You don’t have to be Jewish…..

…to go to a Jewish school, so our new Supreme Court has decided.

The court found that Jewish Free School had acted against the Race Relations Act by discriminating against a boy who was not Jewish according to the precepts laid down by the the United Jewish Synagogue. The boy was refused entry.

The two laws for being Jewish are that your mother was Jewish or you underwent an arduous conversion procedure that takes 3 years.

But now you don’t have anything like that, you just have to think Jewish and maybe eat a salt beef sandwich or smoked salmon bagel just to prove your Jewishness.

Technically in 20 years there could be not one Jewish person at JFS. If a local Christian, Muslim or atheist family lives close to JFS and other Jewish schools all they need to do is to maybe attend synagogue on a few occasions and then put their child’s name down for that school. There would be no such silly requirement as actually having to be Jewish to go to a Jewish school. So why have faith schools at all?

Surely, religion is a personal thing and not up to the courts. Each religion is entitled to form its own way or organising itself. To be jewish it takes three years to convert if you are not a Jew already. To be Muslim or Christian there is no such prohibitive procedure. You can just say you are Muslim or Christian and hey presto, you are.

To be Jewish it takes three years longer. That is Jewish law (or the law to which the majority of Jews subscribe).

No court should get involved in this to test this aspect, especially in what is claimed to be a multi-cultural country.

This comes on top of two other ridiculous legal rulings this week. Furst, the government has said that all produce from the West bank should be so labeled as being from the West Bank, not Israel. Why? Those settlements will remain in Israel’s hands forever. There is no way Israel will ever give them up. Even Yasser Arafat dealt with Rabib and Barak during the peace process on the basis that those settlements will stay as part of Israel and there will be a land swap.

Second, was the fiasco over Tzipi Livni, who was in government when Israel invaded Gaza last year. An arrest warrant was issued for her arrest when she was due to visit the UK last week. She obviously cancelled.

I don’t see too many arrest warrants being aimed at Blair or Brown from British courts, eventhough both Israel and Britain are doing exactly the same thing in the battles they are fighting; keeping their own innocent civilians alive against the likes of Hamas and Al Qaeda respectively.

The say things come in threes but it won’t be long before numbers four, five and six follow.

3 responses to “You don’t have to be Jewish…..

  1. Re JFS and the ruling. Its not quite so black and white as this comment suggests. There are many converts who have gone the reform route ( mostly because they have married a Jew ) and are considered to be Jewish except by the frum I suppose………..but the point is they did convert, the ones I know are very sincere and consider their children to be Jewish, therefore eligible for a Jewish education. That is hardly the same thing as being Muslim or Christian ( which ones will go to shull a few times anyway! ) and then applying!

  2. JFS, the Chief Rabbi and the orthodox establishment could have avoided this unseemly affair by a modicum of common sense. They should have allowed a small clutch of practising Jewish children who were brought up in a Jewish household into the school rather than deny them that opportunity on the spurious grounds that their mother’s conversion was inadequate. Instead they chose to spend a vast amount of money and many years time fighting in the courts. Now we have the baleful consequence that the very Halachic definition of a Jew has come under suspicion.

    • richardmillett

      it should have been handled better i agree but then then the parents involved knew the rules. They know what JFS is all about and chose to challenge 3500 years of tradition.