Ahava feels the heat

Thirty anti-Israel protesters congregated outside Ahava in Covent Garden for two hours on Sunday handing out leaflets and singing anti-Israel slogans. There was, as ever, a small counter-demonstration.

The incessant chants of “Israeli mud, Palestinian blood” disturb adjacent shop-owners and residents who might now ask Ahava’s landlords not to renew Ahava’s lease.

Obviously this is unfair. The protests, that take place every two weeks now, have nothing to do with Ahava. It is a perfectly legitimate business that provides a valid service to a strong customer base.

The protesters handed out leaflets sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Boycott Israeli Goods that call for the banning of “illegal settlement produce”. International Solidarity Campaign is also an organiser.

But as with all of these protests, it isn’t really about settlement produce.

An organisation called “Boycott Israeli Goods” gives away the true nature of the protests and when you start speaking to the protesters the settlements are the last thing they mention.

They talk of the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Arabs from Israel in 1948, the seige of Gaza and the supposedly awful treatment of Palestinian Israelis.

As for the latter I am sure that there is much more than Israel can do to alleviate poor conditions for many of the 1.2 million Palestinian Israelis that live inside Israel.

But many of them do very well economically and enjoy all social freedoms. Such freedoms they could only dream of if they lived under other Arab governments, including a Palestinian one. Recently, Islamic extremists destroyed a United Nations summer camp for children in Gaza.

As for “ethnic cleansing” I am still trying to get my head around the arithmetic of how 600,000 Jews could possibly ethnically cleanse 750,000 Palestinians while fighting both them and the invading armies of Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon.

And as for the siege, the protesters forget that it is enforced by Egypt also. Most Israelis are unhappy with such a “siege” but know the tragic consequences of allowing Hamas to appropriate imported materials meant for the people of Gaza. This would allow Hamas to quickly replenish its deadly stock of Kassam rockets.

Even the leaflets the protesters hand out make no pretence that this is only about settlement produce.

The leaflets state: “This call for a ban on illegal settlement produce is part of a campaign to boycott all Israeli goods until Israel abides by international law and respects human rights.”

So now, it seems, anyone can find a political issue they are passionate about and harrass a legitimate business connected with that issue just to make a point. If Ahava closes, which now seems quite possible, people will lose their jobs and livelihoods.

Ahava’s manager came out towards the end of the protest to speak to the protesters and to explain this point but, as polite as they were, they just explained back to her that she is “an innocent bystander in all this” and that “there’s a far bigger cause at stake”.

Would these self-styled “peace activists” stand outside a Palestinian owned business protesting Hamas’ atrocities against not just innocent Israeli civilians but Palestinian opposition activists? “Of course,” they claim, “we don’t support Hamas but the Palestinians have a right to elect who they wish.”

But electing a government doesn’t mean that government has the right to fire thousands of Kassam rockets into Israel and summarily execute its own people.

The PSC’s patrons are: Jenny Tonge, Tony Benn, Victoria Brittain, Julie Christie, Caryl Churchill, Jeremy Corbyn, Bob Crow, William Dalrymple, Reverend Garth Hewitt, Dr Ghada Karmi, Bruce Kent, Karma Nabulsi, Illan Pappe and Benjamin Zephaniah.

However much these people disagree with Israel’s policies, and even its very existence, surely the likes of Socialists Tony Benn and Bob Crow must be able to see the injustice of bullying a legitimate business in order to close it down with the consequent loss of jobs. Maybe just not when it comes to Israeli workers.

Section 11 of the Human Rights Act emphasises the right to peaceful assembly but what takes place outside Ahava is not peaceful. Shoppers quickly pass Ahava and the adjacent shops and restaurants to avoid the terrible noise. Takings of all businesses in the vicinity are down.

And who would wish to walk into a shop like Ahava that is flanked by four police officers and a security guard there to stop the inevitable invasion that would take place if they were absent (as happened on the first occasion these protesters turned up outside Ahava)?

Sadly, Britain is a society that protects the human rights of suspected al-Qaida terrorists more than those of employers and employees wishing to earn a living here.

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  1. The technical name for these human rights activists is “W***ers” as in “a bunch of W***ers”

  2. Yvetta Bagel

    Thanks for your fair and thoughtful blog, Richard. Bullying shop employees in this manner, and making life hell for neighbouring businesses in the process, is so essentially un-British – I feel so very sorry for the staff of Ahava. It’s understandable that neighbouring businesses feel livid at the loss to their own revenues and consequent threat to their own livelihoods as a result of the commotion. But if the Ahava shop – the innocent victim in all this – loses its lease as a result, that will be a sad day for justice.

  3. Michael Plosker

    A very well written piece, Richard,which captured the mood of yesterday afternoon perfectly. I only hope that Ahava manages to ride out the storm without having to close down. A suitable case for an Israeli Government subsidy methinks.We cannot let the anti Israel faction win!

