Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

Hamas at SOAS: “No peace”


Tonight was a sad night at SOAS, one of the finest universities in the world. The Islamic Society held a meeting to attack, undermine and insinuate the most awful things about Israel and Zionism.

Speaking were Ben White who said Israel is worse than apartheid South Africa. His premise was that at least the whites in South Africa didn’t want the blacks to disappear as they needed them for work and to earn a living.

Azam Tamimi was repeating the old lie about how the Zionists came over and threw his family out of their homes in Haifa and Ber Sheva: “The Zionists should admit they were wrong to come over from Poland and Russia etc. and to steal our land.”

Having listened to an hour of unopposed propaganda lapped up by a naive student audience (and some adults) it was time for the Q&A. Unusually, there were more than the usual people in the audience who put tough questions to White and Tamimi.

As usual getting an appropriate answer was not so easy. But I asked Tamimi whether he wanted peace.

“I don’t want peace, I want justice,” he replied. Now isn’t that so telling. The whole world wants peace but Tamimi just wants justice.

Tamimi: Dangerous rhetoric

Various parts of the political establishment suggest that we should talk to Hamas as it was democratically elected. But they make excuses for Hamas that even Hamas doesn’t ask for.

Tamimi is a self-declared representative of Hamas and if he says Hamas doesn’t want peace then who am I to argue with him? You heard it from the horse’s mouth.

Well, the whole world wants justice but it just isn’t going to happen.

Tamimi left the room to huge applause ringing in his ears while waving around the V sign to the room.

Who knows how many of the students there to hear White and Tamimi will become radicalised. Ed Husain described in The Islamist how Bosnia was used to radicalise London’s Muslim students until another student ended up being killed because of all the hatred.

Ten years on it is Israel that is being used to the same effect and it can only end up in more tragedy as total revisionists like White and Tamimi continue to sow the seeds of hatred in the minds of easily influenced teenagers in the audience.