Protests as Mayor Barkat visits Chatham House

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, visited Chatham House tonight to deliver a presentation on his modern vision for Jerusalem.

As ever anti-Israel protestors were outside chanting the usual “Free, Free, Palestine” as well as “Shame on you, Chatham House”.

The Neturei Karta turned up late but at least they made the effort.

The transcript of what the Mayor said should appear on the Chatham House website first thing in the morning.

Here are some photos of the protest (click to enlarge):

One response to “Protests as Mayor Barkat visits Chatham House

  1. This is Hamas apologist and serial boycotter Mike Cushman on the protest:

    “Excellent protest today, must have been 200 people there (four times the size of a typical midweek after work London protest.

    Everyone in good voice. Lots of familiar faces, but new ones as well.

    It was not just Joe Biden that Nir Barkat upset by reminding the world about the steady Judaization of East Jerusalem but wide swathes of global civil society.”

    Ha, ha, 200 people! Even after bussing in some Commys and NK inbreds, they barely had 80!

    Boy, they really showed us!