  4. Leonie Lachmish

    “Ahava” is Hebrew for “Love”. The impression is there’s much less love (even for Palestinians) in these demonstrations and much more hatred (for Israelis/ Jews). If there were any love for Palestinians, there would be protests against the terrorist regimes (Hamas in Gaza) and in favour of women’s and children’s rights (lets not even mention gay rights) in Gaza and in the Arab world in general.

  5. Daniel Marks

    I think you guys are really wonderful and are truly sanctifying G-d’s name.

    As far as what the Ahava spokesmen said, you’re exactly right when you say that the issue is much bigger than their commercial fortunes. Now is your chance to show that antisemitism won’t fly in London.

    Your parents and grandparents stopped Mosley in the East End. Read about Charlie Goodman and be inspired:

    “As Charlie staggered home after a second beating inside the police station, his head wrapped in bandages, he was stopped by an elderly Jewish women who asked whether he had been in the fighting.

    He thought she might disapprove if he said yes, and he also felt that his was but a small part in the day’s events, so he said he had not been involved.

    To his surprise and joy, she said: “A curse on you that you did not fight this day”. It sounds a bit like something out of Henry V, but that’s how the community felt by the end of the battle. In the morning before the battle even started, any man not heading towards Aldgate was abused by old people on the street.”


    Any criticism I make is because I love you all and want you to succeed. Furthermore, thankfully, I don’t live in London and things may have changed since I was there.

    However, if I was a passerby and I heard one side shouting “Dead Sea mud, Palestinian blood!” and the other side saying things like:

    “As for the latter I am sure that there is much more than Israel can do…”

    “And as for the siege, the protesters forget that it is enforced by Egypt also. ..”

    “Most Israelis are unhappy with such a “siege” but…”

    I wonder who’s side I’d be on.

    On the one hand you have a totally self confident demonstrator who is basically supporting an Islamic, fundamentalist, sexist, homophobic, murderous regime of terror, who is attacking the only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

    On the other hand you have a Jewish apologist arguing that the Egyptians are just as bad as us. You need to go on the offensive.

    Okay, I’ll limit my comment to those generalities as this is an open blog and there are things that the Gerts of this world don’t need to read.

  6. Barbie Doll

    I could see the dynamics of your logic, Richard and a few people will lose their jobs when Ahava’s lease isn’t renewed, but think about the many thousands of Palestinians who live in Israel who are unemployed, as most jobs there require the applicant to prove they served in the army and of course, Palestinians are prohibited from serving in the Israeli army. There’s a very high level of Palestinian unemployment in Israel. When Ahava is no more, I will have to go elsewhere for my beauty cream, which no doubt will be cheaper than what Ahava charges.

    • Let’s address the nonsense here:
      There are no “Palestinians who live in Israel”.
      There are Israeli-Arabs and there are Palestinian-Arabs.
      Israeli-Arabs = Arabs who live in Israel and are citizens.
      Palestinian-Arab = Arabs who live in the Palestinian-Authority and do not have Israeli citizenship.
      The majority of the Israeli-Arabs ARE EMPLOYED.
      Also, saying that “most jobs there require the applicant to prove they served in the army” is a BLATANT LIE.
      Army service is only a requirement in security-related jobs.
      Also – the majority of Israeli-Arabs do-not want to join the army or even do any sort of equal public-service.

      As for the prices of Ahava – NO ONE is forcing you to buy there, it’s a free economy and the only reason the prices of the Ahava products are high is because the quality is high.
      But hey, I won’t let the facts confuse you…

  7. Jonathan Hoffman


    We are on the offensive. Do not worry. Your point about Mosley in the East End is very well taken. Certainly the Christians who travel from Wales to stand with us understand it.

    But I have doubts about others – who should know better.

    You know who you are.

  8. Jonathan a turn out of 4 people is hardly ‘on the offensive’ i think you need to send out the call to more than 600 people next time 🙂

  9. Cindy doll

    Hiya Barbie Darling,
    Cindy here! How’s Ken?

    Ummmm….Barbie….I’m not too sure that Palestinians actually want to serve in the Israeli army. And after all, who can blame them? How can they join something that strengthens the very country they want to destroy/see go down the toilet? How can they “Free, Free Palestine” if they’re stuck at check points all day delivering babies popping out of Palestinian women? (I know that’s true, I read it somewhere)

    However Barbie, I am pleased to confirm that the Israeli army has Druse, Bedouins, Israeli Arabs, Christians serving in various units of the IDF. Israel is shite at this supposed apartheid malarchy! They really need to take a leaf out of Hamas’s book to see how it’s done!

    Yeh agreed Barbie! Ahava is a little pricey but the peely scrubby facial thing has got my skin glowing like a glow stick and peachy like a babies bottom.

    Also Barbie, ain’t it a crying shame that given that the Palestinians have received the highest amount of aid per capita in the world, that they didn’t create enough industry for themselves to create jobs and commerce? I mean what did they do with all the money? Plant some olive trees?
    Bye bye darling. Air kiss.

