listen to the sound of unarmed peace workers being shot in the head at close range.”

        Probably by their own “peaceful” Hamas/IHH terrorists to make it look good…

        “One soldier who shot 6 of them is in line to receive a medal. He should be caged for life at the very least.”

        Caged? Is that how you would do it? I hope he gets two medals. He saved the other soldiers from your murderous lynch squad.

        “Israel, Ahava, your days are numbered…
        Listen to your conscience.”

        I am, and my conscience tells me that I’d rather not take my chances with your lot…

  17. Gamil Elias


    We say that a woman can hide her love for 40 years, but her disgust and anger not for one day. Perhaps this is your problem.

    In my school if boys talked like you our teacher washed out their mouths with water and with soap.

    ‘May you be stewed and boiled by a high fever, you son of a dog.’

    All the Best


  18. Jew of no conscience, which other state in the world do you advocate a boycott of? There is real apartheid (as opposed to the imaginary kind) in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Jordan and in the Hamas run Gaza and PA run areas.

    Do you boycott them?

  19. The best response is to buy Ahava as much as possible, which I do. I urge others who care about the Jewish state to do the same.

    They really are very good!

  20. Goldberg, do you think Israel has a right to exist? If so, how do you defend the phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine sahll be free”?

    • Alissa Goldberg

      Israel, as an exclusively Jewish state does not have a right to exist, just as apartheid South Africa doesn’t, as there were people living there before the Zionists stole the land and murdered many of the original inhabitants. When the state of Palestine is established – which will eventually happen – Israeli citizens will become Palestinian citizens. Israeli politicians and military officers responsible for Zionist war crimes WILL BE brought to justice.

      When that day comes, Israel will end its siege of Gaza, its illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian land, its discrimination against non-Jewish citizens and its denial of the right of return to the hundreds of thousands it has expelled. Jews and Palestinians will be equals in a single state.

      It may just happen in our lifetime.

      • richardmillett

        on your definition no country has a right to exist so why persecute just Israel? anyway the Jews have always lived there so your argument is nonsensical.

  21. Gamil Elias


    You son of a constipated camel. Have you ever looked for the word apartheid in the Wikipedia:

    “partheid (Afrikaans pronunciation: [ɐˈpɐrtɦəit], separateness) was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government in South Africa between 1948 and 1994,”

    It has no connections to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Syria or Jordan. You are very ignorant, but at least you are more politer than filthy Mike.

    May a million ants crawl into your armpit while you are sleeping.

    All the best,


  22. Adam, I suggest that you refrain from arguing with Gamil about “constipated camel[s]” . . . you will be out of your league!

    “Filthy” Mike

  23. Gamil Elias


  24. That’s funny Gamil – it also has nothing to do with Israel – yet the Israel bashers use it frequently. I suggest you take your problem up with them.

    Ever heard of dhimmitude?

  25. Gamil,

    Are you trying to be funny? And if so, does anyone other than yourself think you are?

  26. Gamil Elias

    Adam :

    At 4:01 you wrote:

    “That’s funny Gamil ..”

    Then at 4:02 you wrote:

    “Are you trying to be funny? And if so, does anyone other than yourself think you are?”

    I think that you are the very forgetful Zionist.

    Mike warned you “you will be out of your league!” if you are argueing with Gamil.

    “A foolish man may be known by six things: Anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.”

  27. david walls

    London today is a bit safer than the Mediterranean high seas of the past week and the very high lead content. Evils aura rarely has an adequate disguise. For a makey up book, the Bible often strikes Gold. David and Goliath, I have yet to hear a voice of reason, that equates Goliath with anything a decent socity should support and nurture. Isreal likes to think of itself as Goliath, as portrayed by their own guilt laced lies, they have been miscast, in a crumbling stone. In the late seventies I used to feel very sorry for poor Isreal, where the price of cars went up twice a day. I was mindless at the time. My position was forced by the sitution in the holiday camps of Beruit. Where children learned to play war at close quarters. They lost, as they died, that they cried made no difference to their mass murderers, with Sharon looking on.
    Sabra and Chatila will never be forgotten, how could you. Of course, it is inconvenient, having all these atrocities to gloss over, but the effortlessness with which it was accomplished 18 months ago, is indicative of the levels to which rational thinking has been scrubbed from the airwaves. That the Isrealy’s need to make others feel, rather than understand their pain, is unacceptable, always. I am going to have to get actively involved in stopping this torture and abuse of an entire people, on the basis that the
    unwritten rules of the game are being broken by a population that refuses to be. I will throw in an appropriate poem later on.

  28. Yvetta Bagel

    Jew of – if you insist – “conscience”, you’d better hurry along and join that flotilla that I’ve heard you and your mates are organising to take a letter and parcel from his sorrowing dad to Gilad Shalit. Great of you and your “humanitarian” comrades to organise it, and to insist that Hamas allows regular Red Cross visits. Ask them nicely to stop killing and mutilating their own dissidents and to stop firing rockets at civilians while you’re at it. I’m sure they’ll listen to your calm voice of reason.
    Also so noble of you to organise that flotilla to Turkey to protest the oppression of Kurdistan, and to march against Chinese atrocities in Tibet, the Moroccan rape of the Westen Sahara, and the Arab onslaught against Darfur (you know, the Darfur from which refugees are risking being shot by their fellow Muslims in Egypt in order to cross to safety in Israel).
    You deserve a medal of courage for marching on the Iranian Embassy in protest at that genocidal bomb-in-progress, for shooting at their own brave citizens in gree, and for hanging gays from lampposts.
    And talking of gays, there are your persistent protests against Uganda and Zimbabwe for their abuse of the human rights of gay people … not to mention all that protest you’ve been doing against the subjection of women in islamic society and against honour killings and female genital mutation.
    Also noble of you to boycott Chinese products in protest of the despicable way they treat animals – boiling cats alive for their fur and beating dogs – while they slowly strangle to death in a noose – in order to make their meat tenderer.
    Forsooth, that’s an awful lot of protesting and boycotting you’re doing – I do hope you find some leisure time and food and other commodities that aren’t in some respect tainted …

  29. Yvetta Bagel

    David, when you “throw in” that poem, have the kindness to spell Israel and Israelis correctly, there’s a good chap.


