Galloway gone from Talksport.

Tonight really is different from all other nights. After four years of fulminating and proselytising against Israel on Talksport Radio every friday and saturday night, George Galloway’s radio show is no more.

Galloway says:

“After a run of more than four years the highly popular radio show – The Mother of All Talkshows – has been killed off by the TalkSport management. I believe this is a business mistake, but then I don’t run the radio station and such decisions are not mine to take….It is unlikely that the TalkSport management will change their mind and re-instate the show – but you never know.”

George Galloway listening on.

Obviously, George’s listening figures fell short of Talksport’s desires.

Reasoned listeners enjoy a debate but what they tend to get with George is just one-side of the argument.

(Yours truly was “banned” from the show for “deceiving the listeners”.)

Callers had to cough up 10 pence-per-minute to hang on the line while George seems to have earned over £100k a year while working at Talksport.

George is instead launching an internet radio station called Rebel Radio which will be “free speech radio, beyond Ofcom”.

The internet is the best place for George but there will be some television appearances and there is the general election to consider.

In 2005 when George was elected in Bethnal Green and Bow he received 15,801 votes out of the 44,007 votes cast out of, approximately, 87,000 eligible voters.

Incredibly, only some 18% of his constituents actually voted for him!

Approximately 82% of the voters he has represented over the last five years didn’t “vote George”.

Maybe this partially explains why on May 6th George will be standing in neighbouring Poplar and Limehouse instead.

Much more serious are his appearances at our universities.

At Queen Mary, University of London recently he produced this chilling rhetoric about Israel:

“I want to say to those of ill-will, should any of them be present here this evening. We will never be intimidated by you. You can send all the emails you can organise, all the synthetic fury that you like. You can complain to OFCOM, you can complain to the Charity Commission, you can even complain to the Metropolitan Police. We will never be intimidated by you. We intend to speak the truth. We will never put down the banner of truth on this issue. We will not be silenced. You cannot intimidate us. If you kill us, our sons will pick up the banner. If you kills our sons, our daughters will pick up the banner. If you kill our daughters, others will pick up the banner. This idea of the liberation of Palestine is not negotiable and it’s not stoppable. It’s an idea whose time has come and it’s going to win, be sure about that. Be sure that Palestine will be free, that the Palestinian people will return to their homes and that the gangsters running the government of what they call Israel will in the end be defeated, because the essence of their ideology is apartheid.”

He continued: “Never make the mistake of imagining that supporters of Zionism and Israel liked Jews. If you think George Bush liked Jews you never visited his golf club in Texas, where they don’t let them in, at least as members.”

I have still to understand who those of “ill-will” might be and why anyone would want to kill George or his sons or daughters.

So George is gone but not without at least some fun memories as when “Mark” called in to his show. “Mark” accused George of being an “anti-Semite” and George then demanded “Mark’s” name and address live on air so he could send him a writ for libel.

Is George really deluded enough to think someone will reveal their full name and home address on national radio?

I won’t publish the call here but you could possibly go to youtube and search for “george galloway + accusation of anti Semitism = fireworks!”

I don’t think George is anti-Semitic in the slightest but it is a fun listen!

Anyway, coming to a laptop near you soon, George Galloway at Rebel Radio.


9 responses to “Galloway gone from Talksport.

  1. I stopped listening to Galloway after his ceaseless rants against Israel during the Lebanon crisis of 2006. I complained to Ofcom about a particularly vitriolic outburst on one of his programmes and was told that Ofcom found nothing anti-semitic in the “tone, content or intent ” of his broadcasts and that, in their eyes, was the end of the matter. I complained to Talk Sport’s (then) Programme Director, and was told that Galloway’s style may not be to everyone’s liking but he brings listeners in. I am glad to see that with a recent change of management team at Talk Sport, they have seen that Galloway’s style may not be to their listeners style. I will not miss his voice on Talk Sport.

  2. The “gallbladder’s” departure from Talksport is very welcome. His output was very crude and was frequently caught out on his “facts”.
    “Jock the Tripper”, the MP currently covering Whitechapel was the “Strangers into Citizens” activist who didn’t vote for the Gurkhas right of abode (OR is it just SOME strangers)? It says it all.

  3. I truly fear for free speech. No one is so blind as he who will not see, and those who prevent others from learning the truth perpetuate falsehood. The truth will leak out. The gag bags of censors are not watertight.

  4. Talksport have made a major mistake. George’s show was brilliant, providing a counterbalance to our bias media. He is a truely great oritor, and helped educate many listeners. Long live Rebel Radio!!

  5. richardmillett

    Marcus, a truly great orator I agree but why do you think you were being educated? Why do you think George speaks the truth and others don’t?

    • Dear Richard,

      It is really as I said in my original statement, George provided an ‘alternative view! There is no disputing that our media is bias, thus the alternative rhetoric provided by George, was in essence, ‘food for thought’. I was not always in agreement, and at times George’s own bias was abundantly evident. His role as an educator for me, was that he on occasions, he allowed me to explore topics, from a wider and more informed perspective, than I might have normally, because mainstream media, does (or did) not always report the facts accurately.

  6. david walls

    George took on everyone, Hitchens , Bush , Blair, Us House of Dipsy’s, he hammered every one of them, it was extraordinary. The Talk Show was bile.
    I stood beside him at Dylan in Wembley, I congratuklated him for being almost as beligerant(not the exact word I used, can’t remember) as I when it came to defending against the onslaught of corporate and nation greed. Invaluable character in any parliament.

  7. Galloway also lost his other job as minister.Conversation radio follows the “Gator McKlusky Rule”.It cannot be too smart or too stupid just stay between the ditches and point ahead.Chronic callers are streched out until the break then kneecapped.Topic specific callers like “skunk Paul” are folk experts.Religious callers repeat talking points from one thousand years ago.Callers with bad phones are like undercooked hamburger.The university of the airwaves is pumping bligewater.

  8. david walls

    George Gorgeously demonstrated an unrivalled ability to deconstruct every individual or Parliament that he exposed his vicious train in thought. Nobody came close and in the end they all capitulated . No no, he is not perfect, but I’d prefer him to the mire of lying lawyers that prop up the benches, no, nothing has changed, spot the difference on the leopards, question markings will be worn for a while, to be replaced by some crude marking, stating clearly that a feline formed fascism is being pronounced and the rule of Iron will be.So don’t question the answer until you answer my question. You just have to first guess what it is.