    • Cindy Doll!
      You said it alright:
      IT sure is “a crying shame that given that the Palestinians have received the highest amount of aid per capita in the world, that they didn’t create enough industry for themselves to create jobs and commerce. I mean what did they do with all the money? Plant some olive trees?”
      Unfortunately they didn’t. If they do one day instead of training their kiddies to hate and want to kill and maim, we’ll have a new Middle East.
      And so glad about your skin peachy like a baby’s bottom.
      PS. You sound like much more fun than Barbie Doll. We’ll send you both to the beach, her to Gaza and you to Netania.

  10. Sarah Bialy

    I hope Ahava will be having a going out of business sale, so I can snap up a few bargains. Please let us know when it is Richard.

  11. Jonathan Hoffman

    mostly harmless

    given you were not there with us – shut it (please).

  12. Matthew Harris – how do you *feel* when you offer excuses for Jenny Tonge?

  13. Barbie Doll

    Hello Cindy – air kiss! It’s soooo nice to hear from you darling!

    Ken and I split up years ago. But you probably didn’t know that, as I understand that you were off serving in the Israeli Army doing goodness knows what. So what I’m about to tell you shouldn’t come as too much a surprise, though I know how much you love surprises.

    Understandably you already know that Ahava fraudently benefits from customs duty exemptions under the EU-Israel trade agreement by labelling its settlement goods “Product of Israel”. Ahavas hands are in our pocketbooks and the wallets of the UK taxpayer. Thats terrible! Don’t you know there’s a recession on?

    I know you will also be aware that Palestinian farmers have lost over 40% of the West Bank to illegal settlements. Shocking! It’s not nice to have your land stolen. Being Jewish, we know that ‘thou shall not steal’ is a commandment. One of many that Israel breaks.

    Darling, I hate to break the news to you that Settlements harshly obstruct the daily lives of Palestinians. Movement is restricted through an apartheid system of seperate roads, hundreds of checkpoints and the illegal apartheid wall. Palestinians also face violence from armed settlers. Isn’t that terrible? It took me a less than an hour to get to my dollhouse. I cant imagine it taking 5 – 6 hours to travel the same distance sweetheart.

    I can go on and on. But you probably know wherever Israeli politicians and representatives travel throughout the world, they are followed by protests and demonstrations. Not everyone likes attention. If any Israeli politician came to visit me in my dollhouse, they would be handcuffed and arrested for war crimes as soon as they landed at toytown airport. No one wants that? Do they? Not all stories have a happy ending darling.

    Missing you already!

  14. richardmillett

    Barbie Doll, where do you get that the settlements are “illegal” from please?

    And are you really suggesting that settlements sprawl over literally 40% of the West Bank?

    • Reply to richardmillett // May 25, 2010 at 5:38 pm

      “Barbie Doll, where do you get that the settlements are “illegal” from please?”

      Perhaps here?

      “Israeli settlements in the OPT are unlawful under international law. They
      contravene Article 49 (6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949,
      which prohibits an occupying power from transferring its own civilian
      population into occupied territory.” s.9, Technical advice: labelling of produce grown in the Occupied
      Palestinian Territories, 10 December 2009 – courtesies of DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Her Majesty’s Government

      • richardmillett

        Thanks, Mizrahi, i was hoping for something a bit more judicial than just mere technical “advice”.
        And in Article 49 Israel hasn’t technically transferred anyone anywhere. I seriously would like to know if there is a proper judgment that seriously states that they are illegal. cheers, richard

  15. Cindy doll

    Shelby-Barbie has always been jealous of me and has tried to spread lies about me so that more Barbies are sold than Cindys. She tells everyone if they buy Cindys then the people in the factory that make Barbies won’t have jobs and will go hungry and will then have no choice but to blow up a bus or two carrying workers from my factory!!! I think she thinks that the people in her factory are more important than those in mine as she wants to get my Cindy factory shut down. Can’t think why though? Do you think it’s because she’s so threatened by me? I bet that Ken of hers has got the hots for me. He’s probably sick of fake skinny blondes with fake boobies.

    Sarah Bialy-Hiya princess. Never mind the products! Did you know they do treatments?! I’m not sure they have it but I will check for you but I would definitely recommend Colonic Irrigation. This treatment is good for people who are so full of shit, that it overspills and starts to come out of their mouth too and then they start to talk shit!!! They shove a pipe there and take out all the poopoo so it’s all gone. Marvellous. I’m sorry if you were eating when you read that but I’m only trying to help.

  16. Sarah Bialy

    Kindly remember to take your medication and sit in a quiet corner Cindy Doll. I’m sorry the Colonic Irrigation treatment didn’t work for you.

    Richard, you will remember to let me know when Ahava’s closing down sale is.

  17. Cindy doll

    Barbie!! I didn’t know you and Ken split up!!!? Sorry, I’m such a bad friend!!

    Do you think this could be the reason you’re so angry and bitter with the world and have decided to “rent-a-cause”?

    The problem however with renting-a-cause is due to the lack of solid foundation, you go and get all your facts muddled up and even invent some and then (and this is so naughty) you go and say “no it’s ok, it’s because I am Barbie and blond so I can get away with saying anything!”