    Dear Mr Walls,
    I read that and my first thought was it reminds me of something and then I remembered what. I was doing some research recently for a relative with mental health problems. We bought a book which is not makey up called “Abnormal Psychology” . There is a part in there that is not meant for entertainment purposes, yet my husband and myself could not help but crack up all day after reading it. We asked the author of the makey up book you mentioned to forgive us for laughing. I hope he has. I will share this exert with you which is apparently a real exchange between doctor and patient.

    Page 354, chapter 11.
    Doctor: Have you been nervous lately?

    Patient: No, i got a head of lettuce

    Doctor: You got a head of lettuce? I don’t understand.

    Patient: Well it’s just a head of lettuce

    Doctor: Tell me about the lettuce. What do you mean

    Patient: Well….lettuce is transformation of a dead cougar that suffered a relapse on the lion’s toe.
    And he swallowed the lion and something happened. The …see, the….Gloria and Tommy, they’re two heads and they’re not whales. But they escaped the herds of vomit, and things like that.

    Doctor: Who are Tommy and Gloria?

    Patient: Uh…there’s Joe DiMaggio, Tommy Henrich, Bick Dickey, Phil Rizzuto, John Esclavera, Del Crandell, Ted Williams, Micky Mantle, Roy Mantle, Ray Mantle, Bob Chance

    Doctor: Who are they? Who are those people?

    Patient: Dead people…they want to be f*******… this outlaw.

    Doctor: What does all that mean?

    Patient: Well you see, I have to leave the hospital. I was supposed to have an operation on my legs, you know. And it comes to be pretty sickly that i don’t want to keep my legs. That’s why I wish I could have an operation.

    Doctor: You want to have your legs taken off?

    Patient: It’s possible you know

    Doctor: Why would you want to do that?

    Patient: I didn’t have any legs to begin with. So I would imagine that if i was a fast runner, I’d be scared to be a wife, because I had a splinter inside of my head of lettuce. (Neale and Oltmans, 1980, pp.103-104)

    You couldn’t make it up could you?


    Actually Gamil it’s seven things that indicate a foolish man and the missing one is possessing constipated camels. I suggest you give them some fibre.

  32. david walls

    Me being your “good chap” is not agenda specified in the abformality’s I come across daily. The poem is called Isjail, I’m sure you’ll love it. Isreal is like any unjustifiable figment of a heatwaven mind, a mirage on the handshake.
    It would appear that futility in an argument is your strangest suit, murder, beating, slaughter, terrorism, theft of Pass ports, Sharon, The terrorism in Palestine in the 40s. All these dreadful behaviour patterns and more,international state boasted terrorism, to instill your hatred of others rights to exist. I don’t worry about what you say about me, it’s irrelavent to the current situation. The one thing Isreal can never face is fact. If fact intruded on your murderous mayhem, then maybe you’d think.
    The more I strike the snail when it’s dead the more obvious it is that your assumed facts are being stripped down to what they really are, an amazing form of group madness, that insists that if we can’t destroy all we pretend to stand
    for/against, then we’ll all sink together,Schmuck the Schmucken weather.


      I’m guessing that it’s either one of two

      1) Gamil Abdul Elias-Does this constipation of your camels cause the unspent waste to manifest verbally and result in what they claim to be poetry?

      2) Or the author could be the man above talking about his lettuce head and wanting to have his legs removed?

      My moneys on the constipated camels.

  33. Sorry Gamil – I didn’t realize you really were trying to be funny.

    Don’t give up the day job.

  34. Oh dear Goldberg, a bit of ahistoric illiteracy there.
    1. Israel is not an exclusively Jewish country, but it is a Jewish country, in which minorities are afforded equal rights by law.
    2. Jews have always lived in Israel, and did so before the Arab conquests. The idea that they fell from the sky on a strange land is garbage.
    3. By your argument, many countries of the world would have to cease to exist – the Muslim country of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic republic of Iran, and yes, the UK, because its state religion is the Church of England.
    4. More Jewish refugees were created in 1948 than Arab ones. Jews had lived under dhimmi apartheid in the Arab and Islamic worlds for centuries.

    Grow up.

  35. david walls

    I don’t enjoy looking at fellow human beings in such circumstances and I have a certain level of sympathy, given that several of those soldiers cut extremely pathetic figures.
    However, it still doesn’t change the fact that they boarded illegally and the passengers and crew had every right to defend their ships. Such defence against armed attackers is obviously always going to be brutal.
    Given the close nature of the fighting, I’m not surprised that shots were fired, but the shooting was most definitely wreckless, especially when you consider the fact that over fifty people received gunshot wounds. I’m still not convinced that the killings weren’t incidents of murder and not merely self defence, leaving aside the difficulties of claiming self defence when you are in fact the aggressor on board a ship where you are not wanted.

  36. Daniel Marks

    David Wallis,

    You know what you can’t have it both ways Dave.

    If you’re peace activists or aid workers, behave like that. Cooperate with the Israeli Navy, all your (mainly unneeded) stuff will be sent to Gaza after inspection.

