Free the Gaza 22 now!

The January 2009 London protests against Israel's Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

A general election must be approaching.

Political demands are getting more and more eccentric as politicians appeal to those religious minorities who can return them to power and it’s not just the Lib Dems who are expertly adept at this.

George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn made Nick Clegg seem positively liberal when they spoke at the recent “Public meeting on jailing of Gaza protesters“.

After the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six now comes the “Free the Gaza 22” campaign.

At the meet we were informed that there were 119 arrests at the protests that took place in London last January against Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against Hamas.

“Almost all were Muslim,” we were told. 22 had already been jailed with many more to follow. Sentences ranged from eight months to two and a half years.

“The majority were 16 to 19 years old, many were just 15 and 16 and one was as young as 12.”

Most of the meet was spent accusing the police of making political arrests and the judiciary of handing out political sentences both in order to discourage Muslims from taking to the streets to protest in the future. Allegations of Islamaphobia were rife throughout the meet.

Jeremy Corbyn closed the meeting with the following eccentric demands:
1. The 22 in prison should be immediately released.
2. No one standing trial should go to prison.
3. All complaints against the police should be investigated.
4. There should be an independent review of the police operation.
5. There should be a broader campaign against the criminalisation of the Muslim community.

I am as much against Islamaphobia as anyone but whoever remembers seeing the violence perpetrated by thugs at the London demonstration will not be surprised in the slightest by the prison sentences, even for first time offenders.

But Joanne Gilmore, the chief researcher, suggested that these were “relatively minor disturbances”.

Well if you call knocking a policeman unconscious and smashing up Starbucks “relatively minor” one can start to understand why certain people don’t take seriously the thousands of Kassam rockets that have pounded Israeli towns over the years and which caused Israel to go into Gaza to stop them.

And when the Stop the War Coalition repeatedly refers to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine as attacks on Muslims then what do they expect when thousands of British Muslims come out on to the streets of London to violently protest.

The lies feeds the anger that creates the violence that causes the arrests and the imprisonment.

Make your own mind up about who is responsible for the violence:

But the meet started off in farcical circumstances.

George Galloway stood up to give his cynical view on how the police behaved during the protests. He blamed their heavy-handedness on the election of Boris Johnson as Mayor of London and a visit by George Bush to 10, Downing Street.

Galloway told of how he was assaulted in the underpass at Knightsbridge and how the law is being used to discourage Muslims:

“If you were Osama Bin Laden you would be rubbing your hands with glee. He would view our democracy as a sham. The police are achieving the opposite of that they intend.”

At that point two Iranians who were sat close by could not stay silent any longer and started remonstrating George’s support for the Ahmadinejad regime.

Guess who walked in to save the day for George but the……police!

There was George condemning the police but seconds later obsequiously pointing out to two police officers the source of the interruption and having the two protestors (who were merely shouting) removed.

George then said he hoped the police will treat the two protestors better then he himself was treated by the police before, in the same breathe, accusing the protesters of being Iranian Monarchists, an allegation which would see them sentenced to death in Iran, the fate of 21-year old Amir-Reza Arefi last month.

See the protest below (I do not endorse the title of the video in the slightest) and note how on 2 minutes 8 seconds George’s hand enters, screen left (black sleeve), to obsequiously point out to the police the protesters he wanted removed by the same police force that only seconds earlier he had been condemning.

As George, himself, repeatedly says: “You couldn’t make it up!”

2 responses to “Free the Gaza 22 now!

  1. Blacklisted Dictator

    When GG arrives in hell, he will be condemned to forever repeating his BB pussycat routine. It is his fate.
    Although, I have no traditional belief in God,I know that a supreme being will arrange this “after-life” for GG. In the end, it is the reason why I blog. Without that knowledge, I would remain silent.

  2. Blacklisted Dictator

    Hell, of course, will be Gaza, run by the current regime… “GG in Gaza”.

    Any aspiring writer should steal the idea and publish a novel with that title. It might be a best-seller.