    Not fair Babs!! You’re insulting all the blondes in the land!

    But as I always say Babs, why let the facts get in the way of a good slogan?
    Facts are soooooo yesterday. Sexy slogans float your boat? Speaking of floating boats, did you jump aboard over the weekend and sail to Gaza?

    Mind you, you may need to cover up a bit there and not be able to parade around in your pretty short dresses. But if you could get used to covering up, I think you might be happy over there (obviously as a friend, I’m only recommending this as I know your not a lesbian, they have what you might call a zero tolerance to homosexuality)

    What do you think of the persecution of homosexuals as a policy by the PA and Hamas? Barbie? You there sweetie? Do you understand the word “persecution”? Sorry, how’s mistreatment or torture?
    Go on Babs, perhaps you would like to defend the indefensible? Would these persecutors also be arrested in toy town the minute they land for crimes of words too long and complicated for you to understand?

    As a human being myself only pretending to be a doll, I just want to warn any fellow humans, who really care about humanity and are not “fake” or “full of shit” the following is painful to read and may pull at human heart strings (note not fake dolls pretending to care about humanity)

  18. Cindy doll

    Sarah do you also have a problem with people who need to take medication? Would you boycott them as well?

    That’s ok, because the Nazis also targeted the mentally ill as well as other groups so you are stepping in the right direction and keeping the Nazi dream alive sweetie.

    I have a mentally ill relative and do voluntary work for the mentally ill and donate my Jewish funds most generously.

    What do you do? Boycott Jewish businesses?

    How nobel of you.

    Shame on you.

  19. Daniel Marks
    Jonathan Hoffman
    Michael Plosker

    And all my people and friends and supporters of a generation or two above me.
    I want to tell you.
    I want to tell you that when I visited Auschwitz 4 years ago.
    When I stood in the Gas chambers reciting our shema with all my brothers and sisters
    When the tears in my eyes blinded me.
    When my soul cried out to the heavens.
    My soul made a vow to my maker.
    And this was it’s vow.
    Whenever and wherever I see anti-Semitism rearing it’s ugly head.
    Even if it’s disguised as anti-Zionism.
    I will be there to attack it.
    I will not be silenced.
    I will not run away from it.
    I will deal with it head on.
    Because being Jewish is not a burden,
    it is not an obligation.
    It is a privilege.
    It is an honour.
    It is my heritage.
    It is my nationality.
    I want you to know this.
    I want you to know that amongst the Jewish princesses and princes,
    there are also the Jewish warriors.
    The lions and lionesses of Zion.
    We are out there.
    We are ready to roar when we need to.
    I want you to know this.

    • Leonie Lachmish

      Cindy Doll,
      That spirit is where our power lies.
      We fight because we have no choice but ultimately, it will be the spirit of good that will prevail over our enemies who love hatred, violence and misery.
      You make me feel glad I always had Cindy dolls, I never liked that tall blonde Barbie. There was something so false about her and she still doesn’t get it. But you do.

  20. Daniel Marks

    “…many thousands of Palestinians who live in Israel who are unemployed, as most jobs there require the applicant to prove they served in the army and of course, Palestinians are prohibited from serving in the Israeli army.” –

    I have been working in Israel for two and a half decades as has my wife who did not serve in the army. Never has my acceptance for any job been conditional on army service. Such discrimination is illegal. If you don’t believe me ask our president Shimon Peres, who never served in the IDF but got a pretty good job anyway.

    Jonathan Hoffman –

    I was sent a clip of you singlehandedly taking on a room of antisemites. It was incredibly impressive and we all want to have your babies. It reminded me of long forgotten moments. That is how it’s done! Next time you’re in Israel I’ll happily buy you a drink.

    Next time you may want to think of bringing a few supporters with you, one sitting at the back and one at the front who would shout something like, “Why are you avoiding the question?”

    Finally, on a personal note, I don’t know you but it must be incredibly lonely doing what you’re doing.

    Come Home!

  21. Jonathan Hoffman

    Thanks Daniel. Lots to say but I’ll save it til we meet…..

  22. Jonathan Hoffman

    …. and thanks “Cindy” … same to you …. please keep inspiring your own generation…

  23. Cindy doll

    Leonie! A fellow human being!

    I think they have come a long way with the development of Barbie dolls. They now make them with the ablility to produce crocodile tears.

    Unfortunately though, they somehow messed up the development and she only cries for the weirdest and most bizarre reasons. Whenever she hears the word “occupied” she goes hysterical and frankly a bit OTT (we all look at our shoes in embarrassment when she does it).

    They’re working on this within the Development Department to see if they can spread her interests and concerns to other words and causes as this malfunction is begining to look a bit odd. The little girls who own Boobies I mean Barbies are getting confused with the bizarre behaviour and are wanting refunds.

    So as you can appreicate, this is not good for business.

  24. Yetta Kaplan

    Shalom Jonathan! Didn’t we last meet when you were shouted down off the stage and the police took you away? Are you going to Ahava’s closing down sale too?