    If you’re tough guys and want to “defend….against armed attackers” so be it. However, in the latter eventuality if you get hurt or your mates get killed trying your luck against Israeli soldiers, don’t go crying and pretending to be peace workers again.

    Have the courage to say that you’re a bunch of mercenary scum, you tried your best and lost all the same.

  37. Gamil Elias


    You are laughing at constipated camels but dried camel dung is the major source of our Palestinian energy. We have collected dung in the summer months and dry it in the sun for using in the cold winter months.

    The Zionist occupation forces began a fascist policy of camel constipation, so now we just get many gasses and a very little dung. The camels are in hurting and wail a lot, like Adam.

    No, Adam this is not a joke. This is Gamil’s livelihood, my family have been proud dung merchants for many generations. The Zionist are finding natural gasses to replace our jobs!

    I am appealing to all humanitarians like David Wallis to raising their voices!

  38. Daniel Marks


    I’m no expert in the area of camel dung, but have noticed with interest that camel milk has been used as a laxative.

    Could it be that you are not giving your camels to drink enough from their mother’s milk and this is causing their constipation?

  39. Gamil Elias

    We shall try.

  40. Gamil talks of constipated camels – he ought to know – for thats’s what his name stands for in Arabic! Gamil, Gamal, Jamal; it’s all the same camel dung!


    I don’t know much about camel laxatives but I know that prune juice is what they recommend to women after giving birth to help get things started. Gamil, would your camels down some prune juice? If not then we can probably get some in tablet form. I’ve checked online and they have some called “Scape Goat Relief” for constipated goats. It warns however in the small print that if you give this to camels, then one of the side effects is the camel wanting to copulate with donkeys.

    Gamil, I know that I’m a member of the Zionist Occupation Expansionist War Criminal Imperialist Power (ZOEWCIP) but this is about poor constipated camels wailing in pain so we must lay down our weapons and join occupying forces to relieve the camels.
    Please update us Gamil but spare us the details.
    Samal Alechem.


    “salam” not samal.

  43. Gamil Elias

    We have no prunes. We are trying the milk.

    Thank you all.


    Alissa Goldberg
    “Israels actions disgrace the memory of six million”
    Who are you that you speak in the name of the six million who have gone before us of blessed memory? What are your credentials that you have self appointed yourself the voice of the deceased? How very narcissistic, nauseating and insulting. “As a Jew” (haven’t our self hating brigade tried to monopolise that line?) I am appalled and ashamed by your behaviour.

    “If that uncouth slob J******n identifies with Isra-hell so much, he should go live there; I can recommend a nice place in Hebron. Why is he on the BBC Richard? Isnt’ there enough comedy tv already”?
    What a spiteful and nasty personal attack on someone in a public forum. Interestingly I get more upset by these spiteful comments about him than Mr Jonathan Hoffman himself. He is so indifferent to people like you that he barely knows they exist. It’s a bit like flies that are hardly worth the effort in swatting. Just a faint buzzing in the distance. I have on good authority some of your fellow supporters of terrorism and death on Saturday were laughing at the way he walks. How deplorable and once again, how very spiteful. Not to mention pathetic. Yet I suppose you guys really are scraping the barrel for any decent debate based on boring facts. You may as well laugh at the way someone walks. Especially if he’s holding the Israeli flag. Best argument you got eh Goldbomb?

    Ahalan Wasahalan has been generous enough to grace your (shared with JOC strap) sadistic fantasies about ways and means to increase terrorism, death and destruction in Israel with a response. My generosity doesn’t stretch that far and we clearly speak a different language.

    • Alissa Goldberg

      I’m honouring the six million by saying they would feel shame and disgust at Israel and zionists by the crimes that are being committed in their name. All people of humanity, both Jew and Gentile, must be sickened, outraged and ashamed of Israel’s actions. Only zionist fanatics and people who have no feelings whatsoever could support Isra-hell.

      @NONAZIBOYCOTTS: If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and walks like a duck, then it must be a duck! However, I’m sure that most people at the picket are more disgusted at the Israeli flag and the outragous behaviour of the zionists than how a certain one walks. As for the display of swastikas at the rage against Israel rally/march, I personally feel that it is counterproductive, but can understand people’s feelings. How Israel treats the Palestinian people today is very similar to how the nazis acted against the Jews. I have been to Palestine and have seen lots of graffitti with the star of david and the swastika (originally a Hindu symbol, if I’m not mistaken) together seperated by an “equal” sign. Need I say more? JoC you will be missed.

    • richardmillett

      Alissa Goldberg, if there was an Israel when it should have been created, some 30 years earlier, there would not have been 6,000,000 Jews murdered. I am sure those 6,000,000 would have been delighted to have not been gassed, especially while the Palestinians at the time actually conspired with Hitler.

      You, like the rest of your “lovely” colleagues, only seem to criticise the Jewish state. That is your only concern. You are obsessed. You should really hold up a mirror to yourself one day and ask…why?

      • Alissa Goldberg

        If Isra-hell existed 30 years before the holocaust, there wouldn’t be any Palestians left! What evidence do you have that Palestinians actually conspired with Hitler? Or is this another zionist fantasy?

      • richardmillett

        Alissa, that is a bit silly. I mean Israel has been going for 62 years already and there are 9 million Palestinians apparently, 1.2 million of whom live fairly ok lives in Israel itself.

        It is well known that the The Mufti of Jerusalem raised Nazi battalions for Hitler.

        Try this link:

      • david walls

        You are just as madand bore monkers as your mates here who’ve OD’d on march hares.

