RSY-Netzer/Press TV

I spent an enjoyable morning at Sinclair House in Ilford discussing with RSY-Netzer whether British Jews should support Israel. I was debating with Dr. Brian Klug who would like to see more diverse discussion among British Jews about Israel. I came away with the feeling that there needs to be more discussion per se. The debate was short but important and more of these kinds of calm debates need to take place without the usual kind of mud-flinging that can accompany them. I will publish the text of my debate in the next few days.

And so to tomorrow where I will be on Press TV’s Forum show hosted by Andrew Gilligan where the welcome from the studio audience might not be as warm. The topic of the panel discussion is, “Obama, Isreal & Palestine: the beginning of a new era?”. I will be debating with Kamal el-Helbawy – Chairman, Centre for the Study of Terrorism, Richard Stone – President of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, Simon Tisdall – Foreign Affairs Columnist & Assistant Editor, The Guardian.

Tomorrow is one of those momentous days in history. The European elections that could topple the Labour Government and Obama’s speech in Cairo where all the idealism attached to Obama could begin to fade.

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