  25. So. You sent out 600 notices and only 4 people turned up? There’s a clue there people! While it’s fine to support apartheid and land theft from behind the scenes, Zionist are reluctant to allow the many proud activist to put faces to their cause. Maybe it’s not about being on defense that spoils your ability to convey your message: perhaps it’s the message itself. Bye Bye Ahava. Supporting occupation, land theft and using white phosphorus can be costly.

  26. richardmillett

    Hi Natasha, there is nothing wrong with “occupation” if it keeps Israelis alive. I bet you won’t protest outside Palestinian shops against Hamas’ atrocities against Israeli civilians and even its own Palestinian people. A little hypocritical, aren’t you?

  27. Richard, when is Ahava’s closing down sale? I want to get there early. Will you give me a lift so I won’t have to take the bus?

  28. richardmillett

    Hi Rosemary, same question to you as I asked Natasha. See above.

  29. Richard:

    Our “pro-Palestinian” commenters aren’t just hypocritical. They are ignorant and willfully blind.

    The Jewish presence in what they prefer to think of as historic Palestine has been continuous, despite countless occupations, crusades and systemic persecution.

    Prior to the destruction wreaked by the thief Arafat, non-Jewish “Arab” citizens of Israel and Palestinians enjoyed a better standard of living and personal freedom than anywhere else in the region. Oslo was not just a disaster for Israelis. It was a disaster for the Palestinians who are forced to chose between the corrupt and somewhat secular Muslim Fatah party and the overtly theocratic fascists of Hamas. But dealing with that reality is something beyond the simple minded demonizers of the BDS movement.

    “Arab” is really a lousy way to describe a population composed of many diverse people that happens to speak Arabic because of a religious conquest.

  30. Nothing wrong with occupation! Really! This is what you people are spouting now to justify your decrepit behavior. Next you’ll be supporting apartheid and ethnic cleansing, Oh wait….

  31. richardmillett

    Natasha, you still haven’t answered my question about protesting against Hamas. I know you can’t answer it which truly reveals the hypocrisy of your movement. I think that “decrepit” is staring you in the mirror.

  32. Richard, when Hamas are in a position to actually really represent their people. When they are freed from Israeli jails from so many trumped up charges, which added up could basically read, AGAINST COLONIZATION OF MY LAND. Then I’ll protest their policies. Until then, Ill stick to blasting those who drop white phosphorous from great height onto the heads and bodies of toddlers. What about you?

  33. A Jew of conscience

    Richard, why did Israel use white phospherous against civilians in Gaza? Its use is against international law, but then Israel often ignores international law. Israel, just like a driver who had too much to drink, is out of control and must be removed from the drivers seat before it self destructs.

    Israel, just like Ahava, will sooner or later, cease to exist.

  34. richardmillett

    Well all armies use WP, including Britain and America. Do you protest against Hamas’ slaughter of both its own people and Israeli civilians by the way?

    • Jew of Conscious

      Richard, you stated that: “All armies use WP including Britain and America”.

      With YOUR reasoning Richard, it was OK for Nazi Germany to have concentration camps just because Britain had them too.

      Typical Zionist mentality!

  35. A Jew of conscience

    When did Britain and America use WP against civilians?

  36. I’ve already addressed the circumstances in which I’d protest Hamas. And you have basically admitted that in your opinion, dropping white phosphorous on women and children is acceptable in the enforcement of colonialism and apartheid because you assume that US and UK use it.. So there we are. Were the US and UK also correct in 1948 when both countries abstained from the vote that created the state of Israel.

  37. richardmillett

    Sorry, Natasha, the fact that you are claiming something that I never said shows how much you must make up about the conflict itself.

    The use of WP is legal, but Israel never used it against women and children. It employed it to shield its soldiers from attack by Hamas. That is what you are more upset about, no doubt.

  38. Daniel Marks

    “Israel, just like Ahava, will sooner or later, cease to exist.”

    So Moses has given up. Israel are slaves in Egypt, with no hope of ever becoming free. He thinks he’ll begin a revolution when he kills an Egyptian slave master but nothing happens. When he tries to stop the children of Israel from fighting an evil Jew asks him, “Are you going to kill me like you killed the Egyptian?” The midrash even suggests that Moses may have used unconventional weapons.

    So Moses gives up. He runs off to Midyan and marries a shiksa. He gets a job with his father-in-law, then one day he sees a burning bush.

    The bush is Israel. The bush is the history of the Jewish people. At any point in history take one look at the bush and any rational human being knows it is just about to burn out.

    One day it’s temple is being burned down. It’s being expelled from Spain. It’s being accused of blood libels. It’s being dragged into gas chambers. Its enemies reject partition and choose to throttle it to death before it can come into existence. Terrorists blow up its buses and Iran plans an atomic bomb. How long can the bush burn on for?

    “Israel, just like Ahava, will sooner or later, cease to exist.”