        Why, nobody likes a mass murdering bully, I include themselves in that, that is why they are such offensive people in general, the old conscience eats the soul.Tom Cooney, the idiot apologist(though not for interrupting) on Vincent Brown’s TV3 show last week was hilarious-ly stupid, a UCD law lecturer kicked off the show. It would be funny if it were not so serious. The idea that you can brow beat opponents is long dead, more and more people are waking up to that. The bigger the conscious mass becomes, the shorter the time we will have to witness these monsters in action.

  45. Jew of conscience

    I will soon be off to Palestine. Once I clear Ben Gurian immigration (easy!), I will be heading to the West Bank, Nablus and Ramallah bringing much needed humanitarian supplies to the resistance and helping bring about peace with justice for all Palestinians.

    Wish me well, Richard.

    One state – one Palestine!

    Listen to your conscience fellow Jews!

  46. Daniel Marks

    I wish you well oh virtual blogger who knows nothing at all about Judaism (or anything else). I wish you peace and G-d’s speed.

    You should have no problem “clearing” Ben Gurion, as soon as you learn how to spell it.

    In an early posting I was convinced that you are not of our faith, due to the extent of your unfamiliarity with all things Jewish. However, friends wiser than I have persuaded me that no goy would have the chutzpah to flaunt his ignorance so. Thus I revise my opinion. You are, in fact, a proud Jew in the tradition of Onan the son of Judah.

    I guess we won’t be hearing from you for the next few weeks as you go on your way. We’ll be looking forward to hearing your reports when you return.

    You may want to make a note that “West Bank, Nablus and Ramallah” are not three different places, but the latter two are in fact cities within the former. Such important insights should hold you in good stead and help you to avoid getting ripped of by Israeli or Palestinian taxi drivers.

    Anyway, what you lack in education, you make up for with conscience – so it can’t be all bad.

    Lech Beshalom

  47. Jew of conscience

    I don’t have to prove my Judiasm to anyone, especially you Daniel and have more qualifications than your single digit IQ. I know my keyboard skills aren’t the greatest, but what I write is the truth. Now before you sliver back under your decomposing log, listen to this:

    I never use Israeli taxis because Israeli drivers never take me where I want to go. Try getting an Israeli taxi from Ben GuriOn to Beit Jala. Impossible. Palestinian taxi drivers never try to rip you off and are polite and helpful.

    When I come back, Inshallah, I will tell you more of the truth, as most of your readers – including you Daniel – have probably never been outside the M25.

    Listen to your conscience Daniel.

    Shukran and Maasalama.

  48. Daniel Marks

    Jew of conscience,

    “…including you Daniel – have probably never been outside the M25.”

    Nobody can be expected to know everything, but what exactly is your area of expertise? Is your mistaking Matthew for Judaism also a keyboard slip?

    “…real Jews love thy neighbours”

    Since you know nothing about anything else, there’s no earthly reason why you should know anything about me.

    I made aliya at the age of 18, thirty years ago. I think that I’ve been in the UK collectively for about two months since and have no idea what or where the M25 is.

    However, I have lived in the “West Bank” for 25 years, so I may know a little more about Palestinians than you. They are my neighbors, work colleagues, some are my students and my friends too.

    Now go back to your little keyboard and dream up some more fantasies about taking Arab taxis from the airport to Bet Jala.

    I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but I have no more wish to engage you in conversation.

    At the risk of sounding anti-Semitic, you’re an ignorant little North London Jewish wanker.

    Give me a decent Arab any day.

  49. Penis of conscience, instead of becoming a human shield – which I hear can be quite dangerous – I invite you to Tel Aviv to become a parking one . . .

    PS For a small fee, I’d be willing to vouch that Daniel Marks has Palestinian friends.

  50. I would like to use this opportunity to support what “nonaziboycotts” has said about Jonathan Hoffman, a man of moral rectitude who is the spearhead of the Zionist resistance in our hallowed land.

    These charlatans, who purport to be supporters of the flimsy concept of “human rights”, are not even fit to tie up his shoes, such is the man’s decency and courage in the face of this quasi-communist/islamic racialist onslaught faced by a little shop in Covent Garden every second weekend.

    Having done a brief search on google, I have discovered how the Hoff (a suitable name for a man of his intellectual stature) has also faced criticism from his own side. One can only assume that it is jealousy which motivates their treacherous attacks.

    Why Jonathan’s Zionist career has only delivered him a senior position within the British Zionist Federation has left me slightly nonplussed. One would think a man of such learning would be an asset to any branch of the Israeli state, from the diplomatic corps to the public relations department (how it delighted me to see Jonathan wipe the floor on the BBC recently). The only logical conclusion is that the only obstacle precluding such success has been his modesty. Indeed, I believe it was Lord Acton who once said that great men tend not to be very great at all, as the trappings of power invariably attract those intersted only in themselves. Of Jonathan’s greatness, however, there is no doubt (perhaps only the late, great Abba Eban pips him to the title of Britain’s greatest Zionist? – Any thoughts on this would be most welcome)/

    So to all you haters out there, heed my humble reflections. And may I invite you in joining me in raising a glass of red to Jonathan, the only Zionist lionheart present in the UK today.

  51. Gamil Elias

    Praise Allah and praise his prophet, our camels are feeling a lot more better and enjoying much great bowl movements.

  52. Jew of no conscience, “resistance”? so you’ll be gun running then?

    You realize such “resistance” has as its aim the extermination of your fellow Jews, whom you claim to love. One state? That’s racist – everybody is entltled to self -determination except the Jews it seems.

    Wallow in your self loathing.

  53. richardmillett

    NONAZIBOYCOTTS, i agree with you about the Hoff. He speaks up for what he believes in and fights extremism on the left and the right while the Israel-haters only fight extremism on the right. They are so blinded by their hatred of the Jewish state that they cannot see the sick racism they are supporting in the form of Islamic fundamentalism. The Hoff. makes Jewish people realise that the insults they receive for standing up for a Jewish state are nothing compared to what Jewish people have been through in the past. Therefore, these insults are just meaningless in the scheme of things.

    Meanwhile, have a good and safe trip to the Holy Land, Jew of Conscience.

  54. Richard, you make up for my ineloquence with that deliciously succinct comment which encapsulates everything I think about him, and you in fact.

    For the Hoffmanator (I felt an upgrade was in order), the DelBoy of British Zionism, is incomplete without you, his Rodney.

    I predict troubled times ahead with the growth of this sickening “BDS” movement, which considers itself a success because it prevents these nauseatingly permissive musicians, such as Costello and Gil Scott Heron, whose music is replete with lyrics of sexual indulgence and left-wingery, from performing in Israel.

    Well, congratulations to them, but with Jonathan at the vanguard of the counter-resistance and you providing him with clear strategic advice and an internet platform, I am confident you will see out this pernicious threat.

    Some fool posts earlier that these protestors will be considered heroes in the future. Well I reject that categorically. The men who will be remembered are those like you two, who in times of trouble, refused to back down.


    Jew of Conscience (aka JOC strap). I could be wrong and it has been wrong before, but my very sensitive gaydar is picking up some strong signals from your direction. It’s not a value judgement my dear it’s just concern given the area you are heading to. If my gaydar is not malfunctioning, then please keep it on the low and keep it hush hush when you’re over in Judea and Samaria. Learn from the poor gay Palestinians who live in this area and know their existence and avoidance of extreme torture depends keeping their sexuality shrouded in secrecy. Poor buggers.

    Another concern is that I suspect Gamils Camels (that’s like saying Camels’ camels) reside in the area you are heading to. He may have overdone the “relief effort” by misuse of laxatives and you may want to pack yourself a peg for your nose. They could be at it for days thus causing quite a stench. Pooh what a stink.

    You know something strange JOC strap? Can I share something with you? On one of the recent couter-demos I attended, one of the older guys on our side (I’d met him for the first time that day) was handing out flyers. I’d say he was around 60. He made the mistake of throwing the flyers into cars which is obviously not a great idea. Fair enough. We told him and he stopped.

    He lost his footing and almost fell under a car. As my heart skipped a beat I ran over to him to see he’s ok. G-d forbid someone gets hurt.

    As he tripped, I am saddened to say that most people from your side burst out laughing. Not a snigger under the hand JOC but a full on burst of laughter. My eternal optimistic belief in humanity took a serious blow with that. I don’t know about you JOC but for me, evilness can be defined by someone deriving pleasure from someone else’s pain. Yet your whole group did this.

    A man almost being dragged under a car tickled your souls did it?

    I almost cried when I saw this as just like the Nazi’s along with their boycotting of Jewish businesses, they also took pleasure from laughing at the pain and misfortune of Jews in public. Keeping their dream alive in more ways than one.

    Thank G-d this decent man was ok.

    Fast forward a few weeks and there I am again at our counter demo to oppose yet another Nazi inspired boycotts. There is a Muslim girl fully kitted out in a hijab shuffling her flyers. Her flyers are full of lies and propaganda about my country. She gets flustered and all her flyers fall on the floor. She looks round nervously and embarrassed and starts to pick them up. Without thinking I head over the road to help her pick them up. What can I say? It’s instinctive in me. It never entered my head to mock her and laugh at her. JOC I just wouldn’t know how to do it. Can you teach me? How do I derive pleasure from someone elses embarrassment and pain? Have you written a manual on this somewhere? Were you all born with this trait JOC strap or do these NGO’s brainwash you into it?

    JOC strap do you think I should have mocked her and laughed at her instead of heading over to help her? Incidentally some of her friends next to her helped her before I got there so I never had the pleasure of helping her out. In all honesty that’s probably a good thing. But it’s all about instincts and intentions isn’t it JOC strap?

    Is this too deep and philosophical for you JOC strap? Are you more comfortable talking about Israeli taxi drivers vs Palestinian ones? Is that more your area expertise rather than the colour of ones’ soul?
    I’ve lost you haven’t I precious?

    Lets go back to talking about constipated camels and see if you can keep up with us.

    Have a safe journey , keep safe and don’t forget the peg for your nose.

  56. “nonaziboycotts”, thank you for that welcome addition to this light-hearted persiflage. Your post successfully tickled me with its many little comic gems.

    That said, your care and concern radiated through too, as you recalled how you helped someone on the opposite side. Whether I would have bothered, of that I’m unsure. But it must surely be testament to your character that you help those who, given half the chance, would see you fall helplessly under a car, just like that poor man.

    The more I read this treasure trove of a blog, the more convinced I am that our side has the moral resilience to survive this blasphemous attack on little Israel.

    Being a non-Jew, I’ve always been slightly reticent about being too loud in my support for her. But people like you, Rich and the Glorious Hoff are truly setting the standard.

    If Jonathan is Eban, you must surely be Barak, who showed as much compassion as possible to the enemy, only for them to throw it back in his face. Richard, I’m still unsure as to who you are although I have a few ideas.

  57. Daniel Marks


    With characteristic eloquence, you pose a fascinating dilemma regarding the fallen anti-Israel propaganda.

    I’m talking about logic, not instinct now. I’m sure that I would have helped up the lady if she had fallen. To bend over and gather her anti-Semitic flyers seems to me to be overdoing it a little. Neither would I help out an unfortunate SS man chap who had lost his balance and dropped his Zyklon B pellets.