    But Moses has patience and he continues to observe the bush:

    “Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up.” (Exodus 3)

    And that is our secret, the secret that we all know. The bush doesn’t burn out because it must grow to be a great flame. A light unto nations. That is when moses returns to his people.

    Nations come and go, empires rise and fall. Pharaohs, Kings, Great emperors would be long forgotten but for the fact that they too thought that:

    “Israel, just like Ahava, will sooner or later, cease to exist.”

    We are the children of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. We are the students of Moses Aaron and Samuel the prophet. We are the subjects of King David.

    For not just one alone has risen against us to destroy us, but in every generation they rise against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hand!

  39. richardmillett

    Yup, after what the Jewish people have been through I doubt that a few Hamas-loving idiots from ISM/PSC will make much of a difference really. They can try though. Shame they have nothing more constructive to do with their lives.

  40. Daniel Marks

    Call me naive but I refuse to believe that the character calling itself, “A Jew of conscience” is a son of Jacob any more than Barbie Doll is a toy.

    It is for that reason that I did not engage it directly or call it a self-hating Jew.

    Call me naive, but unless someone proves otherwise, I say it’s just another good old Antisemitic “gentile”.

  41. Daniel, you can huff and puff and blow on as many burning bushes as you like, just do it within your own UN designated borders. And please spare us all the shooting and crying. It all sounds like static these days. Everyone’s tuned in to the screams of the burning babies and are determined to make it stop. So forget about about trying to turn back time. Cast Lead caused a shift in worldwide opinion. Victims indeed!

  42. Daniel Marks

    “Victims indeed!”-

    Hi Natasha,

    “Everyone’s tuned in to the screams of the burning babies and are determined to make it stop.”

    Yup, the old Jewish blood libel. We’re killing non-Jewish babies to make our matzot for Passover. That’s what Jews do.

    Unlike you I live with real Palestinians not the ones who ran away. I meet with them, work with them and teach them too. Last year the son of Salam Fayyad was my student in the 11th grade.

    As part of you absurd diatribe you accredit me with having used the term “victims” which, of course, I didn’t. Thank God we are not victims.

    My great grandfather was a victim dragged into a gas chamber by Nazis who believed that he had been killing Christian babies.

    My grandfather was a victim too but he survived. In the 1940s he told my father, “Scratch any anti-Zionist and there’s an anti-Semitic monster hiding there.” As a boy, when my father told me it I laughed and said that the world had moved on, but I had yet to meet the Natashas of this world.

    No, Natasha, I’m no victim. I’m strong and self confident because I have lived many years and seen blood-libeling scum come and go. I was in the IDF as were my children. The day I saw them wearing a Jewish army uniform I cried a tear of joy. It wasn’t my tear, it was the tear of my grear-grandfather, after whom I’m named. On that day his ashes arose from the mass graves of Auschwitz and he too was no longer a victim. You are right Natasha. Thank the Almighty G-d we are no longer victims.

    However, if you feel up to it, then join the Iranian or Syrian army and have a go. You’ll have quite a job persuading them to fight though and they probably know why.

    Syria, Egypt and Jordan tried their hand at driving us into the sea, but were not “overly successful”. Who knows Natasha, maybe you’ll be Natasha of Arabia. Maybe you’ll succeed where all other anti-Semites have failed.

    Peace will come at the negotiating table between real Jews and real Arabs. In the words of Golda Meyer, “Peace will come when they learn to love their own children more than they hate us.”

    And you know what Natasha? It will come.

  43. Natasha,

    “You people”? Nice phrase – do you mean Jews?

    The US voted for the re-establishment of Israel in 1948 and the UN partition plan.

    Made your self look a bit ignorant there, haven’t you?

    Try discussing without shouting down the keyboard. Your language betrays a certain hysteria which does not indicate a rational, thoughtful mind.

  44. Natasha, do you know that Hamas advocates the extermination of every Jew on earth? Have you read its racist charter?

    To say you won’t condemn it means you support racism – which seems to be the case.

    How shameful.

  45. richardmillett

    Adam, regarding the “you people”, brace yourself for “I meant Zionists”.

    Oh and wait for the, “I don’t support Hamas, but the Palestinians have the right to elect who they want” (even if they are anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic).

    That’s if the coward returns at all.

  46. Bloody hell with that Daniel Marks holding the fort against the nasty brigade over here I feel my services are null and void here.

    Daniel you can occupy this territory here, I’ve colonized someone else’s blog and I’m doing very well over there thank you very much. If I need your services over there, I’ll give you a whistle. I have some expansionist plans for other blogs I want to run by you. Your people should talk to my people.

    Richard, when Hamas are in a position to actually really represent their people. When they are freed from Israeli jails from so many trumped up charges, which added up could basically read, AGAINST COLONIZATION OF MY LAND.

    Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the olive trees.
    I just can’t. I just can’t. I just can’t control my anti-Semitism.

    Do you like your olives black or green Tashpooh?

    Just going to moon walk to bed now.

    Adam! Welcome. What took you so long?

    Can you do the anti-Semitic night watch? Daniels gone to bed and i’m off now.

    Lila tov.

  47. Jew of Conscience

    Richard, you stated that: “All armies use WP including Britain and America”.

    With YOUR reasoning Richard, it was OK for Nazi Germany to have concentration camps just because Britain had them too.

    Typical Zionist mentality!

  48. Peace will come when Israeli’s are treated just as the Afrikaans were treated just before the collaspe of apartheid. I can already see it happening whenever their leaders travel outside of Israel. It’s going to get soooo much worse. Leaders afraid to travel, Goldstone, ID theft and state sanctioned assasinations. Italian Coop’s refusing to sell produce and everyone else refusing to buy it. Selling nukes to Apartheid countries while they’re being sanctioned by the rest of the civilised world. International artist are finally starting to respond and students… don’t let’s start with the students. It’s all quite tragic and a huge disgrace to those who’ve previously supported you.
    And if your entrenched attitude continues… think Afrikaans. Or Zimbabwe. Surrounded by a seething mass of your former victims. It’s only a matter of time and even your best mates are starting to avert their gaze. Think Avignor Lieberman.

  49. richardmillett

    “Richard, you stated that: “All armies use WP including Britain and America”.

    With YOUR reasoning Richard, it was OK for Nazi Germany to have concentration camps just because Britain had them too.

    Typical Zionist mentality!”

    Oh, Jew of Conscience. Yes, you are so right. I had never thought of that. What a sensible person you are and such a conscience! I am sure you can teach us other Jews a thing or two, eh? Any more pearls of wisdom, oh wise one?

    To clarify: Israel used WP. It is not illegal to use it. Israel didn’t target civilians with it. Forget i ever mentioned Britain and USA (although my point was that you aren’t calling for a boycott of USA and Britain).

  50. richardmillett

    Natasha, have you made any progress on answering when you will be protesting against the Jew-killing, Fatah-killing, women oppressing, homophobic Hamas machine or is it only the Jewish state you have a problem with?

  51. Jew of Conscience

    Richard to paraphrase what Natasha so truthfully stated, “it’s only a matter of time”. Listen to your conscience.

  52. richardmillett

    Yup, we know what you and your Hamas-loving friends wish for, Jew of Conscience. It is nothing new to, as Natasha likes to call us, “you people”.

  53. Jew of Conscience

    Real Jews do not kill, real Jews love thy neighbours, real jews do not steal others lands and resources. I could go on and on.
    Zionists are guilty of committing sin after sin, after sin. Its only a matter of time Richard. Its only a matter of time.
    Richard, listen to your conscience.

  54. richardmillett

    So Jews aren’t allowed to act in self-defence? Best to let ’em all just be massacred again?

    “Its only a matter of time”. Well it’s taken 2000 years so far and the Jewish people are still around. How long ya got?

  55. Cindy doll

    Tash calm down love, sit down and breathe in and out or your going to hyperventilate.

    You sound like her.

    Are you related?

    I’m off now to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of oz. I’ll see if he’s got any spare brains going for our authors of “You People” here.

    I’ll also ask him if he’s got any stratched records repair kit for our expert Jew here A Jew Of Conscience who’s repetitively mumbling to Richard, “Listen to the voices” or something.

    Richard my man, have a fab day!

  56. Daniel Marks

    Far be it from me to correct the author of this excellent blog, but I if we go by the birth of Abraham I think 4,000 years would be nearer.

    As to “Jew of Conscience” I’m having a lot of trouble deciding what it is. I was sure it’s not Jewish because of its ignorance regarding the term Israel as in:

    “Israel, just like Ahava, will sooner or later, cease to exist.”

    After all, any Jew, even the most boorish knows that Israel is our name of the Jewish nation, as in “”Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God the Lord is one.” We too have our crazies who may talk about the existence of “the State of Israel”, but Israel? That’s us.

    So I was pretty sure that “Jew of Conscience” was a “gentile” anti-Semite but then he came out with his latest pearl:

    “..real Jews love thy neighbours.”

    Leaving aside the fact that the sentence is logically gibberish in that our writer has got his ancient pronouns mixed up, or just thinks that “thy” means “their” grammatical , surely:
    “..real Jews love THEIR neighbours.”

    I asked myself, on the way home from shul,
    “Where is this guy learning his real Judaism?”

    Then I remembered:

    43″You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.

    Matthew supposedly quotes Jesus misquoting the Torah. At last I’ve found the real Jew! Matthew!

    Since we’ve already touched on loving your neighbor, let’s take a look at the Bible in its various translations. I have a feeling that using Hebrew may be pointless on our “Jew of Conscience”, and he wouldn’t know the difference between an aleph and a swastika.

    Anyway, here goes:

    “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.” (NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION)

    Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD. (King James)

    Are you getting it? The conjunction “but” explains that our neighbor is “the children of our people). Judaism requires every Jew to love his brother, while not forgetting that it was G-d who created them both. I love him because he is a creation of G-d. Naturally, as long as he is in acceptance of “I (G-d) am the Lord too.”