    I’m not sure that there is such a great distinction to be made between the two cases either. After I heard the Turkish “peace activists” telling the Israeli radio man to “go back to Auschwitz” Gert et al will have a hard time convincing me that we are talking about anti-Zionists and not anti-Semitics.

    On the positive side, I am delighted to note that Gamil’s camels are feeling so much better. Doubtless “Jew of conscience” will be paying them a visit on his virtual humanitarian mission to Palestine, and now that their bowls are once again moving, he will surely find they have much in common.

  58. Daniel Marks

    Hmm… that should have read bowels not bowls. Never to be confused.

  59. Daniel, a most welcome comment, which has further clarified my thoughts on the topic.

    Admittedly, however, it appears that the IDF were just a little cheeky with that audio tape and have actually conceded that it was fake, as was quite obvious when the voice of one of the organisers who wasn’t on the Mavi Marmara was heard speaking on the Mavi Marmara (a woman who goes by the name of Huwaida Arraf).

    Silly of them? Yes. Nasty? No. Although to be quite frank it hasn’t done much to steady my nerves that Israel’s finest sons in that elite naval unit were so hapless in the face of this mob, as this gallery shows. Images 2, 4 and 5 are especially embarrassing, and suggest a major rehaul of this unit is needed.

  60. richardmillett

    I agree with Tom, you have to be careful with audio and photos. The addition of “go back to auschwitz” was apparently put in after. Obviously some idiot thought this would be clever propaganda. I think you can just stick to the visual footage as all the evidence you need of the brutal attack on the Israelis.

    That said the person who added the commentary has learnt well from hamas with its use of pretend dead Palestinians that they show off to the world and their pretend power cuts when all they have done is to close the curtains.

  61. Alissa Goldberg


    Jewish support for Nazi Germany, Google Haavara Agreement

    and try this link:

  62. richardmillett

    Alissa, any chance of a sensible discussion and not quoting a site that proclaims Hitler as “great”?

    At least you have learnt one thing today being the Mufti’s support for Hitler. The Palestinians are not so innocent as you would like to think they are.

  63. Daniel Marks

    “The addition of “go back to auschwitz” was apparently put in after.” – Richard

    Richard, Tom, where exactly did you hear that? Tom, when precisely did the IDF “concede it was a fake”?

    I couldn’t find anything suggesting that here. I’m not a regular reader of Haaretz, but it’s hardly a right wing paper.

  64. @TomLloyd // June 8, 2010 at 8:49 am
    ‘Admittedly, however, it appears that the IDF were just a little cheeky with that audio tape and have actually conceded that it was fake’

    I wonder what else they have manipulated?

  65. Alissa, to use the youthful parlance of today (which, may I add, is in my opinion a corruption of our language), you just got told.

    Constantly bringing up the Nazis is not going to get us anywhere. Maybe there was Zionist cooperation (so what? Indeed, I’m reminded here of Rudolf Kastner), but it is an indication of how weak your arguments are that you feel it necessary to go back so many years.

    And yes, the Zionist Federation , it seems, now proudly stand side by side with the English Defence League (who should be embraced, rather than ostracised as these liberal, metropolitan elites would wish you to do) as brave men who stood up when it was necessary to do so.

    To paraphrase Matt Santos, all you haters, “when you try to hurl these labels at my feet, Zionist and someone who empathises with our ideological brethren, the EDL, as if they were something to be ashamed of, something dirty, something to run away from, it won’t work, haters. Because I will pick them up with both my hands, and wear them as badges of honour.”

  66. How anyone could accuse these nice lads of being racist is beyond me.

    Anyway, if I had to choose between an evening with them, or one with Penis of Conscience and Gestapo (except for ‘ice cream of course), it would be a bloody close call.

  67. Mike, true, they do seem a little rough around the edges, and perhaps their choice of words, and women for that matter, are a little unsavoury.

    But I will not tolerate this pervasive class snobbery which is ubiquitous on the intelligent blogosphere. Having read previous comments of yours, and having come across your blog (a beauty if ever I saw one), it surprises me to see you say this.

    The EDL are merely resisting a threat like none other, and we should help them.

    Once again it appears that the same man has taken the lead in doing so, Jonathan Hoffmanator – after welcoming the EDL to some protest or something similar, rumour has it he denied the nasty claim they were racists. That is the sort of bravery which you should aspire to.

    • richardmillett

      “after welcoming the EDL to some protest or something similar”

      Tom, do you have evidence of this or are you just a parrot?

  68. Daniel Marks

    One minute, fifteen seconds into Mike’s delightful clip, I distinctly saw one of the EDL ladies littering England’s once green and pleasant land with a discarded beer bottle.

    Are these louts to be our allies? They can’t hold a tune and it’s almost impossible to understand them.

    Why is it that the UK version of these types always seem so less congenial than their European counterparts?

    They may be supporters of Israel, but I wouldn’t want one of them babysitting my kids, would you?

  69. What I was trying to say, Tom, was rather them than the Jew (Gestapo)/self (Penis)-haters.

    Did you read my post on the BNP?

  70. I withdraw my comment Mike. At my age my brain seems to have difficulty processing information.

    When on the subject of the flotilla raid, however, I have to comment on how embarrassed I am of these soldiers. These men are supposed to be Israel’s finest, but have actually been photographed being cared for by some flotilla crew members.

    Back in the 70s I remember meeting some special forces men at a bar in Herzliya, and I cannot envisage them being humiliated in such a way. What’s the view on the current state of the military back in Israel, Mike?

  71. richardmillett

    It is incredibly hypocritical to connect the ZF with the EDL especially when 1). there is no evidence and 2). when those attempting the connection are sympathisers of the fascist Hamas.