    Now Matthew wanted us to go further. He commanded “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. That’s where we part ways. We are commanded to love other Jews and also the non-Jew who lives alongside us and accepts our right – our right to 0.25% of the Middle East.

    “The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.”

    However, if he chooses to see himself as our enemy, if he wishes to persecute us then we do not love him anymore:

    “If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.”

    We will not hate him. And if he sends his children to blow themselves up on buses, we’ll cry for their lost innocence as if they were ours. If he uses his children’s schools to launch his rockets in the hope that we’ll fire back, we ask ourselves who are the parents and who are the teachers that allow this barbarity. But if someone is coming to kill us, yes, we’ll rise against him and kill him first.” Here the Talmud adds:

    “However, it should never be done with glee.”

    Okay, from now on , and until Shabbat at least, I ignore all internet pseudonyms or nom de plume, unless they say something really interesting, and nothing “Jew of Conscience”, Natasha or Barbie Doll (probably the same writer) has said comes anywhere close to qualifying.

  57. Jew of conscience (I like that – it assumes other Jews have no conscience, only you – how smug) – WP is not in itself illegal, and Israel’s use of it certainly was not. Hamas’ rockets were illegal, as unguided munitions, although you seem to have no problem with that. That’s called hypocrisy. It’s good to have a conscience, except it doesn’t seem to extend to Jews in your case.

  58. Natasha, peace will come when the Arab and wider Islamic worlds give up on the idea of annihilating Israel and her inhabitants. Your solution is to blame the victim for defending herself, whilst you excuse genocidal, racist and religiously inspired terrorism. I note you do not condemn the neo Nazis of Hamas, who rule Gaza with a brutal iron fist, freely employing torture, closing down independent press, subjugating women and killing homosexuals.

    Try being a Jew in Gaza – see how long you’d live.

    You need to examine the situation a bit more intelligently, and yourself very closely.

  59. I don’t live in London, but I’ll be buying from Ahava online. It gives me great pleasure to annoy the haters and hypocritical obsessives, who have no problem with real apartheid which is endemic throughout the Arab world.

    Great for gifts! I urge others to do the same.

  60. Jew of Conscience

    There are many Jews who have a conscience. In fact, most Jews, including myself are ashamed of and embassassed by Israel’s actions.

    Zionists feel that all anti-zionists are anti-semetic and that once Israel implodes, and one day it will, all Jews will disappear off the face of the earth. When Israel finally implodes, there will be true equality between Jews and Palestinians and both will enjoy human rights. There will be no theft of land, no invasions, no dumping of human waste into reservoirs, no bulldozing of homes, no imprisonment of children, no checkpoints, etc…Both Jews and Palestinians will enjoy equal rights. Right now, this ain’t happening. The government of Israel is oppressing the Palestinian people. As Nelson Mandella once said, the Palestinians have it worse than blacks did during the darkest days of apartheid. If this isn’t true, why did he say it?

    But back to Ahava; Ahava puts a pretty face on its crimes—defending its theft of Palestinian resources by claiming: “The Dead Sea and its treasures are international and do not belong to one nation.” This statement defies international law, and around the world people are standing
    up to Ahava’s lies. The Dutch Foreign Minister called for an investigation into Ahava; a British Minister of Parliament denounced Ahava’s fraudulent labeling; and the European Union ruled that settlement products such as AHAVA aren’t considered Israeli.

    Zionists know that truth, justice and public opinion are on our side and many are ashamed to show their faces. How many zionists turned up to counter protest on Sunday? Four. How many Jews and Gentiles of conscience turned out to protest Israels invasion and program of Gaza in January 2009? Several hundred thousand. There’s your answer!

    Listen to your conscience; it’s only a matter of time.

  61. Shame on you Richard! You should know better!
    Zionists are acting in a very unJewish manner. Zionists are committing ung-dly sins. Pray for peace Richard.

  62. Daniel Marks

    “Try being a Jew in Gaza” – Try being an Arab, it’s no picnic either.

  63. Jew of so-called conscience (hatred), it is of course utter garbage to claim that “most” Jews are against Israel. You have some supporting evidence I suppose?

    This just demonstrates that you are a fantasist, and don’t deal with facts and reality. Jews overwhelmingly support Israel – as do many non-Jews, like myself.


    Which other nation on this planet do you think should be destroyed – or is it only the Jewish one?

  64. Jew of no conscience, do you condemn Hamas’ racism, misogyny and antisemitism? Answer this directly please.

  65. richardmillett

    Adam, it is only the Jewish-one. Israel and Ahava are going nowhere, don’t worry. As much as they fantasise about it there is nothing a few useful idiots from PSC/ISM can do to change that. They may devote their lives to it, as they are so obsessed with it, but the Jewish people have survived, and will survive, far worse than them.

  66. Thanks Richard, and thanks for an excellent blog!

    I think buying Ahava (and Israeli goods generally) is the best response – it drives these irrational hatemongers crazy, as does Israel’s success!