  72. Daniel Marks

    If I can answer that question Tom, my kids friends are in those units and they’re much better than thirty years ago.

    Bear in mind that in the early stages of the operation they were outnumbered more than 10-1 and in the final analysis they all got out alive.

    The terrorists didn’t kill them when they had the chance as they were hoping to use them as hostages in order to break the blockade. In an improvised operation they were all rescued.

    I have lost no sleep about the fact that those Turkish animals were killed. I’m sure that several Turkish battered women and children breathed a little easier that night too.

    Note that the animals were segregated on the ship from the Westerners, hence not one the fact that not one Westerner was killed or even injured.

    Regarding the recording, where did you hear that the IDF “have actually conceded that it was fake”

  73. Richard, I understand your concerns given the current political climate where one cannot voice his support for right-wing groups, but, as Jonathan has recently demonstrated, it is time to stop playing to their rules.

    The liberal metropolitan elites who are committed not only to the destruction of Israel, but of this country too, have created this atmosphere where we should feel ashamed to associate ourselves with these groups.

    As I said yesterday, you are the Rodney to Jonathan’s Del Boy. Rodney was always quite a nervous character, never really showing the foresight and panache of Del.

    Instead like Jonathan you should be a pioneer who is proud to be associated with all pro-Zionist groups (indeed, they are all we have left seeing as the three main parties are slowly drifiting away from Israel).

  74. To Daniel, thank you for that insightful comment.

    I was told by someone that they admitted fabrication. But it appears having scoured the web that there has been no admission of any sort.

    I therefore gladly withdraw that comment.

  75. richardmillett

    Tom, you withdraw a lot of comments. Seeing as you have still not provided evidence that Hoffman claimed there was a ZF/EDL link you will withdraw that comment also.

  76. Richard, I never claimed he did, only that he has had no qualms about demonstrating alongside them.

    My point though is that there should be no stigma attached to demonstrating alongside them.

    • richardmillett

      Tom, he didn’t even demonstrate alongside them. But anyway, what an argument this is!

  77. Tom, whilst I am all for the “Fools and Horses” analogies, please be wary of calling Daniel a “dipstick”. Just a friendly piece of advice . . .


    Alissa Goldbomb
    “I have been to Palestine and have seen lots of graffitti with the star of david and the swastika (originally a Hindu symbol, if I’m not mistaken) together seperated by an “equal” sign. Need I say more?”
    Did you write that for a bet or are you for real? The depth on your knowledge of Israel is based on the criminal desecration and vandalism of property by Israel’s sworn enemies committed to Israels destruction? Seriously? Oh and of course not forgetting your distinguished “Hitler the Great f*cking Satanic Scum” website you so proudly flounce around.

    Does your…ummm…lets call it ignorance…extend beyond Israel? If some quarter-wit who may lack education had also criminally vandalised property and graffitied 2+2=8 would you buy that as well? I think post-modernism would permit you to accept that equation though wouldn’t it Alissa? A lazy philosophy of convenience that you so clearly fully subscribe to.

    And you dare to continue to self appoint yourself to speak in the name of the six million of blessed memory? How dare you. What a disgrace to mankind. As I eternally mourn the loss for those who have gone before us of blessed memory. As I struggle to grasp the magnitude of their loss to this world. As I struggle to understand exactly how many is six million. You are still bleating in their name with all the arrogance and emptiness of the narcissist you are. Shame on you.

    A little humbleness could take you a long way. With any luck, all the way to the solar system.

    I can only conclude by my analysis that a half-wit gave you a piece of his mind, and you held on to it.

    Daniel Marks-Very good points about helping the girl with the flyers. I gave it some thought and I’ve still not fully concluded but I can only say this. I deplore post-modernism and believe it to be an empty belief system of convenience for those who have found a way to avoid looking within themselves to see the colour of their soul. Especially if it’s a little on the dark and murky side. Much like the majority of those supporting this Nazi style boycott and laughing when there was a near fatality of a Jewish man (I am accepting now that maybe the two go hand in hand).

    I reject this “multiple truths” bollocks so I am weirdly very unthreatened by their flyers. They’re just a joke to me. How can I take lies and propaganda by a people who hate and support terrorism and destruction seriously? Do you know I sometimes tell people I chat with to go over to the other side and talk to them as well if they like. You should see them with their manic hysteria. They are such a disgrace. They are aggressive and shouting slurs. I had to be instrumental in telling some poor members of the public being to scared to walk through that they can indeed, not to be frightened and the police would protect them as would the excellent people holding the blue and white flags.

    In the words of one local “they’re now getting on my tits”. He said this despite not having any so I guess he was making a point that it’s a very wankerish and obnoxious way to behave.

    Yes I am aware that one should never underestimate the enemy but I know the Truth makes it’s way out from behind those layers our enemies desperately pile up over it at its’ own pace. The Truth is eternal and not in a blind panic about the darkness partly covering it just yet so why should I be? I’m just there to help spread the Truth for the poor misled public. It’s the least I can do to such a noble cause.

    The instinct in me was to be functional in removal of evident embarrassment of a fellow human being. This is not special. The people I gravitate towards, my friends etc would probably do the same. You said you would help. How can we not help people Daniel?

    Daniel do you think people like Goldbomb and JOC strap are born with the traits they are displaying to us all or that they were brainwashed into it? And if they were brainwashed, how long would be their rehabilitation process in becoming decent human beings and committed to Truth? Maybe that’s a discussion for another time.

    Anyway I’ll further philosophise with the husband tonight. It’s interesting.

    Tom Lloyd-Thank you for your comments. Admittedly I’ve never been called Barack and just wondering if I should take that as a compliment 😉
    I think I’ll settle for Golda (Z”L), but a better looking version 😉
    I am hearing mixed reports about the EDL and in the spirit of consistency with my belief system, I will do extensive research to get to The Truth regarding them as well. I am hearing conflicting stories.

    Richard-have you removed the comment by Michael Schuschu who wants us to wear yellow stars as armbands like the good old days? Very wise if you did. What a nasty racist specimen. Did he say something about wearing a white sheet? How deplorable. Me thinks that the wheel is still spinning but the hamster died with that one if you know what I mean.
    I’m too busy to edit so this will do. Good day to you all.

  79. Daniel Marks

    “Daniel do you think people like Goldbomb and JOC strap are born with the traits they are displaying to us all or that they were brainwashed into it?” –

    I don’t know. I don’t know them.

    Maybe they’re both some little Jewish kid winding us up and playing the devil’s advocate.

    I’m a little spoiled living here in Israel that we don’t have too many Jews who have views like theirs. I saw the Knesset no-confidence debate on the Turkish boat question and no Jew, Left or Right, said anything remotely like that.

    It reminds me of the rabbi who was asked what G-d’s punishment is for Jews who live in the galut and he forced a smile and replied, “Isn’t living there punishment enough?”

    Maybe there really are Jews who hold such views. Maybe there really is a Jewish woman called Alisa who calls Israel, “Isra-hell”. Maybe she never read:

    Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. When he saw that he had not prevailed against him, he touched the socket of his thigh….Then he said, “Let me go, for the dawn is breaking.” But he said, ” will not let you go unless you bless me.”

    So he said to him, “What is your name?” And he said, “Jacob.”

    He said, “Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed.”

    But how could a Jew who knows the meaning of the name Israel say such a thing?

    Despite recent studies that argue that mental illnesses are more genetically related than we had thought, I refuse to believe that a person who says:

    “This is because Israel is a state that’s out of control, like a mad dog or a drunk driver.”

    I refuse to believe that a person who says such things was born that way. Two generations ago there was not a Jew in the world who spoke like that, so where are those genes coming from?

    I saw an episode of the Simpsons last week where Krusty discovers that he had never had a bar mitzvah and remarks:

    “I thought I was a self-hating Jew, but it turns out I’m just a plain old anti-Semite.”

    Like I said I don’t know. I pray that they’re both some little Jewish kid winding us up and playing the devil’s advocate.

    That is my my prayer for today.


    Hard to believe. This is not self-hating. It’s just hating. How sad.,7340,L-3902175,00.html

  81. Matt Pryor

    I bought an Ahava gift box for my girlfriend and she loves it. £59 very well spent. I also made sure I told the lady in the shop why I was buying it.

    Thanks PSC for letting me know the shop existed!


    Matt what a delightful comment.

    We had a friend, a lovely German girl baby sit for us recently and she absolutely refused to take money. We tried sneaking it in her bag but she found the money and left it on the landing before she left!

    She is a decent girl, you know beautiful on the outside and inside. She loves Israel and all it stands for so we decided we’ll pop into Ahava and get her a gift set.

    Now that’s what I call a win/win/win/win situation. 😉

    I also did not know the shop existed before this lot started yapping about it.

    Do they have a lot of gift sets? Which did you get your gf?

    I’ve bought lots of their stuff myself. Excellent products. Peachy skin.

    Have a lovely day.

  83. Matt Pryor

    The gift set I bought came with some skin cream, an ex foliating rub and a little bottle of skin oil. They also do other smaller sets too. I was also given some free chocolates all the way from Tel Aviv which are delicious.

    You know what else? It felt really good. You know that tingly feeling you get when you feel like you’ve made the world a slightly better place? Like when you help an old person carry their shopping or buy a sandwich for a homeless bloke.

    Supporting Israel must be good for the soul. Highly recommended!


    Matt there are people in this comments section who would laugh at you and I for doing good deeds and doing them in silence but I believe that this is what makes the world go round.

    We had a burst of torrentional rain yesterday and I looked out the window to see a young woman over the road trying to shelter her toddler from the rain, unsuccessfully under a bush.
    My husband ran downstairs to tell her to come into our house for shelter. She was surprised and thanked us but didn’t come in. I guess in England, especially London, such an open door policy can sometimes be viewed with suspicion. Fair enough.

    However Matt, having lived in Israel myself I can tell you that a woman standing in the street in the rain would only have moments to wait before a door is flung open to give her shelter from the rain. It’s totally normal over there.
    The spirit of generosity and sharing extends of course to even their hostile neighbours. For instance, Israeli hospitals give medical care to Palestinians (even some terrorists) as part of their ethnic cleansing policy.

    I can only guess the term “ethnic cleansing” has come about as Israelis cleanse their enemies wounds and probably let them have a bath or two while they’re in Israeli hospitals recovering thus making them very ethnically cleansed and sweet smelling.

    My brother in law is a surgeon in a well known hospital in Jerusalem and tells me it is common practise to perform surgery on wannabe shahid terrorists brought in with self-inflicted wounds. The tragedy of it though is they have kept the 74 (or 75?) virgins in the sky tapping their feet impatiently and watching from above in their virgin chambers while it all goes horribly wrong .
    I wonder when that happens if they just shrug their shoulders stick on Madonnas “like a virgin” and get down and party?
    Who knows eh?
    Anyway Matt.
    Here’s to helping the world go round with a little more ease.

  85. I also bought of gift set from Ahava for my wife – to help Israel! (and get a very nice product too – which my wife loves). You’re right, it does make you feel good – the best answer to the haters. I urge all decent people to do the same!

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